Suburbs. Monuments in Bunhil Fields. 58

Suburbs. Monuments in Bunhil Fields.

tibus tribus, Arminio, Socino, Cano venenosa strinxit guttura. In ista suo prior ad Verbi amussim expertus pectore, universam Sp. Sancti Oeconomiam aliis tradidit; Et missis cæteris coluit ipse, sensitque beatam quam scripsit cum Deo Communionem. In terris Viator Comprehensori in cœlis proximus. In Casuum Theologia singulis Oraculi instar habitus. Quibus opus erat & copia consulendi, scriba ad Regnum cœlorum usquequaque institutus, multis, privatos intra Parietes, a suggesto pluribus; a prelo omnibus in eundem scopum allineantibus. Pura Doctrinæ Evangelicæ Lampus præluxit;; Et sensim, non sine aliorum suoque sensu sic prælucendo periit. Assiduis Infirmitatibus obsiti, morbis creberrimis impetiti, durisque Laboribus potissimum attriti Corporis Fabricæ, donec ita quassatæ spectabilis ruinas, Deo ultra serviendo inhabiles, sancta anima, Deo fruendi cupida, deseruit: Die a terrenis Potestatibus, plurimis facto fatali, Illi a cœlesti Numine felici reddito, Mensis Scil. Augusti 24. Anno a Partu Virginis, 1683. ætat. 67.

Near Faldo's Monument lies Thomas Brand, Minister of the Gospel, Dec. 1. 1692.

Near this, John Gamman, Minister of the Gospel.

Tho' dead I ly, I speak to you that live,
Your Heart, your All to Christ be sure to give.

This Gammman departed Aug. 8. 1699. in the 47th of his Age.

Hanna Sylvester: Who left this Life April 12. 1701. Aged 57. Who lived in faithful and endearing Wedlock thirty Years with Mr. Matthew Sylvester, too unworthy of so great and meet a Help and Blessing.

Flens veni in terras, sperans discedo; fuitque
Vita mihi Christus: qui mihi vita manet.
Pallida mors rapuit animam, subduxit & artus.
Pars potior cœlo est reddita, Corpus humo.

On the South side of this Burying Place are these Monuments and Inscriptions following.

Buried on the South side.

Under a flat Stone,

Henry Byard, Minister, Octob. 29. 1666.

Under a Tomb.

Here lieth Grace, the only Daughter of Thomas Cloudesby of Leeds, in the County of York, who was first married to Peter Jackson of Leeds. To whom She bare three Sons and two Daughters. Afterward married to John Dickonson of London: to whom She bare one Daughter. Of which She died, Feb. 15. 1666. in the 31 Year of her Age.

Grace was her Name, and Grace She had.
But now Grace is with Glory clad.

John Dickonson, died Dec. 22. Ann. Dom. 1689. Aged 55. An Israelite indeed, exemplarily pious, humble, useful, labouring for acceptation with God, and the Praise of Men. Prov. 10.7.
The Memory of the Just is blessed.

A flat Stone.

Edward West, the Son of Mr. Thomas West, of Northampton, M.A. sometime of Christ's Church in Oxon, and Minister of the Gospel: Who having preached twice to his Congregation on the Lord's Day being the thirtieth of January, and finished his Work, departed this Life in the Night, and went to his Rest, in the 41 of his Age, and of our Lord 1675.

The Saint whose dust this Stone doth hide,
Sung Epicedium first, then dy'd.
His Life he spent lost Men to save,
And yet's not silent in his Grave.
Reader, no more, but underneath he lies,
Who whilst he liv'd, th' World had one good, one wise.

Here lie interred Charles, Benjamin and Horatius Horsenel, and Anne his Wife. Charles departed 1667. Benjamin and Horatius 1665.

Mr. Nathaniel Vincent, Minister of the Gospel, June 22. 1697. in the 59 Year of his Age, in hopes of a blessed and glorious Resurrection unto eternal Life.

Tho' dead I lie, I speak to you that live,
Your Hearts, your All be sure to God you give.
At death the Day of Grace will fully end.
In Grief for bad, in good Works your Time spend.
Earths Vanity, Christ's Worth, and of his Cross,
The Vertue know, and greatness of Souls Loss.
Immortal Souls to beautifie and save,
I have thus made a Pulpit of my Grave.

Laurence Clark, Citizen and Ironmonger of London, departed July 25th 1671. in the 59 Year of his Age. And Anne his Wife, April 28. 1675. Aged 66. And Jane Williams, her Cousin, Wife to Abraham Williams, Jan. 19. 1688. Aged 42.

Corporis Exuvias uno posuere sepulchro,     
Et pater & natus, natus uterque Deo.
Non toti moriuntur: adiit pars altera Christum,     
Altera surgendi spem requiescit agens.

D. Johannes Loder Minister Evangelii. D. Sam Loder, silius annum agens. 16. utrique Lector, gratulare mortem placidam, & beatam immortalitatem, 1674.

Mrs. Dorcas Bentley, the faithful tender Wife of Jonathan Bentley, Citizen and Coachmaker of London. Who lived much desired, and died much lamented, Aug. 3. 1697.

My Dear, they zealous Care to serve thy God,     
And constant Love to Husband dear,
Thy humble Heart to every one,     
Remains still, tho' thy Corps be here.

William Houlder, Citizen and Dyer of London, late of the Parish of St. Stephen Coleman-street, departed the 25 Novemb. 1681. and in the 53 Year of his Age.

Mary Godfrey, Relict of John Godfrey of Canterbury, Gent. Sept. 30. 1689. ætat suæ 63.

A flat Stone.

William Marner, Minister of the Gospel. July 16. 1691. the 55 of his Age.

Anna Marner, the Daughter of William Marner, Oct. 15. 1695. in the 13 of her Age.

Lucia Smith died Oct. 6. 1682. within a Day of twelve Years old. Who lived much beloved, and died greatly lamented by all her Acquaintance; not having known her Equal for natural Endowments at her Age.


Here lies embalm'd in careful Parents Tears,
A Virgin Branch cropt in its tender Years.
Reader, as in a Glass thou perfectly may'st see
How all things here below vain and uncertain be.
Dear Virgin Child farewel, thy Mothers Tears
Cannot advance thy Memory (who wears
A Crown above the Stars) yet I must mourn,
And shew the World mine Offerings at thy Urn.
'Tis not, dear Child, a Stone can deck your Hearse,
Or can your Worth lodge in a narrow Verse.