[Monuments Faringdon Ward within. in Grey Friers.]134

[Monuments Faringdon Ward within. in Grey Friers.]

Thurstan Hatfield. Elizabeth Boulen, Daughter of Thomas Blunt, Esq.]

John Dinham, Baron, sometime Treasurer of England, Knight of the Garter, 1501.

John Blunt, Kt. 1531.

Rowland Blunt. Esq; 1509.

Robert Bradbury, 1489.

Nicolas Clifton, Kt.

Francis Chape.

Two Sons of Allayne Lord Cheiny; and John, Son and Heir to the same Lord Allayne Cheiny, Kt.

John Robsart, Knight of the Garter, 1450.

Allayne Cheiny, Kt.

Thomas Malory, Kt. 1470.

Thomas Yong, a Justice of the Bench, 1476.

John Baldwin, Fellow of Gray's Inn, and Common Serjeant of London, 1469.

Walter Wrotsley, Kt. of Warwickshire, 1473.

Stephen Jennings, Merchant-Taylor, Maior, 1523.

Thomas a Par, and John Wiltwater, slain at Barnet, 1471.

Nicolas Poynes, Esq; 1512.

Robert Elkenton, Kt. 1460.

John Water, alias York Herault, 1520.

John More, alias Norry, King at Arms, 1491.

George Hopton, Kt. 1489.

Between the Quire and the Altar.


Ralph Spiganel, Kt.

John Moyle, Gentleman of Gray's Inn, 1495.

William Huddy, Kt. 1501.

By the Door, underneath the Rood.


John Cobham, a Baron of Kent.

Sir John Mortaine *, Kt.


John Deyncort, Kt. [at the end of the second Altar, and Margaret his Wife.]

John Norbery, Esq; High Treasurer of England, [in a Tomb of Alabaster.]

Henry Norbery, his Son, Esq.

John Southlee, Kt.

Thomas Sackvile.

Thomas Lucy, Kt. 1525.

Robert de la Rivar, Son to Mauricius de la Rivar, Lord of Tormerton, 1457.

John Malmayns, Esq; and Thomas Malmayns, Kt. [Nicolas Malmayns, Kt. and Dame Alice Malmayns.]

Hugh Acton, Taylor, 1530.

Hugh Parsal, Kt. 1490.

Sir Alexander Kirketon, Kt. &c.

In the Body of the Church.


William Paulet, Esq; of Somersetshire, 1482.

Body of the Church.

John Moyle, Gent. 1530.

Peter Champion, Esq; 1511.

John Hart. Gent. 1449.

Alice Lady Hungerford, hanged at Tyburn for Murdering her Husband, 1523.

Edward Hall, Gent. of Gray's Inn, 1470.

Richard Churchyard, Gent. Fellow of Gray's Inn, 1498.

John Bramre, Gent. of Gray's Inn, 1498.

John Mortimer, Kt. Beheaded 1423.

Henry Frowicke, Alderman.

Reynold Frowike.

Philip Pats, 1518.

William Porter, Serjeant at Arms, 1515.

Thomas Grantham, Gent. 1511.

Edmond Rotheley, Gent. 1470.

Henry Roston, Gent. of Gray's Inn, 1485.

Nicolas Montgomery, Gentleman, Son to John Montgomery of Northamptonshire, 1485.

Sir Bartholomew Emfield *, Kt.


Sir Barnard St. Peter, Kt.

Sir Ralph Sandwiche, Kt. Custos of London.

Sir Andrew Sakevile, Kt.

John Treszawall, Gentleman, and Tayor of London, 1520.

All these, and five times so many more, have been buried there, whose Monuments are wholly defaced; some whereof were these that follow.

Under the Bell-house and Ambulatory.


The Lady Tephina, Nourse of Queen Isabel. Simon Guydon, Esq; of France. William Galys, Esq; with him his Son Robert. By them, Alice, Wife of Geffrey Tabellettor. John Merwer. Sir John Ratmestre, Kt. and Frier. Ralph Sprignel, Kt. William Hilton, Esq. Roger Bainon, [Bainton perhaps] and his Daughter, Isabel Luther. And by him lieth the Wife of Nicolas Fulham. Thomas Kenyngham. Elizabeth de la Penne, Daughter of William Stafford, Kt. Henry Werney, Esq. Item, many of the Bardolfs of Florence.

F. 9.

J. S.

Before the Altar, within the Walls.


Before the common Altar, Dame Agnes Matrovers. By her, Lore Clakus.

Before the midst of the second Altar, Margaret Asselkey.

Dame Wife of William de Monte Canisio, [i.e. Monchensy.] Baron; who was Mother of Idoneah, wedded to Sir Hugh de Vere, Rt.

John Sudley, Kt. under the West Wall.

Sir John Dewrose, [Devereux perhaps] in the highest side of the common Altar.

Lady Beaumont, Daughter of the Earl of Oxenford.

Petronilla, Wife of John Norbery, Esq; Nicolas Vlsk. And at his Right Hand, Richard Gest, Esq.

In the Chapter-House.


The Lady Imayne, of Huntengfelde.

In the Body of the Church, between the Pilllars.


William English. Sir Henry Enefeld, by the Right Side of Sir Bartholomew Enefeld.

In the East Wing of the Church.


Thomas, Son of Thomas Lewkener. Simon Garys, Esq. Sir William Pikworth, Kt.

In the West Wing.

Sir Richard Punchardon, Kt. Sir Will. Maynard.]

In this Church of the Grey Friers, there were nine Tombs of Alabaster and Marble, invironed with Strikes of Iron, in the Quire; and one Tomb in the Body of the Church, also coped with Iron; all pulled down, besides Seven-score Grave stones of Marble, all sold for Fifty Pounds, or thereabouts; by Sir Martin Bowes, Goldsmith, and Alderman of London. Of late time buried there, Walter Huddon, Doctor, &c.

A number of Monuments, and 140 Grave stones defaced in this Church.



These two, Sir Christopher Edmonds, and Dame Dorothy his Wife, lived together 44 yeeres, in perfect Love and Society; both Servants to one Prince, and in great Credit both in the Court and Country where they live; both for their Religion, fidelity to their Soveraigne, and liberality to the Poore.

A fair Monument in the South Wall of the Quire.

A. M.

This is the Monument of Sir Christopher Edmonds, Knight, who was a domestical Servant to the most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, both be-