[Christ's Church.] Faringdon Ward within. [Monuments.]137

[Christ's Church.] Faringdon Ward within. [Monuments.]

Nestor verè annis,     
& gravitate Cato.
Tullius eloquio, Damon     
sincerus amico,
Et par præceptis     
(Quintiliane) tibi.
Dulcis, amÅ“nus, amans,     
cultis, præstante, probatæ,
Vir, Vates, Conjux,     
Moribus, Arte, Fide.
Tales secla puto paucos     
antiqua dedissent:
Postea non multos     
secla datura pares.


Angligenæ hunc peperit     
Londinum gloria gentis,
Ætona huic Artis     
femina prima dedit.
Granta tulit segetem,     
fructumq; tumescere fecit.
Londini Messes     
Orphana turba tulit.]

To which add these.

John Martin of London, and Margaret, Daughter and Coheir of Robert Smith.

J. S.

Hutton. MS. in Offic. Armor.

On the Monument the Coat impaled Baron and Femme. The former, between two Chevronels, three Cocks Heads erazed. The Femme Coat, between a Chevron three Griffins rampant. On a Chief 3 Flower de lys.

By stealing steps of Time,     
From Day, to Month and Year,
My earthly Race is run,     
My Body buried here.
John Martin was my Name,     
Of Haberdashers free,
Two Wives, and Children four     
The Lord hath lent to me.
My Soul is now with God,     
To whom my Corps shall come;
And both shall Sentence have     
From Christ, in day of Doom.
When by his bloody Death,     
Who is my Saviour just,
I shall have Life for ay,     
Among the Saints, I trust.
Now of my Earthly end,     
If thou the Day wilt know,
The Month and Year, are all     
Expressed here below.

Here lye buried the Bodies of Alice and Elizabeth, Wives of John Povey, Citizen and Embroiderer of London. By which Alice he had issue six Daughters, and dyed the 17. day of October, 1553. And by the said Elizabeth, had issue fourteen Sons and four Daughters; and dyed the 20. of June, 1594.

With the Embroiderers Arms upon this Stone.

Another Grave stone with two Coats of Arms on the top thereof; and underneath, these Rhimes.

Here you may see John Jackson hee,     
By Death layd in his Bower;
He dy'd in June Twenty and one     
Five thousand eighty four.
Whom God in Health endu'd with Wealth,     
And Treasure: He hath been
To Infants poor, to save them store,     
That kept are here within.
When he did dye, then Deputy     
Unto the Alderman,
To end the Brawl of great and small,     
As testify we can.
His Will can tell he lived well,     
To feed the Poor with Meat:
His Gifts therein so large hath been,     
And Legacies so great.
His zealous Heart did never start     
from preaching of the Word,
Till from this Bell he went to dwell     
In Glory with the Lord.
Where he in Bliss, undoubted is,     
A just Reward of Faith,
To all that grieve, and do believe,     
As Holy Scripture saith.

Round about the Stone, on the side of it, is writ:

Here lyeth buried the Body of John Jackson, Citizen and Founder of London; who departed this Life the 21. June, in the Year of our Lord 1584. Unto whom the Lord give a joyful Resurrection. Amen.

Henry Smith of Bedfordshire, and Margaret, Daughter of Rob. Slough.

Robert Smith of London, and Elizabeth Daughter of Rycroft of Skipton in Craven.]

A Table of Arms for the Lady Digby, of all her quartered Coats, which, by the Right of Heirs general, are involved into the Noble Family of her Fathers.


Insignia plæclariss. Dominæ D. Venetiæ Digby, è Familia Stanleyorum Com. Darbiæ ex parte Patris, & Perciorum Com. Northumbriæ Materno jure, aliisque quamplurimis Christiani orbis principibus oriundæ.

Upon a fair Stone in the North Ile, is this Inscription.

Spe Resurgendi hic jacet Corpus,
Joannæ Uxoris Edmundi Philips Londini, Armigeri. Quæ cum solo Amantissimo Marito, in dilecto matrimonio vixit per annos 48.

Hoc doloris Amphitheatrum reliquit, mensis Aprilis, die 12 Anno salutis 1632. Ætatis suæ 72.

Upon a fair Stone at the entrance into the upper Church, is this Inscription.

Lodovicus Williams, venedocus *
Hic jacet.
Nuper Civis & Haberdasher London.
Una cum Elizabetha, uxore ejus.
Qui obierunt
Anno Dom. M.DC.IX.
Octob. 2.
Hic optat Cineres suos jacere.
Mauritius Willielmi in memoria debita defunctorum
F. unicus superstes.

*Fortè Xenodocus.

A very fair Arms over it.

Upon a fair Stone in the middle Ile, is this Inscription.

Here lieth buried the Body of Elizabeth Draper, the Wife of Robert Draper, of this Parish; born the 3d day of December, 1581. and died the 3d of December, 1613.