[Present State Castle Baynard Ward. of this Ward.]230

[Present State Castle Baynard Ward. of this Ward.]

Crown Court, which is indifferent good. Adjoining to this Church, was the King's great Wardrobe, as being formerly imployed for that use. The Garden is converted into a large and square Court, with good Houses, and called Wardrobe Court.

Crown Court

Kings great Wardrobe.

Wardrobe Court.

St. Andrews Wardrobe Church, was destroyed in the Conflagration of London, and since, it is very handsomely rebuilt; being a very fair Church. And to this the Parish of St. Anns Black Friers is united; this Church serving for both Parishes.

St. Andrews Wardrobe Church.

On the West side of Addle hill, is White Bear Court, very large, containing two or three Courts all of that Name; but all very ordinary, and meanly built and inhabited. Out of this Place is a passage up Steps into Church hill Alley; and another down Steps, into Great Rutland Court. Likewise on this Hill, are three small and ordinary Places; viz. Rose Court, White Horse Court, and Cock and Hoop Court.

White Bear Court.

Rose Court.

White horse Court.

Cock and hoop Court.

Knightriders street, of which there is the Great and the Little; being severed from each other by St. Benets Hill and Pauls Chain: The Lesser running towards Old Fishstreet, and the Greater towards St. Andrews Wardrobe Church. And this Street is wider, better built and inhabited than the Little, that is, by Proctors, and such as have Dependance on Doctors Commons. Out of this Street is a passage into Carter lane, through Bell Yard, which is a very good open Court, with handsome Houses, well inhabited.

Knightriders street.

Bell Yard.

Little Knightriders street, but narrow, and not over well inhabited, especially the end next to Pauls Chain.

Over against Lambard Hill, in the passage to the Old Change, is the Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalens Old Fishstreet.

St. Mary Magdalens Old Fishstreet Church.

A little Westwards from this Church, is Do little Lane.

Do little lane.

Sermon lane. This Lane also falls into Carter lane, and is of no great Account, either for Inhabitants or Buildings.

Sermon lane.

Carter lane, of which there is the Great and the Little. The Little comes out of the Old Change, and falleth into the Great Carter lane, but severed by Pauls Chain; and thence runs Westwards to Puddle dock and Creed lane. The Great Carter lane is the broadest, best built and inhabited. And in both these Lanes are these Courts; viz. Scallop Court, which hath a passage of Free stone Pavement into Creed lane. Deans Court, which will be mentioned anon. The Wardrobe Court, and Bell Yard, already mentioned. Mearmaid Inn, pretty large, and of a good Trade. Kings head Court, indifferent large, with a passage into Pauls Churchyard. And within this Court, is another, bearing the Name of Red Lion Court; pretty handsome, with a Free stone Pavement. Black Swan Court, indifferent good; also hath a passage into Pauls Churchyard. Sarazens head Inn, of a very good Trade.

Carter lane.

Scallop Court.

Mearmaid Inn.

Kings head Court.

Red Lion Court.

Black Swan Court.

Sarazens head Inn.

The Old Change hath only the West side, from St. Mary Magdalens Church, to St. Austins Gate, in this Ward; so that there is little to say of it, more than what is said of it in Faringdon Ward within.

Old Change.

Pauls Chain begins at the Corner of Knightriders street, and runneth up to Pauls Churchyard. A Street large and open, well built, and inhabited by Proctors and Tradesmen; and by reason of its near situation to Doctors Commons, is of great Resort.

Pauls Chain.

Pauls Bakehouse, now a good square Court, with four handsome large Houses; especially two, which are well inhabited. At the East Corner of this Street, next to Little Carter lane, is kept the Faculty Office, for the granting of Licences for Marriages, &c.

Pauls Bakehouse.

Faculty Office.

The Part or Side of Pauls Churchyard in this Ward, all lieth open to St. Pauls; and is a spacious Street, graced with good Houses, loftily built and uniform, well inhabited by Woolen Drapers; with a mixture of them that make and sell Cane Chairs and Couches, and some Cabinet and Looking Glass Sellers.

Pauls Churchyard.

In this Row of Buildings, which reacheth from St. Austin's Gate to Ludgate Hill, are these Courts, besides those already taken notice of. In Carter lane, Deans Court, by many called the Prerogative Court; for that the Prerogative Office is here kept. In which said Court is a very large House, built by Sir Joseph Sheldon, and now the Seat of the Deans of Pauls successsively. This Court is open and airy, and hath a passage into Great Carter lane. More towards Ludgate Hill, and almost in the South West Corner, is a new Court, called St. Pauls College, made use of for the Singing Men belonging to St. Pauls Cathedral.

Deans Court.

St. Pauls College.

St. Gregories, seated by the South West end of St. Pauls. It was destroyed by the great Fire, and is not to be rebuilt; but the Ground on which it stood, to lie open to St. Pauls Churchyard; and the Parish is united to St. Mary Magdalens Old Fishstreet.

St. Gregory's Church.

On the North West side was the Bishop of London's Palace; long since converted into Tenements, now called The Bishop of Londons Yard. The Ground Rents are the Bishops.

Pauls Alley, hath a Free stone Pavement, and serveth as a passage into Pater noster Row.

Pauls Alley.

Creed lane and Warwick lane, have the East sides in this Ward. For the Account whereof, and for the Market, part of which standeth here, see Faringdon Ward within. On this side is Crown Inn, and also Bell Inn, both ordinary, chiefly used by Market People. Over against the College of Physicians, is Crown Court; which is but small and ordinary.

Creed lane,

Warwick lane.

Crown Court.

There are to watch at the several Stands in this Ward, every Night, A Constable, with the Beadle, and Twenty four Watchmen.

The Watch.

The Jurymen returned by the Inquest, for this Ward, are to serve in the several Courts at Guild Hall, in the Month of September.]

The Jury.

This Ward hath an Alderman, his Deputy, Common Counsel, 10. Constables, 10. Scavengers, 7. Wardmote Inquest, 14. and a Beadle. And to the Fifteens taxed at 12l. in London. In the Exchequer, at 11l. 13s.

The Government.

The Alderman of this Ward is Sir William Lewen, Kt.