[St. Bartholomews.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]237

[St. Bartholomews.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

Another Monument near the Pulpit, with this Inscription.

Roberto R. F. Chamberlanio, JACOBI Magno-Britanici, Francici, Hibernici, Pii, Felicis, semper Augusti Inauguratione Nobiliss. De Balneo ordinis Militi, Castelli de Sherburne, in Agro Oxoniensi Domino, ab Antiquissimis Tankevillæ in Normandia Comitibus longa Majorum serie demisso. Quantacunque fortunæ capaci, Animo magnæ nato, nec virtutibus Minori. Quas dum sibi, suisque fovit, exteras Nationes complurimas lustravit, morum Callidus linguarumque, terram postremo sanctam, & sepulchrum domini venerandus adiit, suumque (Heu fata) quale, aut ubi incomperto, reperiit: Littore siquidem solvens, Anno Virginei partus, 1615. Tripolim inter Cyprumque (quantum conjici fas est) fatorum an hominum inclementia,

Cœlebs à procul periit.
Tam dulcis olim contubernii memor, tantoque dolori & desiderio impar, Amico amicus merenti Mœrens P.
Vixit Annos circiter 30.

Cœlo tegitur qui non habet urnam.

A fair Monument in the South Ile, close by the Vestry Door.

Here lyeth interred the Body of Elizabeth Freshwater, late Wife of Thomas Freshwater, of Heubridge, in the County of Essex, Esquire; eldest Daughter of John Orme, of this Parish, Gentleman, and Mary his Wife. She died the 16. day of May, Anno Domini, 1617. being of the Age of 26 Yeeres.

Mors properans, quali     
tinxisti teal veneno,
Ut sic trina uno     
vulnere præda cadat:
Unam sæva feris, sed & uno     
hoc occidit Ictu,
Uxor dulcis, Amans filia,     
Chara soror.

Here also lieth the Body of the said John Orme, who died the 12th of January, Anno Domini 1617. And the Body of the said Mary Orme, who died the 16th of April, 1618.

Upon a fair Marble Stone, close by the last Monument, is this Inscription.

Hic jacet Nicolas Orme, de Hospitio Lincolniensi, Armiger, qui postquam Annos 28. explevisset, 4 die Februarii, Anno salutis 1628. expiravit; and jam placidè requiescit unà cum utroque parente, duobus fratribus, unâ sorore, & dubus sobrinis, ex Thoma Gundrey, Generoso oriundis, qui quod mortale in illis fuit, hoc in pulvere prius deposuerunt.

Upon a fair Stone, close to the other, is this Inscription.     
In the Figure of a Rose.

Oritur & Moritur.
Here lyeth the Body of Abigall Coult, the Daughter of Maximilian Coult; who departed this Life the 19th day of March, 1629. in the 16th Yeere of her Virginity.



Later Monuments in Great St. Bartholomew's, (or more antient, but omitted before) are these.

Later Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel, just above Rahere's Monument, is one set up for Thomas Roycroft, the King's Printer for the Oriental Languages: Who printed the Polyglott Bible, 1677. Samuel Roycroft erected it to his Father's Memory.

John Anthony, Doctor of Physick, 1655. buried near his Father, Dr. Francis Anthony.

George Hastings, second Son of Francis Lord Hastings, of Ashby de la Zouch. Who married Seimour, Coheir of Gilbert Prin, of Allington, in Wilts, Kt. 1611.

South Side. Elizabeth Scudamore, Wife of Philip Scudamore, of Bornham, in the County of Bucks, Esq; 1593.

James Rivers, Esq; Son and Heir of John Rivers, of Chafford, on the County of Kent, Bart. 1641.

John Kellond, of Painsford, in the County of Devon, Esq; 1685.

In the back Ile. Edward Cook, a great Philosopher, 1652.

Anthony Low, of the Inner Temple, a Learned Counsellor, 1641.

Capt. John Millet, Mariner, 1660. He hath an Epitaph; part of it was,     
Desirous hither to resort,     
Because this Parish was his Port.

Gilbert Wyld, third Son of Sir William Wyld, Kt. and Bart. one of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas, 1671.

Mary Pitt, Wife of George Pitt, Esq; 1639.

Elizabeth Birkened, second Daughter of Sir John Roberts, of the City of Canterbury, Kt. 1659.

Elizab. Roycroft, Wife of Lieutenant Collonel Roycroft, of this Parish, 1678.

Rob. Heyman, Gent. 1641.

Richard Porter, Esq; 1669.

In the Body of the Church. Mary, late Wife of Will. Grosfield, 1696. And Captain William Powel, her Father.

Nicolas Gundrey, 1675.

Daniel Steel, 1674. Mary Steel, 1677. Moses Steel. Solomon Steel.

William Hibbert, 1701/2.

Paul Greenwood, 1677.

James Whiting, Son of John Whiting, 1676. and seven of his Brethren, &c.

John Whiting, and Margaret his Wife. She died 1680. And he 1681.

On a Gravestone in the Chancel.

H. R. J. P.
Samuel Roycroft, de hac Parochia, Generosus, quod mortale habuit deposuit Nonis Februarii, MDCCXVI. Ætat suæ LX.

Against the Wall, at the lower end of the South Ile, a Monument for John Whiting, of London, Gent. A Man of an exemplary Life, Sincere to his Friends, to the Indigent Charitable, to all Affable. He served, with great Reputation, in the Office of His Majesty's Ordinance, in the Reigns of King Charles II. King James, King William and Queen Mary; and in the first Year of her late Majesty Queen Anne, disengaged himself from all publick Business, the better to prepare for his blessed