of Stepney and Hackney. 97

of Stepney and Hackney.

The Reeve to deliver the Rental to his Successor.


ITem, The Reeves of the said Manours, and of either of them, shall at the next general Court, after his Year of Service expired, deliver the Rental by which he made his Account, to the Reeve that shall next succeed him, upon Pain to be amerced, or fined by the Homage, if he shall not so do.

To be amerced.

What the Copyholders may freely do without Forfeiture.


ITem, All the Customary Tenants of the said Manours, and of either of them, may break and dig their Copyhold Grounds, holden of the said Manours, and of either of them, at his or their Will and Pleasure; and fell, and cut down their Timber and Woods growing, or that shall grow upon the same, and convert it to their best Use and Profit: and may also suffer their Copyhold Tenements and Houses to decay, without incurring any Seizure or Forfeiture of their Estates therefore, or other Pain: and may take and pull down their said Tenements, and erect or set them up again, either where they stood before, or upon any other Lands, holden by Copy of Court Roll of the said Manours, or of either of them. But they may not, or shall not take or pull them down, to set them (or any Part of them) upon their own Freeholds, or upon the Freeholds of any other.

No Houses may be pulled down, to set them upon freehold Land.

Copyholders may lop Trees growing upon the Waste before their Houses.


ITem, Every of the said Copyholders, or reputed Copyholders, named Parties to the said Indenture, may lop and shred all such Trees as grow before their Houses or Tenements, upon the wast Ground, and convert the same to their own Use, without any Offence, so the said Trees stand for the Defence of their Houses, Yards, or Gardens: And also they may dig Gravel, Sand, Clay, and Lome upon the said wast Grounds, to build or repair any of their Copyhold Tenements within the said Manours, or in either of them without any Licence; so always, as every of the said Copyholders do fill up so much as shall be digged by him or them.

They may dig Gravel, &c. upon the waste.

Letting of Lands for more than thirty one Years and four Months, is a Forfeiture.


ITem, If any Person or Persons, being Tenant Customary, shall (without Licence by Indenture, or other Writing, or otherwise) let his said Customary Lands or Tenements for more then one and thirty Years and four Months, it shall be a Forfeiture of his Estate, by the Custom of the said Manours, and of either of them, being found and presented by the Homage or else otherwise lawfully and sufficiently proved.

For what Offences these Copyholders may forfeit their Estates.


ITem, For Treason or Felony whatsoever, that shall be committed by any Copyholder of the said Manours, or of any of them, for which he shall be lawfully attainted, he shall forfeit his Copyhold Lands and Tenements to the Lord of the said Manour. And for all other Offence or Offences, Act or Acts whatsoever, for which a Freeholder ought (by the common Laws of the Land) to forfeit his Freehold Lands and Tenements: There a Copyholder of the said Manours, or of either of them, shall forfeit as a Freeholder ought to forfeit, in like Case, his Freehold. But if a Copyholder be out-lawed for any Cause, saving Felony or Treason, the Lord shall not have the Issues or Profits of his Lands. And if a Copyholder make a Feoffment of his Copyhold, Gift in taile, or Lease for Life or Lives, by Deed or without Deed, by Livery and seizin thereupon; or shall suffer a Recovery at the common Law, levy a Fine, or wilfully refuse or deny to pay, do or perform his Rents, Fines, Suits, Customs and Services, at any time due to the Lord or Lords of the said Manours, or of either of them for the said Copyholds: The same wilful Refusal being presented to the Homage, by the Oaths of three Customary Tenants, with the Reeve or his Deputy (the said Tenants or Reeve, nor his Deputy, being none of the Lords Servants) and being found and presented by the Homage, the same shall be holden and reputed a Forfeiture of his Estate, whatsoever he shall have by Copy of Court Roll, at the time of any such Act committed or done; in so much of his or their Copyhold Lands and Tenements, as he shall have committed by any such Act: And only for so much of his Lands and Tenements, out of the which the said Quit-rent, and other Duties is demanded, and shall be due, and wilfully denied by the said Tenant or Tenants, as aforesaid. Or if any Copyholder shall in the Lords Court, or elsewhere in any Court of Record, disclaim to hold his said Copyhold Lands and Tenements of the Lord of the Manour, whereof his Lands and Tenements are holden; or shall (by pleading in the Lords Court, or other Court of Record) wilfully claim their Copyholds to be Freeholds; or willingly and wittingly plead in any Real Action at the common Law in chief as a Freehold Tenant; or shall willingly and wittingly do any other Act, or Things, in or concerning his now Lands and Tenements, which shall be a Dis-seisin or Dis-inheritance of the Lord or Lords of the said Manours, or of either of them, their Heirs or Assigns (other than such Acts, as in these Articles are especially mentioned, (or dispensed withal) that then he shall forfeit his and their Estate, of and in the same Lands and Tenements so disclaimed, to be holden or claimed to be Freehold; or for which he shall plead in chief, or do any such other Act or Thing as is aforesaid. Finally, the Lord of the said Manours, or of either of them, shall have all such other Forfeitures, Issues, Profits, and Advantages of the said Copyholds, as shall grow due to him by any Statute Laws of this Realm, being not against and contrary to these Articles and Customs here expresly set down.

Outlawry, except for Treason or Felony, shall be no Forfeiture.

How a Man may make a further Forfeiture of his Estate several Ways.

Denying to pay Rents, Fines, &c.

Disclaiming to hold of the Lord, and claiming their Copyholds to be Freeholds.

Pleading wittingly in a real Action at common Law, in chief as a Freehold.

What other Forfeitures the Lord shall have.

The Act or Neglect of Tenant for Lives or Years, shall not prejudice those in Remainder.


ITem, if any Person or Persons, having any Estate of any Copyhold Lands or Tenements, holden of the said Manours, or of either of them, for Term of Life or Lives, or for Term of Years, or (in the right of their Wives) or any Estate, altho' he, she, or they, shall do or suffer, or neglect to do any Act or Acts during the Time aforesaid, in or upon the said Copyhold Lands and Tenements, which may or shall be contrary to the Custom of tee said Manours, or of either of them. The