Bridge Ward without. S. Saviours. 12

Bridge Ward without. S. Saviours.

Peter Humble, Gentleman, dedicates this Monument to the pious Memory of Richard Humble, Alderman of London, and Margaret his first Wife, Daughter to John Pierson of Nathing *, in the County of Essex, Gentleman. By whom he had Issue two Sons, John, who died young, and the abovenamed Peter, now living. Also four Daughters, Katherine, Weltham, Margaret, and Elizabeth: who survived the other three, and was interred the same Day with her Father, being the 30. of April 1616. Richard left Isabel his second Wife, Widow, who was the Daughter of Robert Kitchinman, of Hemsley, in the County of York, Gentleman. Bequeathing to the Poor of this Parish five Pounds four Shillings, yearly for ever, out of a Tenement adioining to the Southside of the Three Crowns Gate in Southwark.

A very fair Tomb in the Chancel.

*No such Town in Essex, perhaps it should be Nasing.

Gulielmus Wickham, translatus à sede Lincoln. & Mense Martii, 1595. Existens Episcopus Winton. Obiit 11. Junii, proxime sequentis. Reliquit uxorem laudatissimam; quæ sepelitur in Awkenberry, Comitat. Huntingdon.

Doctrina Antistes præstans     
& moribus æquis,
Eloquio & pietate gravis;     
mensaque manuque,
Non parcus, justi neglectus     
honore sepulchri,
Hic jacet. O seculum     
insipiens, verum æquior illi,
Dum moritur, Deus Aligeros     
dat cernere missos,
Qui migrantem animam     
Cœli ad sublimina ferrent.
F.M. posuit 10. Junii, Anno Domini 1600.

A very fair Stone by the Communion Table.

He bore his Coat Baron & Femme. Baron was Ermin, a Bordure invecked Gules, femé d'estoilles, Or. Femme was two Shields quarterly, 1 Arg. a Chevron ingrailed Sable: two Lions encountring passant, gardant: between three Crosses croslets fitchee Sable 2 Nebule ermin & sable, &c.]

J. S.

The Monument of Bishop Andrews is in a Chappel at the East end of the Church, and his Body lieth within the Monument.

Si Christianus es, siste:
Moræ pretitum erit,
Non nescire te, qui vir hic situs sit:
Ejusdem tecum Catholicæ Ecclesiæ membrum,
Sub eadem felicis Resurrectionis spe,
Eandem D. Jesu præstolans Epiphaniam;
Sacratissimus Antistes, Lancelotus Andrews,
Londini oriundus educatus Cantabrigiæ,
Aulæ Pembrochianæ Alumnorum, Sociorum, Præfectorum
Unus, & nemini secundus:
Linguarum, Artium, Scientiarum,
Humanorum, Divinorum, Omnium
Infinitus Thesaurus, Stupendum Oraculum:
Orthodoxo Christi Ecclesiæ,
Dictis, scriptis, precibus, Exemplo
Incomparabile propugnaculum:
Reginæ Elizabethæ à sacris,
D. Pauli London. Residentiarius,
D. Petri Westmonast. Decanus:
Episcopus Cicestrensis, Eliensis, Wintoniensis,
Regique Jacobo tum ab Eleemosynis,
Tum ab utriusque Regni Consiliis,
Decanus denique Sacelli Regii:
Idem ex
Indesessa opera in studiis,
Summa sapientia in rebus,
Assidua pietate in Deum,
Profusa largitate in Egenos,
Rara amœnitate in suos,
Spectata probitate in omnes,
æternum admirandus.
Annorum pariter & publicæ famæ satur,
Sed bonorum passim omnium cum luctu denatus,
Cœlebs hinc migravit ad aureolam cœlestem,
Regis Caroli 11o. ætatis S. LXXIo.
Christi MDCXXVIo.
Tantum est (Lector) quod te scire mœrentes posters
Nunc volebant, atque ut ex voto tuo valeas, dicto
Sit Deo gloria.

A fair Monument on the North Wall of the new Chappel, with this Inscription.

Donec redeat Dominus Jesus Christus.
Subest quod Reliquum Johannis Morton, in Artibus Magistri, qui cum singulare cum pietatis, tum eruditionis exhibuerat specimen, Literatam juventutis Ambitionem Gemens, unicique salvatoris Jesu Christi adventum anhelans, expiravit die 17 Septembr. Anno salutis 1631. Annum ætatis agens 25. V.M. Græcis Musis Lugentibus.


In the same Chappel and Ile, upon a Gravestone is thus written.

Not twice Ten Years of Age,     
a weary Breath,
Have I exchanged     
for a happy Death;
My Course so short,     
the longer is my Rest.
God takes them soonest     
whom he loveth best:
For he that's Born to day,     
and Dies to morrow,
Loseth some Days of Rest,     
but more of Sorrow.
Here lies buried the Body of John Buckland, Glover, 1625. who deceased the 16th of August.

Upon a Stone, under the Grocers Arms, is this Inscription.

Garret some call'd him,     
but that was too high;
His Name is Garrard,     
who now here doth lie.
He in his Youth was toss'd     
with many a Wave,
But now at Port arriv'd,     
rests in his Grave.
The Church he did frequent,     
while he had Breath,
And wish'd to lie therein     
after his Death.
Weep not for him,     
since he is gone before
To Heaven, where Grocers     
there are many more.