[Alhallows] Breadstreet Ward. [Monuments.]200

[Alhallows] Breadstreet Ward. [Monuments.]



In this Church were the Monuments of James Thame, Goldsmith.


John Walpole, Goldsmith, 1349.

Thomas Beaumont, Alderman, one of the Sheriffs, 1442.

Robert Basset, Salter, Maior, 1476.

Sir Richard Chaury, Salter, Maior, 1509.

Sir Thomas Pargitar, Salter, Maior, 1530.

Henry Sucley, Merchant Taylor, one of the Sheriffs, 1541.

Richard Reade, Alderman, that served, and was taken Prisoner in Scotland, 1545.

Robert House, one of the Sheriffs, 1586.

William Albany, Richard May, and Roger Abde, Merchant Taylors.

Hic jacet Thomas Beaumond, Civis, Salter, & quondam Vicecomes Civitatis London, Alicia, & Alicia uxores ejus. Qui quidem Thomas obiit 14 die mensis Augusti, Anno Domini 1457. Quorum animabus propitietur Deus. Es testis Christi, &c.

An antient Marble Tomb, as in a Chapel by itself.

A. M.

Corporis ut Christi     
festum possit venerari,
Hic magis instituit     
Salter iter Beaumond.
Cui Deus uxores     
binas Cœleste solamen
Detque suis pueris:     
Sit benedictus. Amen.

Here lieth buried the Body of William Albany, Esquire, Citizen and Merchant-Taylor of London; with his two Wives, Thomasine, by whom hee had issue five Sonnes and foure Daughters; who deceased the 15th of December, 1565. And Joane, who dyed without Issue, the 7th of July, 1579. And the said William yeelded his Soule to the Almighty the 18th day of February, 1589. being of the Age of 82 Yeeres. So rest they all here in the assured hope of a blessed Resurrection.
Respice & prospice finem.

All these have f ir plated Stones by the Communion Table, and lie not far each from other.

Here lieth Henry Suckley, late Sheriffe, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London. Which Henry deceased the One and twentieth day of July, Anno Domini 1564. And his foure Wives, Anne Boughton, Elizabeth English, Alice Fletcher, and Agnes Cachemaide, &c.

Here lieth Robert Mellishe, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London; which deceased the thirtieth day of March, Anno Domini, 1562. &c.

Robert Hulson lyeth here,     
In his time well knowne to all;
He lived well, and died so,     
When God hence him did call.

A white Stone by it self, near to the Tomb.

To the sacred Memory
Of that Worthy and faithfull Minister of Christ, Master Richard Stocke; who after 32 Yeeres spent in the Ministery, wherein by his learned Labours, joined with Wisedom, and a most holy Life, God's Glory was much advanced, his Church edified, Piety increased, and the true Honour of a Pastor's Place maintained; deceased April 20. 1626. Some of his loving Parishioners have consecrated this Monument of their never-dying Love, Jan. 28. 1628.


Hic Situs exanimis STOCKI     
sub pulvere Truncus,
Quem quondam agnovit     
Pastorem Ecclesia fidum:
Ista suum nunc Sancta tenent     
Habitacula sanctum,
Quo MagnVs PanDVCit oVes     
oViVmque magIstros.

Thy livelesse Trunke     
(O Reverend Stocke)
Like Aaron's Rod     
sprouts out againe,
And after two     
full Winters past,
Yeelds Blossomes     
and ripe Fruit amaine.

For why, this Worke of Piety,     
Performed by some of thy Flocke,
To thy dead Corps and sacred Urne,     
Is but the Fruit of this old Stocke.

A fair new Monument in the South Ile, on the Wall, almost at the upper end.

This Monument was erected at the Cost of this Parish, in memoriall of Master John Dunster, Citizen and Clothworker of London. Who lieth buried neere this Place; and gave, amongst other charitable Gifts, 200 Pounds toward the late building of this Church; and 200 Pounds, which hath purchased 12 Pounds a Yeere for ever, towards the reparation of the same. He departed this Life the 14 of October, 1625. being of the Age of 58 Yeeres.
Queen Elizabeth's Monument.
I have fought a good Fight, &c.]



Later Monuments, that is, since the new Erection of the Church, there be these.

In the Chancel, a very large black Marble Stone, laid upon Jeremy Gouge, Citizen and Grocer of London, 1692. And two of his Children, both named Jeremy.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

On the Head of this, two other Stones, one for Arthur Baron, Esq; a worthy Member of many Societies in this honourable City, 1702. And his Nephew, Alexander Baron, 1703.

The other for Christopher Rayner, and Frances his Wife, Daughter to Henry Baron, of Wells, Gent.

Humfrey Levinz, Citizen and Grocer, 1682. In the same Grave with his Son Humfrey, that died 1677.

In the Body of the Church, flat Stones over Mary Conant, Wife of Edward Conant, of this Parish, Haberdasher, 1698.

On a Grave stone in the Chancel, at the Communion Table Rails, Southside, lieth the Body of Rebecca, Wife of Mr. John Young, of this Parish, Merchant; Daughter of Rich. Nutcombe, of Nutcombe in the County of Devon, Esq; She died October the 4th, 1715. Aged about 50. She was truly exemplary in her Life and Conversation, a sincere Christian, remarkable for her strict Piety, Devotion, and Humility, and the pleasure she took in doing Good. She was of an affable and sweet Temper, an excellent Wife, a kind Friend; and was blest with good Sense, and many other Talents, of which she made good Use. It

J. Worthing.