[Present State Faringdon Ward within. of this Ward]196

[Present State Faringdon Ward within. of this Ward]

Ivy lane, is well built and inhabited, and falleth into Newgate street; having two passages into Newgate Market, as aforesaid. And on the East side is Sun Court, which is but small.

Ivy lane.

Sun Court.

In or near Pater noster Row, is Lovel's Court, being a handsome large Place, with good Buildings, well inhabited. Queens head Alley, so called from the Queens head Tavern, there seated in an open square Court, from which it hath a long passage into Newgate street. Panier Alley, near unto Cheapside.

Lovels Court.

Queens head Alley.

Panier Alley.

This Alley leadeth into Blowbladder street, over against St. Martins le Grand. This Alley is a good Thoroughfare, and a Place of a good Trade. On the West side of this Alley, is Eagle and Child Court, which is but small. Betwixt this Alley and Lovels Alley is the Castle Tavern, which is large, and enjoyeth a good Trade.

Eagle and Child Court.

Castle Tavern.

A little Eastward from Panier Alley and Newgate street, like two Rivulets joining into one, they fall into Cheapside. And just here, fronting Cheapside, stood the Parish Church of St. Michaels Quern. Which since the late Fire of London, which consumed it, is not rebuilt, but the Parish is united to St. Vedast, alias Fosters. And where that Church stood, against which is the passage into St. Paul's Churchyard, is a Conduit, not yet finished; but designed for some magnificent Structure and Statue, the Place having a very fair Prospect on Cheapside.

St. Michael Quern Church.

This Street of Cheapside, is spacious and large, graced with very lofty Buildings; which are well inhabited by Goldsmiths, Linnen Drapers, Haberdashers, Druggists, and other noted Tradesmen; being one of the chief high Streets in the City, and of a very great Resort, as leading to and from the Royal Exchange. This Strret is seated in several Wards; as the part in this Ward goeth to Woodstreet, taking in St. Peters Cheap Churchyard. Then Cripplegate Ward begins, which goeth to Milk street; then Cheap Ward begins, which taketh in the rest of the Street to the Poultrey. And on the South side, this Ward runneth a little beyond Friday street; then Bread street Ward begins, and runs almost to St. Mary le Bow Church: And a little beyond the said Church, Cheap Ward begins, and runs into Poultry, and down Bucklersbury.


Foster lane, for the generality inhabited by working Goldsmiths; and is of chief Note for Goldsmiths Hall here seated. There is but a very small part of this Lane in this Ward, not above two Houses beyond the Church. And to this Ward belongs the West side of Noble street, in part, and Mugwel strret, and the North side of Hart street unto Cripplegate; which is a narrow slip of Ground, and apart from the rest of the Ward. The other Sides being on Cripplegate Ward, and joining to the said Ward.

Foster lane.

Goldsmiths Hall.

This Church of St. Fosters, since its burning down in the great Fire of London, is now rebuilt very decently; and beautified within, by the Parishioners of this Parish, and of St. Michaels Quern, which is united unto it.

St. Fosters Church.

Near unto this Lane, but in Cheapside, is Sadlers Hall, a pretty good Building, seated at the upper end of a handsome Alley; near to which is Half Moon Alley, which is but small. At the upper end of which is a Tavern, which gives a passage into Foster lane, and another into Gutter lane.

Sadlers Hall.

Halfe Moon Alley.

Gutter lane, but narrow, and none of the best; here dwell several Joiners, that make Chimney Pieces, for which it is of some Note. Here the Company of Embroiderers have their Hall. In this Lane are these Places. Day's Court, on the East side indifferent good. Goldsmiths street leadeth to Woodstreet, against the Compter, indifferent good: But of this Street, the greatest part is in Cripplegate Ward. Dove Court, but small and ordinary, seated on the West side against Goldsmiths street. Inholders Hall, a pretty handsome Building. Kings head Court, a pretty square Place, seated against Innholders Hall. Near unto this is Stone Court, but small. More Northwards, and on the West side, is Kerry lane, a pretty handsome Place, and of some Trade, having a passage into Foster lane; but little or no part is in this Ward, but in Aldersgate Ward. Huggin Alley, comes out of Gutter lane, and falls into Woodstreet, but no part in this Ward.

Gutter lane.

Embroiders Hall.

Dayes Court.

Goldsmiths street.

Dove Court/

Inholders Hall.

Kings head Court.

Stone Court.

Kerry lane.

Huggin Alley.

Woodstreet, hath but a small part in this Ward; only the West side taking in the Churchyard of St. Peters Cheap, the Church not being rebuilt since the late Fire; and the Parish united to that of St. Mathew Friday street.


St. Peter Cheap.

Friday street, as far as the Church of St. Matthew Friday street, is in this Ward; the rest in Bread street Ward.

Fryday street.

This Church is seated near the North-West Corner of Friday street, next unto Cheapside. Since its burning in the late Conflagration of London, it is rebuilt, and that of St. Peters Cheap united unto it. The Church is not very large, and built of Brick, except the Front towards the Street, which is all Free-stone. By this Church is a Free-stone passage, which leads to the Back Door of the Fountain Tavern in Cheapside. In this Church are Prayers every Morning and Evening, about Seven of the Clock.

St. Mathew Fryday street.

Bewtixt Friday street and the Old Change, is Star Court, a pretty large Place. Then Shepherds Court, very handsome, well built and inhabited. At the upper end of which is the Fountain Tavern, of good Account as most in Cheapside.

Star Court.

Shepherds Court.

The Old Change. This Street begins in Cheapside, and fall into Old Fishstreet; but the part in this Ward goeth but to St. Austin's Church, and then the West side, unto Old Fishstreet, is in Castle Baynards Ward; and on the East side, in Bread street Ward.

The Old Change.

This Street, taken from Cheapside to Old Fishstreet, is of a pretty good Trade, well built and inhabited. The Courts and Alleys, beginning next Cheapside, and so to the Old Change, are, Swan Court, but small, hath a passage through a Publick House, called the Swan into Paul's Churchyard. Green Dragon Court, indifferent good. Three Dagger Court, but small. Purse Court, a very handsome square Place, with good Buildings, and Inhabitants answerable; with a Free-stone Pavement. Lamb Alley, long and ordinary. Crane Court, a good handsome Place. Crown Court, very good, the Front Part taken up by a Painter, seated opposite to Distaff lane. Black Horse Court, narrow and ordinary. Kings Head Inn, of pretty

Swan Court.

Green Dragon Court.

Three Dagger Court.

Lamb Alley.

Crane Court.

Crown Court.

Black Horse Court.

Kings head Inn.