Bridge Ward without. St. Saviours Church. 14

Bridge Ward without. St. Saviours Church.

Equiti aurato, Scaccarii Baroni per annos IIII. Viduata permansit annos xx. bonis operibus intenta. Devixit anno ætatis LXVI. salutis MDCXXVI. Et hic maturè in Christo regerminandi vicem expectat.
Postremò ipse GULIELMUS eadem spe hic conditus Monumentum hoc conclusit anno ætatis XLVII. salutis MDCXXXIII.

On this Fan, by a Ribband, hangeth a Shovel, on which are depicted the Austin's Arms; Argent, a Fesse Sable charged with three Crosses, Or. between two Chevrons of the second.

Underneath is this Inscription:

Requietorium GULIELMI AUSTIN, Armigeri; Qui in contemplandis fuit pro Angelo, in agendis pro Dædalo, in itinere pro vehiculo, in mensa pro Convivio, in morbo patiens pro miraculo, in morte fidelis pro exemplo. Obiit 16. die Jan. 1633. ætat. suæ 47.

At the Foot of this Monument, on the Ground, is a fair black Marble Stone, under which lie William Austin, Esq; of Gray's Inn; his Wife Joice, with his Mother Anne; and his two Sons, Sir James Austin, Kt. and William Austin, Esq; of Lincoln's Inn. Anthony, second Son of Sir James, and lately of Goldsborough, who died April 10. . who was the youngest of fourteen Children of Sir James Austin; which James died Aug. 16. 1699. aged 47. and was buried near his Wife Frances, at Ingerstone in Essex.

Seritur Corpus animale, suscitatur corpus spirituale.

Now for Monuments of later time, to preserve the Memories of Persons deceased and buried here.

In the Chancel: Northside. John Appleby Esq; 1680. And Dorothy his Wife, 1682. Both good Benefactors to this Parish.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

James Shaw, 1670. And his Wife Mrs. Alice Shaw, 1693, Aged 81. Also her Nephew Captain Joseph Williams, and his Daughter Alice Shaw, 1697.

Flat Stones here. Samuel, Robert, Anthony, Sons of Anthony Rous, Gent. and Lettice his Wife; Daughter of Samuel Warcup Esq; sometime Bailiff of this Borough: dying Infants 1656.

Anthony Rous the Father, 1663.

Hester Rous Widow, 1671.

Anne Warcup Wife of Sameul Warcup Esq; 1654.

John Hayward, 1692/3.

Mary Wife of Christopher Flower, 1701.

Thomas Flower Son of Christopher, 1701.

And John Flower, Son of the same, 1667.

Joseph Day, 1682. And Mary Day his Wife, 1701.

Mark Proudfoot, Gent. Servant to King James, and the late Kings Charles, Sixty Years, 1657. Aged 80.

William Osborn Son of Edward Osborn, 1681.

Edward Osborn, Distiller. 1700.

Behind the Communion Table is a Place set with Pillars and handsome Arches, but not lofty: which is called the Chapel. Here is kept the Bishop of Winchester's Court: and his Chancellor sometimes hath sate here.

In this Back place are these Monuments.

Margaret Mainard Daughter of John Mainard, Minister of May-field in Sussex. 1653.

Jonadab Ballam, 1702. Patience Ballam his Wife, 1695.

Sir John Shorter Kt. who dyed Lord Maior of the City of London, 1688. And Dame Isabella Shorter his Wife, 1703.

Rebecca Harvey late Wife of Sir John Harvey, Citizen and Dyer of London, 1696.

William Engelbert, Citizen and Haberdasher of London, 1657. And Sarah his Wife, .

John Parker, 1671. Robert Parker dyed 1702/3 the Year wherein he was Church- warden.

John Collier, 1649. Mary, Wife of Benjamin Collier, 1650. Elizabeth Collier, Wife of Joseph Collier, 1699.

Captain John Snell, 1681.

Hugh Lawton Esq; 1669. And Elizabeth his Relict: by whom he had six Children. Who afterward married Sir Gobart Barrington of Tofts in little Baddow in the County of Essex. She departed 1702/3 Aged 84.

William Hoare, D.D. one of the Chaplains of this, Parish, 1687/8.

Richardi Benefildii hospitii Grayensis Socii Cineritia sita sunt hic Lipsana, &c.

Elizabeth Wight, late Wife of Daniel Wight, 1691.

Christopher Marshal, junior, 1689.

Susanna Barford, 1652. Aged 10 Years and 13 Weeks: the Nonsuch of the World for Piety and Vertue.

Richard Wood, 1654. And Rebecca his Wife, 1696.

East of this Chapel is another small Chapel: wherein is contained a very goodly Monument of Bishop Andrews, lying along in his Pontificalibus in full Proportion; and this Epitath:

Sept. 21. die Lunæ, hora matutina fere quarta LANCELOT ANDREWS Episcopus Wintoniensis meritissimus Lumen Orbis Christiani mortuus est.
Ephemeris LAUDIANA Anno Dom. 1626. ætatis suæ 71.

Under the Head these Words, Monumentum quoad hoc restitutum Anno 1703.

South side of the Chancel.

Dorothy Howard, 1665. John Harrison, 1674.

Elizabeth late Wife of Thomas Ely, Grocer, 1677. Peter Ely, Grocer, 1675.

Thomas Hall, 1668.

This Stone for her dear Spouse     
Hath Judith Hall here plac'd,
Lamenting much, with greater Gifts     
That it should not be grac'd, &c.

Francis Edwards, 1699.

Anne Berry 1683. And Martha Allin, 1691.

Susanna Spering Wife of John Spering 1687.

Mary Rook, eldest Daughter of Edward Rook, 1694. Edward Rook the Father, 1698.

Margaret Wife of William Wilson, 1672. and her Grandson William Wilkinson, 1688.

Edward Thomas 1672. And Jane Thomas his only Wife, 1669. being in the 44th Year of their Intermarriage. And John Scot who married Hannah the only Daughter and Heir of the same Edward, 1668. And the said Hannah, 1677.

Nicholas Hare, 1687. And Anne Hare his Wife, 1688. And William Hare his Son, .

Elizabeth late Wife of William Molins, Grocer, 1683. And two of their Children, John and Thomas. And Thomas Molins, 1689. And Elizabeth second Wife of Thomas, .

Randal Carter, and Francis Walker, Gent. his Nephew, 1646.

On the Northside in a Chapel,

Here Lockyer lies interr'd, enough, his Name
Speaks one hath few Competitors in Fame, &c.
His Vertues and his Pills are so well known,
That Envy can't confine them under Stone, &c.
Richard Martin, M.A. who was near Eleven Years one of the Ministers of this Church, as his Father Dr. Richard Martin had been for 23 Years before him, 1702.

In the said Chappel, a Figure of a Head well done; To the Memory of Richard Bliss of this Parish: a faithful Friend and most affectionate Hus-