[Present State Breadstreet Ward. of this Ward]207

[Present State Breadstreet Ward. of this Ward]

unto the foresaid Inn, is Horn Alley, which is but small and ordinary.

Horn Alley.

Friday street, cometh out of Cheapside, and runneth South into Old Fishstreet; and in its passage crosseth Watheling street. This Street is well built, and inhabited chiefly by Haberdashers, and other Wholesale Dealers. In this Street are these Places: White Horse Inn, large, and of a good resort. Bell Inn, of a very good Resort and Trade. Blue Boar Court, a pretty open Place, also inhabited by Wholesale Dealers. Angel Court, but ordinary; with an open passage for Carts. Sarazens Head Inn, very large, and of a great Resort and Trade.

Friday street.

White Horse Inn.

Bell Inn.

Blue Boar Court.

Angel Court.

Sarazens Head Inn.

St. Margaret Moyses Church. It was seated on the East side of this Street, towards Old Fishstreet; burnt in the Fire of London, not rebuilt, but the Parish united unto St. Mildred Breadstreet; and the Place where this Church stood, is inclosed for a Burial Place for the Inhabitants.

St. Margaret Moyses Church.

Great Distaff, or Distar lane, comes out of the Old Change, and runneth up to Breadstreet, against Basing lane, crossing Friday street on the South side.

Great Distar Lane.

Places of Name in this Lane. Bucks Head Court, a pretty small Place, with s Free stone Pavement. Cordwainers, or Shoemakers Hall, a good handsome Building, seated opposite to Little Distaff lane, of no great Account, and runs into Old Fishstreet. And in this Lane is Dolphin Court, as also Sugar loaf Court, both small and ordinary.

Bucks Head Court.

Little Distaff lane.

Dolphin and Sugar loaf Court.

Old Fishstreet hath the North side in this Ward; the other side in Queen Hith Ward.

Old Fishstreet.

Trinity lane hath also the North part in this Ward, the other in Queen Hith Ward.

Trinity Lane.

The Old Change hath but a small part in this Ward; viz. The East side from Watheling street Corner, to Old Fishstreet. The other Part in the Ward of Faringdon within, and Castle Baynard.

Old Change.

Cheapside hath been described in the other Wards. The Part in this Ward, as also in that of Cordwainers, begins on the South side, something Eastwards of Friday street, and runs almost to St. Mary le Bow Church; so that there is nothing of Courts to be here taken Notice of.


There are to watch at the several Stands in this Ward, every Night, a Constable, the Beadle, and Thirty Watchmen.

The Watch.

The Jury returned by the Inquest, for the Ward to serve in the several Courts at the Guild Hall, are in the Month of April.

The Jury.

This Ward hath an Alderman, his Deputy, Common Counsel, 10. Constables, 10. Scavengers, 8. Wardmote Inquest, 13. and a Beadle. It standeth taxed to the Fifteen in London, at 37l. And in the Exchequer, at 36l. 18s. 2d.

The Government.

The Alderman of this Ward is Robert Bailis, Esq;