[Christ's Church.] Faringdon Ward within. [Defaced Monuments.]132

[Christ's Church.] Faringdon Ward within. [Defaced Monuments.]

Fields, and at Night were harboured there; the which was rather the Maintenance of Beggary, than any Relief to the Poor; Gave the same Lands, being first surrendered by the Master and Fellows there, (which Lands were of the yearly Value of 600 Pounds) unto the City of London, for the Maintenance of the Foundation aforesaid.

The Savoy Lands surrendered to the King, and given to the City of London.

And for a further Relief, a Petition being made to the King's Majesty, for a Licence to take in Mortmaine, or otherwise, without Licence, Lands to a certain yearly Value; and a Space left in the Patent, for his Grace to put in what Sum it would please him. He looking on the void Place, called for Pen and Ink, and with his own Hand wrote this Sum, 4000 Marks by the year; and then said, in the hearing of his Council, Lord, I yield thee most hearty Thanks, that thou hast given me Life thus long, to finish this Work to the Glory of thy Name. After which Foundation established, he lived not above two Days: Whose Life would have been wished equal to the Patriarchs, if it had pleased GOD so to have have prolonged it.

The Words of a blessed King.

By Example of the charitable Act of this Virtuous young King, Sir William Chester, Kt. and Alderman of London, and John Calthrop, Citizen and Draper of the same City, at their own proper Costs and Charges, made the Brick Walls, and Way on the back side, which leadeth from the said new Hospital, unto the Hospital of St. Bartholomew; and also covered and vaulted the Town-ditch, from Aldersgate to Newgate; which before was very noisome, and contagious to the said Hospital.

Sir William Chester, and John Calthrop, Draper, Benefactors.

This Hospital being thus erected, and put into good Order, there was one Richard Castell, alias Casteller, Showmaker, dwelling in Westminster, a Man of great Travail and Labour in his Faculty, with hs own Hands; and such an one as was named, The Cock of Westminster, because both Winter and Summer he was at his Work before Four of the Clock in the Morning; This Man, thus truly and painfully labouring for his Living, God blessed and increased his Labours so abundantly, that he purchased Lands and Tenements in Westminster, to the yearly Value of Forty and four Pounds. And having no Child, with the Consent of his Wife (who survived him, and was a vertuous good Woman) gave the same Lands wholly to Christ's Hospital aforesaid, to the Relief of the Innocent and Fatherless Children; and for the succour of the Miserable, Sore and Sick, harboured in the other Hospitals about London.

Rich. Castel, Shoemaker, The Cock of Westminster, a Benefactor.

St. Bartholomew's is Incorporated by he Name Of the Maior, Communalty; and Citizens of London, Governors of the Hospital for the Poor, called Little Saint Bartholomews, near to West Smithfield, of the Foundation of King Henry VIII.

The Incorporation of St. Bartholomew's Hospital in West Smithfield.

Christ's Hospital, Bridewell, and St. Thomas the Apostle, in Southwark, are Incorporated by the Name Of the Maior, Communalty, and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of the Possessions, Revenues, and Goods, of the Hospitals of Edward VI. King of England, of Christ, Bridewell, and of St. Thomas the Apostle, &c.

The Incorporation of the Hospitals of King Edward VI.



This Church was Repaired and Beautified, Anno 1605. and so were divers Churches in London. And within few Years, most of the Churches in London were likewise Repaired and Trimmed. And then the Country, by degrees also (as one writes that lived in those Times) began to make their Churches handsome and cleanly. And that not without good Cause; for there was any Church Work done in Fifty Years before, if you will believe that Author.]

Christ Church repaired, and many others about this Time.

Edm. Howe's Chron.

J. S.

This Church, within some few Years past, had many Repairs and Charges. But we especially here remember, the fair and spacious Gallery, that (at the Cost of the Parishioners) was erected in the North Ile, in the Year of Lord God 1628. the Charge of it amounting to 149l. 10s. a Work very worthily supplying a Necessity, and adding to this Church a great deal of Grace and Beauty.



Matthew Nelson,
Samuel Savin.

This Church was demolished by the Fire, but rebuilt; and a very lofty beautiful Steeple lately, viz. in the Year 1704. finished. The Church is adorned with a pair of Organs. This new Church stands but upon half the Ground of the Antient Monastical Church. The full half lying on the West, is an open Yard, and used by Stone-cutters, and for burying the Dead.


J. S.



The defaced Monuments in this Church, were these: First, In the Quire before the Altar, the Monument of the Lady Margaret, Daughter to Philip, King of France; and Wife to Edward I. Foundress of this new Church, 1317.

Monuments in Christ's Church.

J. S.

In the midst of a Tomb of Alabaster, Queen Isabel, Wife to Edward II. Daughter to Philip le Bell, King of France, 1358. [And under her Breast, lieth the Heart of her Husband.]

Four Queens buried in this Church.

J. S.

Joan of the Tower, Queen of Scots, Wife to Edward Bruse, Daughter to Edward II. died in Hartford Castle, and was buried by Isabel her Mother, 1362.

[In the Lamp] lieth Sir William Fitzwaren, Baron, and Isabel his Wife, sometime Queen of the Isle of Man.]

[At the Head of Queen Margaret,] lieth Isabel, first Daughter to Edward III. wedded to the Lord Couse of France, after Created Earl of Bedford.

Eleanor, Wife to John Duke of Britain.

[In an Arch in the Wall, before the end of the Altar, lieth] Beatrix, Dutchess of Britain, Daughter to Henry III.

[And Eleanor, Dutchess of Buckingham, 1530. This Lady bequeathed her Heart to be buried in the Grey Friers Church in London, and her Body, in the White Friers Church in Bristow.]

J. S.

Sir Robert Lisle, Baron; the Lady Lisle, and Margaret de Rivers, Countess of Devon, all under one Stone.

The Heart of Peter Mauntford, lieth at the Head of the foresaid Countess. And the Heart of the Lady Jane de Serre, Wife of Guy de Salines.

MSS. Off. Arm. F. 9.

J. S.

At the Head of Rob. Lisle, lieth the Heart of the Lady Isabel de Averne.

Jone de Fenys, and Isabel her Sister.

At the Right Side, the Lady Enforme de Pysans.

The Lady Beatrix Brabazon, lieth by her.

Gregory Rokysle, Maior, 1282. by her.]

Roger Mortimer, Earl of March, Beheaded 1329.

Peter, Bishop of Carbon in Hungary, 1331.

Sir John Devereux, Kt. 1385.

[Before the entring of the Quire.

John Claron, Knight of France.

J. S.