Monuments. The Parish of St. Mary Savoy.110

Monuments. The Parish of St. Mary Savoy.

So well inclin'd
to Poore and Rich,
God send more Goslings
to be sich.

He was Servant to the Right Honourable, the Lord Hunsden, Lord Chamberlain, and deceased the 22d of July, 1586.

Close by the other lies buried the Body of George Skooowith, 1525.

Also the Body of John Danson, 1577.

A very fair Stone, with a fair Picture of the Party buried wrought in Brass, having these several Inscriptions.

Over his Head two brass Circles.

In the one thus:

Credo quod Redemptor meus vivit, & in novissimo die, de terra surrecturus sum.

In the other thus:

Et in Carne mea videbo Deum salvatorem meum.

In a Circle upon his Breast thus.

Reposita est hæc spes mea, in sinu meo.

Under him thus:

Situs hic est pietatis, ac religionis cultor Johannes Floid, Artis Musicæ Bacchalaureus. Qui dum vixit, Regis Henrici octavi in sacello cecinit, & Christi Sepulchurm invisit Jerosolymis. Obiit Anno Dom. 1523. Mensis Aprilis die tertio.

Near unto the other is this Inscription.

Here reseteth the Body of the Lady Eleanor Kemp, Widow, late Wife of Sir William Kemp, Kt. and Daughter and Heir unto Robert Brown, Esq; which Lady Eleanor deceased the 26 of September, in the Year of our Lord God, 1559.

Near unto the former is this Inscription.

Orate pro anima Domini Johannis Sampull, quondam unius Vicarioruu Collegii Regii sancti Steph. Westmonasterii, & in sua ætate in Cantaria Delinwood, Celebrans in Bassa Capella Sanctæ Mariæ dicti Collegii. Qui obiit Ann. Dom. 1510.

Near unto the other is this Inscription.

Hic jacet Anna Pynta, Ispaniæ, quæ obiit 8 die Martii, Anno Dom. 1523. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus, Amen.

On a fair Stone close to the other, is this Inscription.

Orate pro anima Johannis Brime, Saterdotis, qui obiit 13. die Mensis Martii 1525. Cujus animæ, &c.

Near to the other.

Lieth buried the Body of John Borwet, Esq; sometime Sergeant Plumber to King Henry the Seventh, and to King Henry the Eighth. Deceased the 7 of December, 1525.

Next unto the other is this Inscription.

Of your Charity, pray for the Soul of Humphrey Cook, Citizen and Carpenter of London, and Master Carpenter of all the Works to our Sovereign Lord King Henry the Eighth, and Master Carpenter at the building of this Hospital, called The Savoy; The which Humphrey deceased the 13 Day of March, in the Year of our Lord God, 1530. and lieth under this Stone.

On the next unto the other, is this Inscription.

Pray for the Soul of Newel Loveday, Gentleman, late Groom for the Month in the Office of the Cellar, to the most excellent Prince, King Henry the Eighth, who died the 18 Day of May, Anno Dom. 1523.

In this Church of the Savoy are these more modern Monuments for Persons deceased.

Modern Monuments in the Savoy.

J. S.

For Lady Joyce, Daughter of Sir Alan Apsley, Lieutenant of the Tower. Married first to Lyster Blunt, Esq; and afterwards to the Lord William Ramsey, Earl of Dalhousy in Scotland. Deceased April 28. 1663. This Monument is on the South side of the Communion Table.

On the North side, for Anne Killigrew, Daughter of Dr. Killigrew, who died in the Flower of her Age, 1685.

For Elizabeth Jenyns, Daughter of Sir John Jenyns; died Aug. 7. 1684. She gave to the Poor of this Parish the Sum of 100l. to be from time to time for ever imployed at Interest, for the Use of the said Poor; and the growing Interest to be bestowed upon, and equally divided among twelve poor People.

On the North Wall.

A Monument for Sir Bichard Blake, Kt. He married Elizabeth, second Daughter of John Bathurst, of London, Doctor of Physick, had Issue two Sons and three Daughters. Died, Aug. 26. 1683.

Upon a Flat Stone in the Chancel.

Magdalene Lane, a Virgin, aged 21. sprung of an ancient Scock of that Name in Northamptonshire; deceased 1684.

Sir William Howard, Knight of the Bath, sixth Son of Thomas Howard, Earl of Suffolk, 1672.

Edward Lord Howard, Baron of Escrick, Knight of the Bath, seventh Son of Thomas, Earl of Suffolk. Buried 28 April, 1675.

Elizabeth Compton, Daughter of Sir Spencer Compton, Knight of the Bath, Lord Compton, 1629. Aged two Days.

Lady, Mary Compton, Daughter of the said Lord Compton, Earl of Northampton; departed 1634. Aged nineteen Months.

Within the Rails.

Lady Arabella, Countess Dowager of Nottingham, 16 Jan. 1681.

Anne Comberford, Daughter of William Comberford, late of Tamworth in Staffordshire, Esq; Ob. 1663.

Samuel How, Deputy Register of the Court of Admiralty, Obiit Nov. 17. 1670.

Charles Fitz Patrick, 1677.

A Monument near the Pulpit for Robert Brown, of St. Mary Le Strand. Departed March 12. 1709. Aged 60.

He left by Will to the Poor of the said Parish, 5l. And to the Charity School of the said Parish 51. payd by his Executors accordingly.

There is a Monument likewise for Lewis de Durfort, Earl of Feversham. Obiit April 8. 1709.]

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