Borough of Southwark. Benefactors. 15

Borough of Southwark. Benefactors.

band. His Wife Elizabeth erected this Monument. He died suddenly Aug. 4. 1703. aged 67. Upon the Ground is a fair black Marble Stone covering his Body on which is engraven his Coat impaling his Wifes.

Near by is another Stone covering the Body of Noel Whiting, that deceased 1704. sometime Churchwarden of the Parish.

Here against the North Wall is placed an ancient Figure of a Knight Templar cross Legged in Armour, with his Dagger drawn in one hand, and holding the Sheath in the other. It is new painted and flourish'd up; and looks somewhat dreadful. It had been thrown up and down in the Church before: and here they have plac'd it against the Wall upright, whereas it ought to have been laid along, as the Effiges of dead Men on their Tombs usually are.

A Figure of a Knight Templar.

In the Body of the Church, a flat Stone upon Edmund Robinson, Brewer, departed . married Dorothy Daughter of Ri. Rundel of the County of Surrey Yeoman. By whom he had two Sons Edward and Richard, Edward died 1656. and Richard 1659.

Under this Stone lies three,
Join'd by Consanguinity.
The Father he did lead the way,
The Sons made haste and could not stay.
The eldest Son the next did go.
The youngest Son could not say, No.
But as they did their Breath,
So did they go away from Earth,
For to enjoy that heavenly Rest
Which is ordain'd for them that's blest.

Srrah Hatton, Daughter of Henry Hatton, late of Tewksbury, Gent. 1694.

Anne Matthews, late Wife of Charles Matthews, 1694.

Ralph Gall, Gent, 1685. of 90 Years of Age and upwards.]



The Lady Clarke, Mother to Master William Austin, gave a very fair Communion Table railed about, where sixty may kneel to receive the Sacrament, with a fair Carpet for it, and the Rails hung about with the same embroidered.

Benefactors St. Mary Overies Parish.

Master William Austin gave a fair Silver Chalice, and a Dish for the Bread, to the value of almost forty Pounds. And his Wife that now is, who was the Relict of John Bingham, Esquire, gave two very fair Silver Flagons of the like value.

Ex Registro Curiæ Prærogativæ Cant. extract.


Master Sampsons Will.


Item, I give and bequeath these Annuities ensuing to be issuing out of certain Tenements of mine, viz, twenty Shillings yearly for ever to the Master and Society of Peter House in Cambridge, towards the maintenance of the Library there: and twenty Shillings yearly for ever to the Churchwardens of Saint Olaves in Southwark, for the use of the Poor of the Parish. And ten Shillings yearly for ever to the Churchwardens of the Parish of Saint Saviours, for the Poor in the Precinct of old Paris Garden.

16 Septemb. 1619.

Sampson's Will.

Master Smith hath given unto the said Parish of Saint Saviours the summ of twenty eight Pounds per Annum, for ever, unto the Poor of this Parish.

Master Randall Carter, Citizen and Tallow Chandler of London, hath given seven pounds per Annum, for ever unto a poor Scholar that shall be elected out of the Free School to either of the Universities; and this seven Pounds he is to enjoy for six Years, and his time expired, to another: and so forward.

Master Edward Hulit, Gentleman, hath given forty Pounds per Annum, to the Poor of the same Parish for ever, to be received out of certain Tenements, situate in the Borough of Southwark.

Hugh Brooker, Esquire, hath given unto the Free School the Summ of five Pounds per Annum, for ever. And likewise unto the Poor of the same Parish five Pounds per Annum, for ever: and lyeth buried in Saint Saviours Church in the North Ile, by the Quire.

Thomas Marshall gave an hundred Pounds for ever to the Parish, for to clothe six poor Boys every Christmas. Who dyed in the Year 1625.

But take a more full and exact Account of the Benefactors of this Parish and Church of St. Saviours Southwark, with the respective Gifts, and the Years when given; which is taken from an old Table belonging to the said Church.

J. S.

1540.Will. Chambers gave to buy Charcoal for
ever, per ann.
1584.Tho. Cure, Esq; founded his College in this Parish, for maintenance of sixteen poor People.
 He also gave to the same Poor, per ann.398
 He also gave to the Poor of the Parish per ann.200
 Hugh Browker, Esq; gave to the Poor per ann.500
 And to the Free School per ann.500
1607.James Taylor, per ann.400
 Daniel Newman, for a Stock.1000
 Mr. Palin for the like purpose2000
 M. Scragg, to the Poor per ann. 068
 John Munford, per ann. 080
1617Richard Humble, Esq; and
Peter Humble, Gent. per ann.
 Peter Humble gave also for keeping clean his An-
cestors Tomb in this Church per ann.
 The Company of Vintners gave per an.*0200
1618.Elizabeth Paget to four poor Women 3d. a
Week per ann.
1620.Tho Emerson for a Stock.5000
 Also to the Poor per ann.400
1622.Edward Hewlet an Annuity of2000
 And to the College Poor he gave the Messuage called The Swan with two Necks, and the Tene-
ments there charged with the same Annuity,
1625.John Bingham and his Wife, for a Stock 5000
1625.John Simmons, per ann. 800
 John May gave0*200
 Henry Smith, Esq; per ann. 2800
1628.Robert Buckland, per ann. 1608
1646.He gave also after the Death of his Wife
Margaret, per ann.
 Tho. Marshal gave for the cloathing of six poor Boys, per ann.600
1631.Elizabeth Marshal, for cloathing six poor
Women, per ann.
1632.William Austin gave for thirty Years, per ann.1200
 Also he gave out of the Windmil in St. George's
Fields per ann.
1633.Sir John Fenner for a Stock of Coals 5000
 He also gave, per ann. 1100
 Susan Soans gave this, and St. Olaves 6000
1638Mark House gave, after the decease of Amy
his Wife, and Christian Marbery his Daughter,
per ann.
1642.Anne Austin gave two Houses rented at 16l.
per ann.
1640Joshua Phinees gave towards building a Chap-
pel, an hundred Pounds. For which, till such
Chappel is built, there is paid to the Poor, per

Benefactors and their Charities.