In an Abstract of the Livings made about the Time of the Civil Wars, being divided into Benefices and Impropriations, they were thus computed.

J. S.



Four } { 200l. per Annum and upward, whereof three worth above 300l. per Annum.
Eleven } { 200 Marks per Annum, and upward to 200l.
Twenty two } worth { 100l. per Annum, and upward to 200 Marks.
Twenty nine } { 100 Marks per Annum, and upward to 100l.
Twenty one } { 40l. per Annum, and upward to 100 Marks.



Five } { 200l. per Annum and upward, to 500l. and upward; whereof
 } { Christ-Church is the least. Two of the Vicarages worth above 100l. per
 } { Annum in Certainty.
Two } { 100l. and upward to 200 Marks; and the Vicarage of one of them worth
 } worth{ above 100l. per Annum in Certainty.
Three } { 100 Marks and upward to 100l.
Four } { 40l. and upward to 100 Marks.
Two } { Under 40l. per Annum, viz. about 30l.]

The Out Parishes in Middlesex and Surrey, with the Chapels and Tabernacles belonging.


PARISHES.Incumbents.Lecturers.Value.Values in the King's Books.Procurations.
Christ-ChurchMr. Felstead 60l.  
St. Dunstans Stepney, Rectory
and Vicarage; belonging to
which are,
Mr. WrightMr. White, Rect.   
The Chapel at Stratford BowMr. WhiteMr. Hill   
The Chapel at Poplar,Dr. Woodward    
The Tabernacle in Spittal Fields     
St. Giles in the FieldsDr. Haley    
A Tabernacle belonging to itMr. Cooper    
St. James ClerkenwellMr. Pead   02 06
St. Augustine's Hackney, Rect.
and Vic.
Mr. Pet. Newcome Vic.Mr. John Strype Rect. 26l.
Vic. 20l.
St. Katharine near the Tower
Brethren, Dr. Lake
Mr. Verney
Mr. Blisset
315 14 02
St. Peters in the Tower Mr. Hawkins    
Lambeth Parish Dr. Hooper, Dean of
  32 15 06 1/2 
St. Leonard Shoreditch Mr. WickesMr. Stansfield 17 00 0003 04
St. Mary IslingtonMr. Gery  30 00 0003 04
St. Mary Magdalen Bermondsey   15 18 11 1/2 
St. Mary WhitechapelMr. WeltonMr. Shute200l. by
the Cess.
St. John at WappingMr. Russel 130l.  
St. Mary Newington ButsMr. Tascal  16 00 00 
St. Pauls ShadwelDr. ResburyMr. Constable120l. Exempt
RotherhithMr. Baldwin  18 00 00 

The Seven Parishes in the City and Liberties of Westminster, with the Chapels thereunto belonging.


St. Anns Westminster, Rect.Dr. HearnMr. Marshal   
St. Clements Danes, Rect.Dr. Hascard, Dean
of Windsor
Mr. Adams 52 07 01 
St. James Westminster, Rect.Dr. WakeDr. Hickman   
Golden Square ChapelDr. Burd    
St. Margaret WestminsterDr. OnleyMr. Wilson   
New ChapelDr. Smalridge    
St. Martins in the FieldsDr. LancasterDr. Meriton   
Oxendeth and Trinity ChapelsProvided for by the
Vicar of St. Martins
Mr. Waugh
Mr. Stringfellow
St. Mary SavoyDr. Prat    
St. Pauls Covent Garden, Rect. Dr. Freeman, Dean of
Mr. West