Suburbs. The Customs and Orders 90

Suburbs. The Customs and Orders

the said Manours, openly upon the Sunday seven-night, or Sunday Fortnight, before the Day of such Courts to be holden.

Tenants failing to appear, and not essoined, or reasonable Excuse, shall be amerced.


ITem, if any of the Copyhold, or customary Tenants of the said Manours, or of either of them, do, or shall make Default of their Appearance at any of the said two general Courts, to which their Suits shall be due; or if such Copyhold Tenants, as shall be especially and lawfully warned to appear at any of the said Courts (in form aforesaid) Yearly to be holden, do make Default (to which the said Suit is or shall be due) and Warning openly given (as aforesaid) of the Day and Place of the holding of the same general Courts, and upon special and lawful Warning to be given for the said set or purchased Courts: That then they that shall so make Default (except they be essoined, or have some other lawful or reasonable Excuse) shall be amerced by the Homage of the said Court, to be taxed and afferred by two Afferrors of the said Court; that is to say, by two Tenants of the Homage, or of either of them for the time being, hath always used to chuse, and shall chuse one for the Lord, and the Residue of the Homage have chosen, and hereafter shall chuse the other.

The Manner of amercing.

What the Tenants are to be allowed at set Courts.


ITem, if any Tenant be summoned to appear at any set Court, or Courts to be holden within the said Manours, or in any of them, and doth appear upon the said Summons, he ought, and is to have for his Pains four Pence, and his Dinner, or eight Pence and no Dinner; which ought and is to be paid (by the said Custom) by such Person or Persons, who shall be the Cause that any such Tenants do appear for his or their Matter: So it be not any Matter or Cause that concerneth an Enquiry or Presentment to be made, only for the Lord for the time being, his Heirs and Assigns.

The like Allowance for View, Partitions, and other Summons.


ITem, the Copyhold Tenants of the said Manours, and of either of them, ought to have every of them like Allowance, upon every View by them to be made, and upon every Partition by them to be made, or upon other Summons to appear betwixt Tenant and Tenant, when they be appointed thereunto by Precept from the Steward of the said Manours, or of either of them for the time being, or by his sufficient Deputy.

How Tenants may be righted against Encroachments, Annoyances, &c.


THE Homage of the Court of the said Manours, or of any of them, may appoint six or seven Tenants, upon any Complaint to them made, by any Person or Persons, being Tenants of the said Manours, or of either of them in open Court; that he or they be wronged by any Incroachment, or any other Annoyance to their Copyhold Tenements, which Tenants shall (after the said Court) view the same Incroachment, An- noyance, and Impediment, or Place whereof any such Complaint shall be made. And thereupon, to present or notifie the same by a Day to the Steward, or to the Homage at the next general Court; that there may be set a Pain or Amerciament, or both, for the same, by the Homage at the said next Court, according to the Quality of the Offence.

The Homage at every general Court is to present deceased Tenants.


ITem, the Homage of either of the said Manours, are to make Presentment at every general Court to be holden for the said Manours, or of either of them, of all the customary or Copyhold Tenants, that they shall know shall be deceased after the Court then last past, or at any time before the said Court, whose Deaths were not then found and presented, and that held any Copyhold, or customary, or reputed Copyhold or customary Lands or Tenements of the said Manours, or of either of them. And also (as near as they can) present what Lands every of them died seized of, and of what Estate, and when he died, and who is the next Heir or Heirs to the same Person of Persons so dying seized, and of what Age or Ages the said Heir or Heirs shall then be of, as near as they can.

Also they must present the Deaths of Freeholders, &c.


ITem, the Homage likewise ought to present the Deaths of the Freeholders, and when they died, and who be their next Heir or Heirs, and the Ages of their Heirs, which held any Lands or Tenemeets of the said Manours, or of either of them, and the Nature of their Tenures, so near as they can: To the Intent the Lord may have his Relief, which is but the Value of one Year's Quit-Rent, of the Tenements holden of the said Manours, or of either of them by Socage Tenure.

What shall be done, if the next Heir be not known.


IF the Homage at any of the said Courts of either of the said Manours, shall not know who is next Heir or Heirs to any of the said customary Tenants so dying seized, when they shall make their Presentments; that then they shall make their Presentment so accordingly, and then upon the said Presentment at the next general Court then after, the Sreward of the said Manours of either of them, or his Deputy for the time being, within the said Presentment shall so be made, shall cause a Proclamation to be made in open Court, to the Intent every such Heir or Heirs may have knowledge to come, and take up the Lands and Tenements of his or their Ancestors, and so the Steward or his Deputy shall cause a Proclamation to be made, from general Court to general Court, until three open and publick Proclomations be made in full Court, at three general Courts: Which general Courts (by the said Custom) are used to be holden commonly one half Year after another, or thereabout: So that from the Presentment made by the said Homage, of the dying seized of the said last Tenant, unto the last Proclamation, shall be fully two Years.

Three Proclamations shall be made in two Years Space, for the Heir to take knowledge, &c.

And if there shall come no Heir of the said Lands or Tenements, nor any for him or them, be-