[S. Botolph.] Aldersgate Ward. [Monuments.]113

[S. Botolph.] Aldersgate Ward. [Monuments.]

Year 1627. The Charge of all this amounting to 415l.

John Wotton,
Abthony Germain.

And but three Years before, viz. Anno 1624. was a fair new Pulpit set up, the Cost whereof was 35l.]



There lie buried here, John de Bath, Weaver, 1390.

Monuments in this Church.

Philipat Vine, Capper, 1396.

Benet Gerard, Brewer, 1403.

Thomas Bilsington founded a Chauntry there, and gave to that Church an House, called the Helmet upon Cornhill.

John Bradmore, Chirurgeon, Margaret and Katharine his Wives, 1411.

John Michael, Serjeant at Arms, 1415.

Allen Bret, Carpenter, 1425.

Alyn Johnson, Citizen and Coppersmith, by his Will dated Jun. 16, 1498. gives his Messuage, with the Garden, &c. in the Parish of St. Bot. Aldrichgate, to the Parson of the Parish, and his Successors for ever: Upon condition that he and his Successors, and the Warden of the Ornaments of the Church, keep yearly an Obit or Anniversary, on the Day he departed out of this World, for his Soul, the Soul of his Fader and Moder, &c.


Reg. Lond.

E. A.

Robert Malton, 1426.

John Trigilion, Brewer, 1417.

John Mason, Brewer, 1431.

Rob. Cawood, Clerk of the Pipe in the King's Exchequer, 1466.

Rich. Emmesey, John Walpole.

John Hartshorne, Esq; Servant to the King, 1400. And other of that Family, great Benefactors to that Church.

W. Marrow, Grocer, Maior, and Katharine his Wife, were buried there about 1468.

Dame Anne Pakington, Widdow, late Wife to Sir John Pakington, Kt. Chirographer of the Court of Common Pleas. She founded Alms Houses near unto the White Friers Church in Fleetstreet. The Clothworkers in London have oversight thereof. [Which Dame Anne died the 22 Aug. Ann. Dom. 1563.]



Here lye buried the Bodies of Richard Downis, and Joane his Wife. Which Richard deceased the day of 1500. and the said Joane dyed the 13. day of January 1519.

An antient Tomb in the South Isle of the Quire.

Hic jacet Johannes Rukeby, nuper Civis & Atturnatus London, & Elizabetha uxor ejus. Qui quidem Johan. obiit 1 die Mensis Septembris, 1427.

In the same Isle a plated Grave stone.

Hic jacet Catarina Cavendish, quondam Uxor Wilhelmi Cavendish, nuper de Cavendish in Com. Suffolc, Armigeri. Quæ ob. 12. Sept. Anno Dom. 1499.

J. S.

MSS. Hutton, in Offic. Armor.

On the dexter side of this Inscription stood a Coat impaled Baron and Femme. 1. The Cavendishes Coat, being Sable, 3 Bucks Heads attired, Arg. 2. Three Stirrops with their Furniture.

Hic jacet Alicia nuper Uxor Thomæ Cavendish, & de Scaccario excellentissimi Principis Regis Henrici Octavi. Quæ Alicia obiit 12 Novemb. 1515.

On the dexter side was impaled the Coat of Cavendishes. And Arg. a Chevron Gules, between 3 Crosses Croslets.

Here lyeth buried under this Stone, Margaret Candish, late Wife unto William Candish. Which was one of the Sons of the said Alice. Margaret deceased the 26. of June, 1540.

A Coat of Arms on the dexter side of a Monumental Stone; where is the Picture of a Man in Armour between his two Wives; and these imperfect Words only remaining.

Pet. of London Noli condemnare redemptos nunc Christi te petimus miserere quæ sumus.

Upon a little Monument in the Wall, a Shield with three Coats impaled. 1. A Pall of the Archbishoprick of Canterbury. 2. Argent three Choughs or Birds Sable. This seems to be Thomas Beckets Coat. 3. Az. (or rather Argent) a Chevreon Gules, charged with 3 Tuns, Or. between as many Garbs.

Here lyes the Corps of William Burnels Wife,
That Constance hight, and Constant was of Mind;
Who willingly did leave this mortal Life,
With constant hope th' immortal Life to find.
And now is gone the way that we must wend,
For Death at length of all things is the end.
12. of April, 1562.

This Epitaph hath two Coats of Arms. On the Dexter, within a Bordure, Gules, semy of Plates. The Field, a Lion rampant, parted per Fesse indented Or and Argent. On the sinister, Baron and Femme. 1. The former Coat. 2. Parted per Fesse and per Pale, a Bendlet.

There were Coats of Arms in several Places, as in the Windows, &c. of this Church, of Masterson, Rawlins, Apleton, Hartshorn, and divers others.]

The Corps of John Milsam lyeth here,
Who lived Fourescore and one yeere.

Free of the Notaries he was,     
a friendly Citizen;
And eke a long time in Guild-Hall,     
an Atturney hath been:
Who willingly this mortall life     
did yeeld with constant mind,
In perfect hope through Christ his Blood,     
th' immortall life to find.
And now is gone the way before,     
that we also must wend;
For Death is due to every Man,     
by it all things must end.
January the 18. day, 1567.     
Out of this life he took the way.

A Gravestone in the same Isle of the Quire.

Domina Margareta à Lichtervelde, filia Johannis supremi Flandriæ Prætoris, nupta primum Nobili viro Johanni Witts, Toparchæ Bouchardiriæ, & Franconatus apud Flandros, Burghi Magistro. Peperit ei Ferdinandum, Jacobum, & Margaretam; secundo, D.

In the same Isle upon a painted Table.