[White Friers.] Faringdon Ward without. [Their Liberties.]269

[White Friers.] Faringdon Ward without. [Their Liberties.]

Here John Denham, Citizen and Draper of London, ordained by his last Will (dated April 5th, 1532.) to be buried; viz. "Within the Conventual Church of the Whyte Friers in Fleetstreet, before the Awter of St. Anne. I bequeth to the same Freors, for an Ornament to be used and occupied at the same Awltar of St. Anne, and not elsewhere, at every high Fest in their said Church, a Vestment of Crymson Velvet, powdered with a goodly Orpheme, and my Armes and Picture thereupon, lifting up my Hands; of six Pounds Sterling. Item, I wil, that there be said or song a Trental of Masses, in the Parish Church of St. Dunstanes in the West, of London, where I am now a Parishioner. For the which Trental, I bequethe 10s. and for Brede, Wine, and Wax, 8d. &c. Also I wil, that my Executors buy and provide for me a Stone of the Value of five Marks, to ly upon my Grave, with an Image of my self; and over the Hedde of the said Image, a Picture of the Assumption of our blessyd Lady; and at the two Corners, two Scotcheons, the one with my Armes, and the other with the Drapers Armes; and at the other Corners in like manner.]"

The Altar of St. Anne.

A rich Vesture be used at this Altar.

J. Wor.

This House was valued at * 26l. 7s. 3d. and was surrendered the 10th of Novemb. the 30th of Hen VIII.

*62l. First Edit and Sec.

In Place of this Friers Church, be now many fair Houses builded, Lodgings for Noblemen, and others. [Among the rest, here lived Sir John Cheeke, Kt. in King Edward VI his time, his Tutor, and afterward his Secretary of State.]

J. S.

Anno 1608. The Inhabitants within the Compass of these White Friers, as also those of the Black Friers, within Ludgate, obtained divers Liberties, Privileges, and Exemptions, by a Charter of King James I. Which was this that follows.

J. S.

Rex omnibus ad quos, &c. Salutem. Cum quamplurimi Progenitorum nostrorum quondam Reg. Angliæ de gra' sua speciali: Ac pro grat. laudabile multiplicit' & contin. servic. per Major. & Communitat' ac Cives Civitat. London. & Prædecessor. suos temporib. retroact. fact. & impens. Necnon pro divers. aliis urgent. causis & considerationib. eos separatim moventib. dederunt, concesserunt, & confirmaver. Majori & Civitat. ac Civib. Civitat. London. predict. & Successorib. suis divers. Libertat. & Privileg. Provisio tamen semper & pro nobis, hæredib. & successorib. nostris, Volumus & Ordinamus, quod omnes Person. modo inhabitant. aut qui imposterum inhabitabunt infra Scit. procinct. ambit. Libertat. & Franchis. predict. nuper dissolut. Domus sive Priorat. Fratrum Predicator. infra Ludgate, London. communit. vocat. The Black Friers. Aut infra procinct. ambit. Libertat' & Franches. predict. nuper dissolut. Domus sive Priorat. Fratrum Ordinis bte' Marie de Monte Carmel. in Fleetestreet predict. vocat. The White Friers. Et tot Precinct ambit. & Circuit. eorund. ac omnia Edificia ac loc. infra Procinct. ambit. & circuit. predict. pro tempore existent. edificat. sive edificand. de ceter. in perpetuum quiet' & exonerat. erunt de & ab omnib. taxationib. quintodecim. & ab onere de Scott & Lott, & de Vigil & Ward, Anglice, Watch and Ward, per vel infra Civitat. London. solvend. faciend. sustinend. sive contribuend. except. onerib. & expens. debitis & rationabil. pro apparat. & emission. Milit. Anglice, Setting out of Soldiers; & pro defension. Regni & al. humoi' Servic. specialib. Nos, hered. & Successor. nostros, aut Rempublicam nostram, hered. & Successor. nr. concernen. Ac exceptis oneri pro pavament. purgation & eschuracone Venell. fossar. viar. aque cursum & severarim, Anglice, The Sewers, infra Circuit. procinct. Libertat. & Jurisdiction. earund. nuper Dom. sive Priorat. vocat. Le Black Friers, & Le White Friers predict. respective solummodo. Ac etiam quod iidem Inhabitant. quiet. & exonerati erunt de & ab Offic Constabular. Scavenger. & ab consimilib. Offic. onerib. Anglicè, Like Offices of Charge, infra Civitat. predict. extra procinct. Circuit. ambit. & limit. earund. nuper Dom sive Priorat. vocat. Lez Black Friers, & Lez White Friers respectivè exequend. sive exercend. &c. Teste Rege ap Westminst' vicesimo quarto die Septembris, Anno regni Regis Jacobi Anglie, &c. sexto.
Per Breve de privato Sigillo, &c.

The Prvileges of the White Friers and Black.

Will. Bowyer.

In the Year 1662. a Legacy was given by one Mr. Brown, to this Precinct: Which will appear by what follows.

A Copy of so much of the last Will and Testament of Mr. John Brown, as relates to the Precinct of White Friers, London.

A Legacy to White Friers.

W. Bowyer.

"In the Name of God, Amen. I John Brown, of the County of Middlesex, Gent. &c."

"Item, I give and bequeath unto the Poor of White Friers, where is most need, according to the discretion of my Executors, with the Advice of Mr. Fensham, five Pounds."

"Item, I give and devise to the Maior, Communalty, and Citizens of the City of London, Governours of the Possessions, Revenues, and Goods, of the Hospitals of Edward King of England the Sixt, of Christ, Bridewel, and St. Thomas the Apostle, the Sum od 400l. of lawful Money of England; to be by them yearly imployed and disposed of, for the Education and bringing up of poor Children in Christ's Hospital aforesaid. Upon Trust and Confidence, that the Governours aforesaid, and their Successors, shall maintain three Children from time to time, until their respective Age of Fifteen Years. And as any of them die, or attain the same Age, to take in others in the rooms or places of such of them as shall so die, or attain the said Age or Ages of Fifteen Years. One of the Children to be out of the Precinct of White Friers, London, and one out of the Parish of St. Dunstanes in the West, London, and one out of the Lordship of Finsbury, in the Parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate, in the County of Middlesex. The Parishioners of the said respective Parishes and Places, giving Caution to the Governours aforesaid, and their Successors, at their respective Admittances into the said Hospital; to take them out at the said Age of Fifteen Years, if they be then living, and not otherwise disposed of."

"Item, I give and devise all that Messuage and Land, with the Appurtenances thereunto belonging, or therewith used, in Islington, in the County of Middlesex, commonly called or known by the Name or Sign of the Nags Head, now in Lease to John Gregory, at the yearly Rent of sixty Pounds, to the Governours aforesaid, and to their Successors, for ever; upon Trust and Confidence, that they and their Successors, shall for ever hereafter pay, towards the Maintenance of six Scholars, to be taken out of the Children admitted into Christ's Hospital aforesaid, into the University of Cambridge, three in Christ's College, and three in Emmanuel College. And my Will is, that none of the six Scholars "