[S. Sepulchres Reparations.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]241

[S. Sepulchres Reparations.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

about West Smithfield must suffer. Yet, upon the Consideration of the great Mischiefs and Disorders that had arisen by the long Continuance of the said Fair, the Petitions for prolonging the Time were rejected, and the Order confirmed. Whereby the Fair was to be kept for three Days only, for the selling of Merchandizes, according to the Original Grants from the Crown.]

The Parish Church of St. SEPULCHRES.


Now to return through Gilt Spur street by Newgate, where I first began, there standeth the fair Parish Church, called St. Sepulchres in the Baily, or by Chamberlain Gate, in a fair Churchyard, though not so large as of old Time; for the same is letten out for Buildings, and a Garden Plot.

St. Sepulchres.

So called from the Holy Sepulchre of our Saviour, unto the Memory whereof, it was first dedicated. The Holy Sepulchre or Grove of our Saviour Christ at Jerusalem, was in such Regard in former Times, that an Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem, was instituted Anno 1103. by Baldwin, second King of Jerusalem; Brother to Godfrey of Bulloin, the first King of Jerusalem.]

St. Sepulchre so called from the Sepulchre of Christ at Jerusalem.

J. S.

Ri. Smith.

This Church was newly Re-edified or Builded, about the Reign of Henry VI. or Edw. IV. One of the Pophames was a great Builder there: Namely, of one fair Chappel on the South side of the Quire, as appeareth by his Arms, and other Monuments, in the Glass Windows thereof; and also the fair Porch of the same Church, towards the South. His Image, fair graven in Stone, was fixed over the said Porch, but defaced and beaten down. His Title by Offices, were these: Chancellor of Normandy, Captain of Vernoyle, Pearch, Susan, and Bayon, and Treasurer of the King's Houshold. He died Rich, leaving great Treasure of strange Coins; and was buried in the Charterhouse Church, by West Smithfield.

Jo Leyland.

Pophams, Builders of St. Sepulchre's Church.

The first Nobilitating of these Pophames, was by Matilda the Empress, Daughter to Hen. I. and by Henry her Son. One Popham, a Gentleman of very fair Lands in Southamptonshire, dying without Issue Male, about the time of Henry VI. and leaving four Daughters, they were married to Fostar, Barentine, Wodham, and Hamden. Popham Dean (distant three Miles from Clarendon, and three Miles from Mortisham) was sometime the chief Lordship or Manour House of those Pophams.

The antient Family of the Pophams.

These were the Expences that were yearly laid out upon the Reparations of St. Sepulchres Church.

Anno 1624. There were expended about the new Vestry Window, in Masons Work, Glasiers Work, Iron Work, and other Charge extraordinary, 30l.



An. 1625. The ten North Church Windows, were new built and repaired. The Charge whereof amounted to 86l. 14s. 7d.

An. 1626. The six Windows on the East end, and South side of the Church, with the Water Tables, Battlements, and Buttresses, were new made and repaired; the Windows new glazed, and the Walls pointed down. Which, with some Plumbers Work, and Pew Work, cost 105l. 3s. 10d.

Anno 1627. The Charge of the Repair of the Church Windows at the West end, and South side of the Church and Porch, with the Battlements, Water Table, Buttresses, and Pointing down the Walls, and other Repairs within the Church, appears to have been 169l. 2s. 8d.

An. 1628. In making new Pews, Plumbers Work, Glazing Work, besides other Repairs, 40l.

Anno 1629. The new Pews in the Church and Chancel, clearing of the Churchyard, and other Repairs, 55l. 16s.

Anno 1630. The Charge of taking down and new building of one of the great Pinacles of the Steeple, appeared by the Accounts and Bills examined, to be 139l. 19s. 4d.

Other Repairs done about the Church this Year, in Plumbers Work upon the Steeple, and new Leading the Vestry, and making new Pews, amounted to 75l.

An. 1631. The new casting of the fifth Bell, with the Charge of Iron, and Timber Work, to the Bell-founder, Bell-hanger, and Smith, came to 40l.

The Plumbers and Carpenters Work, in Strengthening and new Leading the Roof over St. Stevens Chappel, and other Repairs of the Church, appears by the Accounts to be above 100l.

Annis 1632 and 1633. The three great Pinacles of the Steeple, with the Battlements and Water Tables round about the same, were repaired, built and made up with Vent and Crest, in manner, form, height, thickness, and all other repects, answerable to that Pinacle which was there lately new made; with the taking out the decayed Stones, putting in new Stone, working and pointing them down; putting in new top Stones, and setting up three Vanes answerable to the former Vane on the other Pinacle. Of all this, the Masons Work, by Composition, came to 140l.

The Vanes, Iron and Lead Work, 13l. 6s. 8d.

The new Leading and Strengthening the Roof in the North side of the Church, throughout, with Lead and Timber, 115l.

Summa totalis expensarum
Annis prædictis,
} 1110l. 13s. 1d.]



There lie buried in this Church, William Andrew, Steven Clamparde, Esq; Laurence Warcam *, John Dagworth, Will. Porter, Rob. Scarlet *, Esqrs. [ Daughter of Richard Love.]




Here one William Benet, Citzen and Cowper of London, by his last Will, dated September the 5th, 1492. "Did will his Executor to provide a Canable; (that is, I suppose, a Singing Priest) to sing a Twelve-month next after his Decease, within the said Parish Church, at the Auter of St. Thomas's Altarmass; for the Sowles of my Fader, Hugh Benet, my Sowl, John Benet, Rob. Benet, John, Thomas, Alis and Margaret. And for the good Estate of my Mother Elen, my Wyfe Margery, and al my Fryndys, &c. Also, that my Executors dsitribute among poor Householders of the said Parish of St. Sepulchre, having most Nede, Thirty Quarters of Coolis; and also to the Sum of 10s. in Almous to poor People, as abovesaid. Also, I Will that Sir John Toppyng, Bacheler and Scolar of Cambrige, have 6s. 8d."

A Canable Priest to sing for some Souls in this Church.

J. Worthing.

In this Church also, was an Altar of Corpus Christi. Before which, Tho. Stokes, of London, Gent. appointed by his last Will, dated Nov. the 12th, 1516. to be buried. And Willed, "That an honest Priest shal, by the Discretion of myne Executor, be chosyn to say Masse dayly, if he be dysposyd, by the space of three Yeres. And to pray by special Words, for the "

Corpus Christi Altar.