four times in the Yere in the Masse time, publisshe and expowne [the same]: and moreouer, we ordain and giue power to all Persones and Vicars of the said Cyte, to cite all the Offenders of the said Constitucion to appere afore vs, or our Officiall, there to obey the Law as Reson will. To the which Officiall by this Presentis Wee giue our Power. In Witness whereof, &c. No Man therfore offende this Ordinaunce, for if he doe it, he shall ronne in the Indignacion of God and his holy Apostolis, Peter and Powle. Giuen at Rome at Saint Peter's the xvj. Kalendas of May.

The PROCESS of Robert Wright, was this which follows.


Maister William Freston, Officyal to the Dean of Powles, after that he had by great Delyberacyon examined a Cawse of witholdyng of Tenthys by one Robert Wright, of the Parysshe of St. Edmond in Lumberdstret, in the solempne and double Festes, and the Festes of St. Steven, John, and Innocentes, after Chrystmess, Circumcision, Epiphanie of our Lord, three Holydayes in Estyr Weke, three Holydayes in Whitson Weke, Corpus Christi, Ascencyon of our Lord, Phelyp and Jacob, and five Festes of our Lady, and every Dedicacyon Day; by his Sentence condempned the same Robert Wright. The whych appeled to Rome, where the same Sentence in all thynges was affirmed by one William of Fundera, Bishop of Oleron, and Commissary to the Pope: Save that he should have said, in three Festes of our Lady, and not in five. And therein the Sentence was reversed, and for that Cause the said Robert was not condempned in Expensys.

Rob. Wright's Process.

And after the same Robert appelyd to the Pope hymself. The whych affyrmed, in every thing, the Sentence of the said William de Fundera, and condempned the Defendant in Expensys in the last Appele.

The LETTER of Innocent, Bishop of Rome.


WHEREAS for the Parte of the Curatys of the Cyte of London, Petycion was made to us, that a Constytucion [about Offeringes] the which was made by one Roger Bysshop of London, for the Wel bothe of the Parysshens and the Curatis, the which wes used the tyme out of mynd, yet some used to constrew the said Constytucion otherwise than it ought to be, after thir froward Mynd; and the which Constytucion the said Thomas Archbysshop of Canterbury, and mony his Predecessors, hath approued and confyrmed, I, inclyned by theyr Petycion, conferme al the said Constytucion by the Authoryte Apostolik, and fulfylle al defautis, yf ony be.

Pope Innocent's Letter Confirmatory.

And then follow the Tenor of the Archbishop's Letters afore set down.

The Copy of the BULL for the Offerings to the Curates of the Parishes of the City of London, in Latin and English.


NICOLAUS Episcopus, servus servorum Dei, ad perpetuam rei memoriam, &c.

In English thus:

OVR holy Fader Pope Nicolas, for perpetuall memory of the thyng, wylleth to sequester and avoyed all Doughtis, by the whiche Stryues, Dyscordes, and grete Lossys, that is feryd to happen to Curatis and their Perysshens, lest that if it be not remedyid, grete hurt might happen bothe to the Curatis and Perysshens, as well in things Temporal as Spyrituall. So it is, that now of late, after that the Right Honourable Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury, had shewed, that as he rode in his Visitation, one Roger, Bysshop of London, had made a Constytucion upon Offryngis on Hooly Dayes and solempne and doble Festis, and namely of the Apostles, whoos Vygyls ben fasted by the Inhabitants of Houses, Hostryes and Shops, howsoever they be occupyed within the Cyte of London; that is to say, that all Inhabitants and every of them, occupyenge the said Houses, Hostryes, or Shoppis, and pay for the yerly Rent of them X. Shill. shal offer a Farthing; and yf his Rente be XX. Shill. a Halfpeny, and so upward, as it hath ben used to bee payd by the sayd Perysshes tyme out of mynde of Man. And that the same Constytucion was good and lawfull, it appereth by that, that divers of the Predecessours of Archbisshops of Canterbury, by theyr Letters Patents, hath it confirmed and approuyd. And whan some evyll dysposed of the Perysshens wolde labour and study to construe this Constytucion to other Sensys than it was made for, they made Explanacions of the same, and ordained, that the Mayre and Aldyremen of the said Cyte, and all the Inhabytants that wolde bee rebell thereto, sholde stonde accursyd by the same Dede, and many other things than expressed and ordayned, our Holy Fader and Predecessour Innocentius VII. ratefyenge and confermynge the Letters of the said Thomas Archbysshop, addinge and amendynge Defaultys, if ony were, as more plainely apperyth by the Letters of the foresaide Innocent, wherin be contayned the Letters of the foresaid Thomas. And after, as it hath been shewed vs of diuers credible Persones, that though the Mayre, Sherefs, Aldyrmen, the Cytizens, and the Inhabytantes aforesaid, of the more part of them, [have done] after the olde and laudable Custume in their Offryngys on Sondayes, and other solempne and double Festys of the Appostles, namely whose Euyns ben fasted, yet within foure Yeres, or there aboute, diuers having litell regard to the Well of their Soules, and vnkinde to their Moder the Holy Chyrche, couetinge be litell and litell to minishe and take away the foresayd Offryngis, (The which, yf they were deuoute, they sholde encrease and freely giue) refuse to offyre but onely on Sondayes, and on the solempne Festys of the Appostles, whoos Euens been fastyd.

The whole Bull in Latin is extant in the Old Book of Customs.

And as for other solempne Dayes, whiche be many, they sayd, that it was not expressed in the Letters of Roger Bysshop, nor in the said Constytucion, that they ought to offyre on them, nother in the Letters of Innocent, nor Thomas Archbysshop, there was not parsight Sense; wherfore they thought they were but voyde.

And also where we vnderstonde that three Sentensys haue been giuen agaynst one Robert Wright, that is to say, one in this Partyes, and in the Court of Rome; for as moche as he refused to offer accordinge to the Rate as aforesaid; as on Sondays, Festis of the Appostles, whoos Vygyls ben fastyd: but as for thes three Natiuities, of Saint Stephen, Saint Johan, and in the Innocentis, he vtterly refused; and as many Dayes in Ester, and as many Dayes in Whitsontide, and the Circumcision, Epiphanye, and Ascencion of our Lorde, and Corpus Christi, and foure Vygyles of our Lady, Philip and Jacob, and the Translacion of Saint Edmonde.

And for as moche as it were painfull to all Curatys, if they sholde sue for euery particular Cause, if their Parisshens wolde be frowarde: And for as much as we vnderstonde, that our welbelouyd Herry King of England, wolde that all Stryfs and Dowte touchinge the said Offryngys sholde be auoyed: WE will, and by our Poure Apostolick do confirme the Letters of the fore-