Borough of Southwark. S. Saviours. 13

Borough of Southwark. S. Saviours.

In the same Ile, upon a Marble Stone, with the Merchant Taylors Arms at the Head of it is this Inscription:

This Stone was laid, and this Ile was Paved, by John Hayman, Taylor, and Merchant Taylor, the 28th of October, 1625.

Near to this, upon a Brass Plate, is this Inscription.

Here lies the Body of Alice Dudson, Wife of Thomas Dudson; who departed this Life the 14th of October 1626. Who sometime did dwell in this Parish, but died in St. George's Parish.

All these, with that rich and costly Monument of the Right Reverend Father in God, Launcelot, Bishop of Winchester, are in this Chappel.

Queen Elizabeth's Monument.


St. Peter's Church at Westminster
Her sacred Body doth inter;
Her Glorious Soul with Angels sings,
Her Deeds live Patterns here for Kings.
Her Love in every Hearth hath room;
This only shadows forth her Tomb.]

There is a Monument of John Bingham, Esq; Sadler to Queen Elizabeth and King James. Who was a worthy Benefactor to the Parish, and to the Free-School there: who departed this Life in the Year of our Lord 1625.

He is stiled in the Inscription, Sellardus Dominæ Annæ.

MSS D. H. S. George, Mil. J. S.]

There is a Monument for William Emerson, who departed this Life the 27th of June, An. Dom. 1575. in the Year of his Age 92.

This Monument standeth in the South Ile.

[His Coat was Az. a Bend Argent 3 Guelpes.]

Arvum hoc Sepulchrale.
Exuviarum opt. matris Jocosæ dominæ Clerke, sui ipsius lectissimæque uxoris consitioni destinatum, Gulielmus Augustinus Armiger vivus sacravit.
Conjux charissima primo inseritur.
Quæ post decimum partum (An. MDCXXIII. Jan. XXI. Marito, ac liberis quinque superstitibus) Tricenaria valedicens:
In restorescendi diem & spem, hâc terra tegitur.
Sequimur cæteri: Sati corruptibiles,
Suscitandi incorruptibiles.

The Monument with this Inscription standeth on the Sourh side of the Quire.

Monumentum viri justi.
In Memory of John Symons, Citizen and White Baker of London; who departed this Life the 10th of August, in the Year of our Lord 1625. and was a good Benefactor unto this Parish: Who gave unto the Poor the summ of Eight Pounds per Annum, for ever: to be distributed on the Feast Day of St. Thomas before Christmas. And unto St. George's Parish in Southwark the summ of Ten Pounds per Annum, for ever. And unto the Parish of St. Mary Newington in Surrey, the summ of Five Pounds per Annum, for ever. These summs to come unto the said Parish, after the decease of his Father Samuel Symons, who yet liveth, in the Year 1631.

The Monument standeth in the South side of the Church, with this Epitaph:

His Flesh interr'd here,     
once contain'd a Spirit,
Who (by God's Mercy     
and his Saviour's Merit)
Departed in that constant     
hope of trust,
To reign eternally     
amongst the Just:
To live and die well     
was his whole endeavour,
And in assurance died     
to live for ever.

At the upper end of the South Ile of this Church of St. Mary Overies is a fair and curious Monument of the Austins, repaired by the Relations, Anno 1706. and refreshed with Painting and Gilding, that it might suit with the rest of the Church. It is emblematical of Christ and of the Resurrection, according to the pious Fancy of the devout Mr. Austin, who set it up at first. First, There is the Representation of a Rock, upon which is writ Petra erat XTS: i.e. The Rock was Christ. Down this Rock runs a Stream of Water; and through the same Rock is creeping a Serpent; whereby he strips his old Skin, which hangs on that part of his Back that is not yet got through. At the foot of this Rock, and out of it, grows up standing Corn; on which is a Label with these words, Si non moriatur, non reviviscit: i.e. If it dieth not, it liveth not again. Underneath this Corn, upon the Basis, is this significant Motto,

Austin's Monument.

J. S.

Nos sevit, fovit, lavit, coget, renovabit.

i.e. He hath sown, cherished, washed us, and he shall gather us together, and renew us.

Upon the Top of this Rock standeth an Angel; in his left hand a Sickle, his right hand pointing up towards the Sun shining in his Glory, with a Label upon the lower Rays of it, Sol Justitiæ: i.e. The Sun of Righteousness.

On the right and left sides of this Monument are Instruments of Husbandry hanging by a Ribband out of a Death's Head, as Plows, Whips, Yokes, Rakes, Spades, Flayls, Harrows, Shepherds Crooks, Sythes, &c. Over this is writ, Vos estis Dei Agricultura: i.e. Ye are God's Husbandry.

On the outside of these, on the right and left, are two Harvestmen with Wings, the one with a Fork, the other with a Rake behind him. They are in light Garments sitting, and leaning their Heads upon their Hands, their Elbows resting upon their Knees, as weary and tired, and resting after their Harvest Work: and having Straw Hats on very comely; underneath them these words, Messores congregabunt: i.e. The Reapers shall gather. Behind each of them, upon little Pedestals, is placed the Crest of Austin, On a Wreath betweeen two Wings sable, a Passion Cross, Or. The Word, Nemo sine cruce beatus, i.e. Without the Cross no Man blessed.

Under all this is a Winnowing Fan; within which is the representation of a Sheet of Parchment as it were stitch'd upon it. On which is writ the Inscription, viz.

Arvum hoc Sepulchrale Exuviarum opt. Matris JOCOSæ Domine CLERKE, suiipsius, lectissimæque Uxoris Consitioni destinatum GULIELM. AUGUSTIN. Armiger vivus sacravit.
ANNA Conjux charissima primo inseritur, quæ post decimum Partum (Anno MDCXXIII. Jan. 21.) marito ac Liberis quinque superstitibus, tricenariæ valedicens, in restorescendi diem & spem hac terra tegitur. Sequimur cæteri, sati corruptibiles, suscitandi incorruptibiles.
Secundam fecit Sementem Domina JOCOSA Matrona spectatissima, nupta JACOBO AUGUSTINO per annos XXII. Dein ROBERTO CLERKE