Suburbs. Monuments in S. James Clerkenwel. 66

Suburbs. Monuments in S. James Clerkenwel.

Anne Margetson. The Monument set up by Colonel George Carpenter her Father in Law.

Daniel Macaitnay, Gent. who lived sometime with the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Exeter. Afterward Steward to the Right Honourable Robert Earl of Ailesbury, 1676.

South Ile.

Anne Booth, third Daughter to the Right Honourable George Delamere, by the Lady Elizabeth his Wife, eldest Daughter to Henry Earl of Stamford. 1667.

Here lieth interred Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Exeter, Daughter of Sir William Drury of Hausted in the County of Suffolk, Kt. and Coheir of Sir Robert Drury, her Brother, &c. She died at her House called St. Johns, 26 of Febr. 1653. Aged about 80.

Sir John Thorowgood, Kt. Son and Heir of John Thorowgood of Hodsdon, in the County of Hertford, Esq; departed 1656, in his House in St. Jones.

William Thorowgood, Esq; Brother to the said Sir John, and last of the Family, 1691.

Georgius Strode hic juxta situs est Gulielmi ex antique STRODEORUM in Dorsettia genere filius e trinis secundus, &c. Rebeccæ fiiliæ & Cohæredi Nicolai Crisp de nobiliss. Crisporum in agro Wilton prosapia uxori unicæ conjux amantissimus, filiis denis, quinis filiabus cum numerosa prole Parens pius, &c. Equestri dignitate ornatus; quippe vulneribus septem imo in pr┼ôlio contra rebelles, fortiter dimicando acceptis, Ob. 1663. Octogenarius.
Nicolaus Strode, Eques Aurat G.F. posuit.

H.S.R. Franciscus Slater, SS.T.B. Coll. CC. Oxon. olim Socius, &c. variolis correptus, Ob. 1685. Gulielmus, SS.T.P. mœstissimus Pater Pos.

John Nelthorp of Grays Inn, Kt. Son of Richard Nelthorp, of Scawby in Lincolnshire, and Ursula Grosvenor. He endowed the School near Scawby: 1669.

Dudley Palmer, Son and Heir of Anthory Palmer, Kt. of the Bath, 1666.

Mary the Wife of Josiah Berners, Esq; Daughter of George Cotton, late of Panfield Hall in the County of Essex, Esq; 1652.

Dame Elizabeth Levinz, Wife of Creswell Levinz, Kt. sometime Attorney General to King Charles II. She deceased 1679.

Creswel and Katharine, their Children, buried by their Mother.

John Glover, Churchwarden, 1701. And Anne his Wife, 1689.

Against the North Wall.

Dame Elizabeth Bullock, Relict of Edward Bullock of Fawlkbourn, in the County of Essex, Kt. 1644.

George Long, of this Parish, Esq; Son of John Long of Darby, Gent. 1654.

William Booth, Eldest Son of the Lord George Baron Delamere, and Elizabeth his Wife: 1661. Aged about thirteen Years.


Flat Stones before the Communion Table, and in the middle Ile.

Thomas and Thomas, Sons of Thoms Buishop, of Helmswel, in the County of Lincoln, Esquire.

Sarah Nicoletts, of London.

Richard Nicolets of Bishops-Storford in Hertfordshire, Esq; 1661.

William Knightly of Kingeston upon Thames, 1648. And Susanna his Wife, 1637.

Elizabeth Partridge, Wife of Henry Partridge, Esq; only Daugher of Thomas Holder of Northwold in the County of Norfolk, Esq; died in Childbed, 1702

A very fair Monument for her upon a Pillar in the Chancel. She was aged 17.

Mary Rogers. 1659.

William Bunce. 1702.

Henry Campion of Lewis in Sussex, Gent. 1691.

Mary Edwards, Sister to Robert Fairbeard of Grays Inn. 1686.

Sir Bainham Frogmorton of Clowrewal in the County of Gloucester, Kt. and Bar. 1681.

Richard Gynn, 1692.

South Ile, Flat Stones.

John Baker, Citizen and Haberdasher of London; 1689.

Josias Alsop, 1666.

Catharine Levinz, 1680.

Lady Elizabeth Levinz, and Creswel Levinz, 1679.

Elizabeth Todd, 1678.

In the Passage towards the Vestry.

Sir John Cropley, Kt. and Bar. deceased 1676. And Dame Elizabeth Cropley, Widow and Relict of the said Sir John, 168.

Sarah Cropley, Eldest Daughter of Sir John Cropley, 1691/2.

Constance, Daughter of Sir Edward Smith of Edmundthorp, in the County of Leicester, Bar. Wife of Thomas Smith, of Clerkenwel, Esq; 1685. And Constance, her Daughter, 1686. And Elizabeth, Daughter of the said Thomas Smith by Elizabeth, his second Wife, Daughter of Sir Thomas Darcy, of Clerkenwel, Kt. 1700.

Sir Thomas Holt, Kt. one of the King's Sergeants at Law, 1686.

Timothy Harrison, Gent. 1686.

Captain Edward Witham, Esq; 1682.

A Monument very high and out of Sight, and, not to be read, against the Pulpit, for Henry Knight Esquire.

Upon a Grave Stone within the Rails of the Communion Table.

Here lies interred the Right Reverend Father in God GILBERT BURNET, D.D. Lord Bishop of Salisbury, Chancellor of the most noble Order of the Garter. Who departed this Life March 17 1714/5. in the 73d Year of his Age.

Gilb. Bishop of Sarum.

A larger monumental Inscription of this worthy Bishop appears against the Wall in the Chancel at the North side of the East Window, viz.

Episcopus Sarisburiensis, & Nobilissimi Ordinis a Periscelide CANCELLARIUS. Natus Edenburgi 18o die Septembris, Anno Dom. 1643. Parentibus ROBERTO BURNET Domino de Cremont, ex antiquissimâ Domo de Leyes, & RACHELE JOHNSTON, Sorore Domini de WARISTOUN Aberdoniæ Literis instructus; Saltoni Curæ Animarum invigilavit. Inde Juvenis adhuc, SStæ. Theologiæ Professor in Academia Glasgoensi electus est.
Postquam in Angliam transiit, rem sacram per aliquot annos, in Templo Rotulorum Londini administravit, donec nimis acriter (ut iis qui rerum tum potiebantur visum est) Ecclesiæ Romanæ malas Artes insectatur, abo officio submotus est.
E Patriâ temporum iniquitate profugus EUROPAM peragravit: Et deinceps cum Principe AURIACO reversus, primus omnium a Rege GULIELMO & Reginâ MARIA Præsul designatus, & in summum tandem fiduciæ Testimonium, ab eodem Principe Duci GLOCESTRIENSI Præceptor datus est.
Tyrannidi & Supersitioni sempèr infensum scripta eruditissima demonstrant, nec non Libertatis Patriæ, veræque Religionis strenuum, sempérque indefessum Propugnatorem. Quarem utriúsque conservandæ spem unam jam a longo tempore in Illustrissimâ Domo

J. Worthing.