Marshal, the Lord Bishop of London, and others. Upon this six Citizens, such as were most faulty by double Leases and other Frauds, were warned to appear before the Lords at the Council Table, January the 9th. And the Lords did express themselves against the Practices of the City, as mere Frauds. Afterwards Committees met on each side to treat of some Accommodation; three Aldermen being appointed for the City, and three Parsons nominated by the Bishop of London for the Clergy: viz.

Sir Christopher Clithero,} 
Sir Edward Bromfield,}Aldermen;
Mr. Abdy,} 
Dr. Holdsworth, } 
Dr. Brough,}Parsons.
Dr. Walton,} 

Some time after the King declared he would hear the Cause himself. This Business was in hand and transacting for several Years, viz. to the Year 1638, and nothing brought to any Conclusion. And then the Troubles coming on, greater things were to be lookt after.

In the next Place we shall shew, what Oversight and Care was taken in these Times (viz. two or three hundred Years ago) both as to the Behaviour of the Priests and the People, and for the Churches and their Goods. And for this purpose we shall present a List of Articles of Enquiry in the Visitation made by the Ordinaries; and then give a Presentment made of divers Matters found in one Church by the Inquisitors upon the foresaid Articles.

Visitation of the Parish Churches.

ARTICLES of Visitation about the Year 1498.

First, WHETHER the Body of Cryste be kept in an honest Place, and above al thynges pryvely; and that it be deputed under the kepying of a Lock with Keye.
Item, Whether Vestimentys and other Ornamentys belongyng to the Aulter, namely, Corporassys, upon whiche the Body of Cryst restyd that be halowed, ben clene wasshen.
Item, Whether the Crysmatory, and the Font of Baptym bene kepte under Lock and Key.
Item, Whether the Kreme and Oyle be new, and every Yere newe halowed, the old new clarefyed, new had.
Item, Whether the Canons of Masse Bokys be clyer and opyn.
Item, Whether Pryestys can performe the Wordys of the Canon and Baptym.
Item, Whether the Curat teche his Parysshens the Fourme of Baptym in time of Necessite, in the Modyr tunge.
Item, Whether the Water of Baptym be not kepte in the Fonte over viij Dayes.
Item, Yf the old Corporassys that be no worthy to be occupied, byen burned, and put in the Place of Relickys.
Item, Whether they that Mynyster about the Aulter have on clene Surplysses.
Item, Whether the Person, Paryssh Pryest, or ony other Clarke, goo out of accordyng Vesture and honest, or that he be not shaven and cutte competently, as it accordeth to the Ordour of Clergye.
Item, Whether the Chauncel, or the Body of the Chirche within or without [be in Repaire] the Wyndous be glazed.
Item, Whether the Roffe, Covering, or ony Ornamentys lacke Reparacyon.
Item, Whether the Parson, and other Chapeleyns of the Chirche ben of honest Conversacyon.
Item, Whether there be a playne and a ful Inventory made of the Goodys of the Chirche.
Item, Whether God be dewly servyd by the Curat, and other Mynysters of the Quyer in Divynys, or not.
Item, Whether the Person, Vycar, or Chapleyn of the Parysshe behave them as they ought in governyng of Soules; yf they say Masses accordyng; yf they be redy to vysite siycke People, namely, whan they ben requyred.
Yf ony of the Parysshens decease without the Sacramentys of the Chirche.
Yf ony of the Parysshens decease without Baptym in the defaute of the Pryeste.
Item, Whether the Curate refuse to do the Solemnysacyon of lawful Matrymonye, before he have Gyfte of Money, Hosen, or Gloves.
Item, Whether the Person, Vicar, or Chapleyns byen common Visiters and Haunters of Tavernes, or moche dronken, or bere Wepen contrary to the Peace.
Item, Whether they be Usurers, or common Byars or Sellers.
Item, Whether they be incontynent, or defamed with ony Woman, namely, with ony wedded Woman, or have in Personage, or ony other House, Woman suspect.
Item, Whether they ask their Tythes, or Ryghtys of the Chirche, as wel of Right Dew as of Custome; or yf they dare not ask theyr Tithes for fere of ony Slaunder of theyr own Gylt.
Whether they be Displeyers, Juglers, or incendyng [inclining] to them, or onhonest Bosters.
Item, Yf they have ony long Here [Hair,] and norrysshe them.
Item, And they have leyd to Pledge Chaleys, Vestymentys, Booke, or other thingys perteyning to the Parisshe.
Item, Yf the Person, Vycar, or their Debyte [Deputy] withdrawe Lyght, or ony other thyng in the Chauncel, that he is bounde to fynd, or yf he chaunge or misuse them that perteyneth to the Parisshens.
Item, Whether the Chapleyns injoyne to the Parysshens that ben confessyd, that they cause Masses be songe, other annual or trental, for Covetyse.
Item, Yf Rentys assigned to a Lyght be converted into other Uses agaynst the Wyll of the Gyver or Bequyther.
Item, Yf there lake ony Lyght, or Fraternytees indewed by ony Landes, Tenementys, Juellys, or Sommes of Money, of the Devocyon of the People, or by Legacyes of dede People, aftyr theyr last Wylles.
Item, Whether suche last Wylles of dede People ben fulfylled in al thynges, and ben observed to the Effect of the same.
Item, Whether there be an Inventory made of suche Landys and Tenementys, Juellys, and Sommes of Money.
Item, Whether the Wardeyns of the Lyghtys of Fraternitees, benne wel chosen every Yere, aftyr the maner of the Chirche.
Item, Whether such maner Wardeyns make a ful and a playne Accompte every Yere of the Receptys and Paymentys by them in the tyme of chesynge other Wardeyns to them, that they sholde do.
Item, Whether aftyr such maner of Compte made, they keep in their own Handys ony of the Landys, Tenementys, Juellys, or Money longynge to the Lyghtes or Fraternytees, and be convertyed into their own wicked Usys.
Item, Whether they wil not give and restore hym to the Lyghtys or Fraternytees, or to the Wardeyns of them beynge, or make ony Delayes.
Item, Whether the Wardeyns lete to Ferme and graunt ony Londys or Tenementys abovesaid in the Tyme of theyr Wardeynshyp, to certayn Per-