Borough of Southwark. S. Olaves. 21

Borough of Southwark. S. Olaves.
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John, Son of Sir Thomas West.
Margaret Gardiner.
Jone Wife of John Gloucester, Esq;
Elizabeth, the Wife of Adam Allewode.
John Wood. Michael Sinebrigg. Thomas Golding, Esquires.
John Bennet or Kingeston.
Felys, Wife of Stephen Zingell, Esq; Daughter of Sir Devarston.]

J. S.

This Hospital [being in the Year 1220, made to dispend 344l. by the Year] was by the Visitors, in the Year 1538, valued at 266l. 17s. 6d. and was surrendred to Henry VIII. in the thirtieth of his Reign.

In the Year 1552, the Citizens of London having purchased the void suppressed Hospital of St. Thomas in Southwark, in the Month of July began the Reparations thereof, for poor, impotent, lame, and diseased People; so that in the Month of November next following, the sick and poor People were taken in.

The third Foundation of St. Thomas Hospital by the Citizens of London.

The King's Grant was to the Maior and Commonalty of the City of London, and their Successors, of all his House and Scite of the late Hospital of Thomas Becket in Southwark, commonly called S. Thomas's Hospital in Surrey, with divers other Lands, &c. Ornaments, Lead and Goods belonging to the said House, to the yearly value of 154l. 17s. 1d. To be holden all by Fealty only, in Socage, as of his Manour of East Greenwich. And to take the Profits from the Anunciation of our Lady last; with a new erection of the said Hospital, and the Appropriation thereof: To the said Maior and Commonalty, and their Successors. And that all the Profits of the said Lands shall go to the feeding of the Poor yearly; except such as shall go to the finding of two Ministers, two Sisters, one Porter, the Overseer of the said Hospital. And that the King shall appoint Commissioners from time to time to Visit the said Hospital; and to see the Revenues of the same Lands to be spent and employed: And that the Officers thereof shall pay no First Fruits, or Tenths. This Charter was made in the Month of July.]

Tenor of King Edward's Grant.

K. Edw. Warrant Book, int. Mss. in Dom. Petren. Lond. reposit.

J. S.

And in the Year 1553. on the 10th of April, King Edward the Sixth, in the seventh of his Reign, gave to the Maior, Commonalty, and Citizens of London, to be a Workhouse for the poor and idle Persons of the City, his House of Bridewel, and seven hundred Marks, Lands of the Savoy Rents. (Which Hospital he had uppressed,) With all the Beds, Bedding, and other Furniture belonging to the same, towards the maintenance of the said Workhouse of Bridewel, and of this Hospital of St. Thomas in Southwark. This Gift the King confirmed by his Charter. dated the 26th of June next following, and willed it to be called, The Kings Hospital in Southwark.

Gift of Edw. the Sixth to the Hospital of S. Thomas in Southwark; and that of Bridewel.

The Church of this Hospital, which of old time served for the Tenements near adjoining and pertaining to the said Hospital, remaineth as a Parish Church.

The Steeple of this Church of St. Thomas, greatly decayed, was Repaired, new Leaded; from the Ground to the top new Coated with a beautiful Rough-cast; and inriched with a very fair Turret, in the Year of our Lord God, 1633.



At the same time the Parishioners bestowed upon the entrance into the Church, a new Brick Wall, with a Door in the middle of it, fit for so worthy a Passage.

About four or five Years since, some Cost was bestowed upon the East Window; and in the Year of our Lord 1618, (at the lower end of the Church) a very handsome Gallery builded.

A Table with this Inscription. 1632.


The Yearly Gift of Four Pounds, given by Master Henry Smith, Esq; to this Parish of St. Thomas, hath been dispended on the Poor this Year past, in manner and form following. In witness whereof, we the Minister, Churchwardens, and Overseers, have subscribed our Names.

Widow Stringfeyld,aged 95 Years,a Coat,with Letters,cost 18s. 1d.
Dorothy Burket,aged 82 Years,a Coatwith Letters,cost 18s. 4d.
Thomas Wingfield,aged 61 Years,a Coat,with Letters,cost 17s. 10d.
Nicholas Leeke,aged 70 Years,a Coat,with Letters,cost 7s. 10d.
Ellen Gray, Innocent,aged 34 Years,a Coat,with Letters,cost 18s.
The Sum 4l.

Benjamin Spencer, Minister.
William Phife,
Nicolas Eliot,
John Berry,
Gamaliel Voice.

This Church is now lately new built.]

The Parish Church of St. OLAVES.


But now to come to St. Olaves Street: On the Bank of the River Thames is the Parish Church of St. Olave, a fair and metely large Church, but a far larger Parish, especially of Aliens or Strangers, and poor People. It was repaired and beautified at the Cost and Charge of the Parishioners, in the Year of our Lord 1617.

St. Olaves, Street and Parish Church.



Edward Candish,
Benjamin Fry,
William Hundman,
Richard Clark,

This Church was again repaired, Anno 1697. And a Gallery made for the Boys belonging to the Free School founded in this Parish. In this Church is an Organ.]

In this Church there lieth intombed,


Sir John Burcettur, Knight. 1466.

Here th' earthly part     
of William Benson lies,
Whom Robert Benson     
had by Mary Lyle,
Hee Heavenly mounted is     
above the Skies,
With Wings of Faith,     
dissolv'd but for a while:
The Linen which he sold     
Was ne'er so white,
As is the Robe     
wherein the Soul is dight:
Yet Thomas mourns in black,     
his onely Son,
And Richard (of whole Blood)     
his eldest Brother:
But Londons Reverend Bishop     
this hath done,
Which was by Ravis     
born of the same Mother:
And William Lyle,     
first Cousin to them all,
(Long live his Verse)     
penn'd this Memorial.
He departed in the 56 Year of his Age, An. Dom. 1603.

A small Monument in the North Wall of the Chancel.

A. M.

*Ravis Bp. of London.