[St. Pauls.] Faringdon Ward within. [Monuments.]163

[St. Pauls.] Faringdon Ward within. [Monuments.]

Nobilibus Stipatoribus: L. Vici: Sacratioris Cameræ Generosorum unius, Prætorianorum Militum Ducis: Regii Pro-Camerarii: Sanctioris Concilii Senatoris, summi Angliæ ac Oxon. Acad. Cancellarii, Ordinis Nobiliss. San-Georgiani de Periscellide Equitis.

Maximo Principis omniumque bonorum mœrore (cum 51 Annos cœlebs vixisset) 20. Novemb. Anno 1591. in Ædibus suis Holburnæ piè facto functi.

Guil. Hattonus, Eques Auratus, ejus ex Sorore, Nepos, adoptione Filius, ac hæres mœstissimus; Pietatis ergô posuit.

Quæ vero, quæ digna     
tuis virtutibus (Heros)
Constituent Monumenta     
tui? Si qualia debet,
Posteritas, si quanta     
tibi prudentia, justi
Quantus amor, si quanta     
fuit facundia Linguæ,
Et decus & pulchro     
veniens in corpore virtus,
Illaque munificæ     
semper tibi copia dextræ;
Denique quanta fuit     
magna tibi gratia quondam
Principis, Eque tuis     
quæ creverat inclyta factis:
Gloria tanta tibi     
statuant Monumenta Nepotes:
Ipsa tuos caperet     
vix tota Britannia Manes.

These Verses are inscribed on the other side of the Tomb.

Stay, and behold the Mirror     
of a dead Man's House,
Whose lively Person would     
have made thee stay and wonder;
Looke, and learne to know     
how to live and dye renowned;
For never can cleane Life     
and famous Herses sunder.

Upon a Monument fixed on a Pillar by the Tomb.

Hatton lyes here entomb'd,     
whose Name Hugh Lupus gave,
Lupus the Silices,     
Sonne of William Conqueror,
For Nigel, his cleer Servants sake,     
Worship and Laud:
Lo, there the Spring; look here     
the Honor of his Ancester.

When Nature moulded him,     
her Thoughts were most on Mars;
And all the Heavens to make     
him goodly, were agreeing:
Thence was he Valiant, Active,     
strong, and passing Comely,
And God did grace his Minde     
and Spirit with Gifts excelling.

Nature commends her     
Workmanship to Fortune's charge;
Fortune presents him to     
the Court, and to the Queen:
Queene Eliz. (O God's deare     
Handmaid) his most Miracle;
Now hearken, Reader,     
Rarity not heard nor seene.

This blessed Queene, Mirror     
of all that Albion rul'd,
Gave Favour to his Faith, and     
Precepts to his hopefull Time;
First, train'd him in the stately     
Band of Pensioners:
Behold, how humble Hearts     
make easie steps to climbe.

First, she made him one of her Noble Pensioners.

High Carriage, honest Life,     
Heart ever Loyal,
Diligence, delight in Duty,     
God doth reward:
So did this worthy Queene,     
in her just Thoughts of him,
And (for her Safety) made     
him Captaine of her Guard.

Next, Captain of her Guard.

Now doth she prune this Vine,     
and from her sacred Brest
Lessons his Life, makes wise his     
Heart for her great Counsels,
And so Vice-Chamberlaine;     
where forreigne Princes Eyes
Might well admire her choice,     
wherein she most excels.

Next, Vice-Chamberlain, and one of the Council.

So sweetly tempred was     
his Soule with virtuous Balme;
Religious, just to God     
and Cæsar in each thing;
That he aspired to     
the highest Subjects Seat,
Lord Chancellor (measure and     
conscience of an holy King.)

Lastly, Lord Chancellor of England.

Robe, Coller, Garter,     
dead Figures of great Honor,
Almes-deeds, with Faith, honest     
in Word, frank in dispence,
The Poore's Friend, non popular,     
the Churches Pilllar;
This Tombe shewes the one,     
the Heavens shrine all the other.
Franciscus Florus ad memoriam Heri sui defuncti luctusq: sui solatium posuit.
Anno Domini, 1593.

Thomas Heneage, Eques Auratus, ex antiqua Heneagiorum Familia, in Comitatu Lincolniensi oriundus; Ingenii splendore, morum elegantia, orationis facultate, & optimis studiis ornatissimus, Cameræ Regiæ Thesaurius, Pro-Camerarius, Ducatus Lancastriæ Cancellarius, & ab intimis Conciliis Elizabethæ Reginæ, cui privatæ & principi, fide & fama integra maximis negotiis spectatus, summa cum gratia, Annis 38. inservivit: Hic secundum Christi Adventum in pace expectat.

A very goodly Tomb Eastward, behind the high Altar.

Una cum Anna, uxore charissima, filia Nicolai Points, Equitis Aurati, ex Joanna, filia Thomæ Baronis Berkley, femina lectissima, sanctissimis moribus, & à teneris ad mortem usque Elizabethæ Reginæ prædilecta Famula. Quæ illi unicum filiolum infantia præreptum, & unica enixa filiam, Hæredem Elizabetham, Moylo Finch, Equiti Aurato, enuptam.
Obiit ille 17. Octob. An. Dom. 1594.
Præivit illa Novemb. An. Dom. 1592.

Optimis & charissimis parentibus, Elizabetha Finch, mœstissima hoc posuit.

These are the glories     
of a worthy praise,
Which (Noble Baskerwile)     
here now are read