The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT. [Charity Schools.]44

The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT. [Charity Schools.]

the Church of England; and likewise for the teaching them to Work, and accustoming them to Employment, both to prevent an Habit of Idleness, and to enable them to live honestly, and provide Subsistence for themselves hereafer. Hereupon in some Places the Minister of the Parish himself made this good Motion to some of the discreetest of his Parishioners; and sometimes two or three Parishioners propounded it to the Ministers, and such others of the Neighbours, who were more likely to espouse so good a Deed, and to join with them. And when four or five had agreed thereon, they drew up the Design in a Roll of Parchment in a few Lines, shewing the great Need and special Usefulness of such a Course. And to this each subscribed their Names, and the Sums by them promised to exhibit yearly, during Pleasure, towards the Charge: And generally the Minister subscribed first. And then shewing the said Roll to others, they that pleased subscribed also.

When this Design came to be more and more known, it met with very good Success. Insomuch that some Subscribers have been able to set up a School in 7 or 8 Months Time. After Subscriptions were thus finished, they agreed upon settling certain Rules and Orders for the Governing the said Schools, the better to effect the Ends of the Charity, for the Satisfaction of all concerned, and that no Offence might be taken. They concluded upon divers good Rules for the Masters that were to teach, and for the Scholars that were to learn. The Masters to take particular Care to instruct the Children in the Church Catechism twice a Week, to bring them to Church twice every Lord's Day, with their Bibles and Common Prayer Books with them; to discourage and correct any Beginnings of Vice in them, particularly, Lying, Swearing, Cursing, and Profanation of the Lord's Day. The Children to wear always their Caps, Bands, Cloaths, and other Marks of Distinction; whereby the Trustees and Benefactors might know them, and see what their Behaviour is Abroad.

Rules and Orders for the Schools.

The Subscribers meet at the School-House every first Wednesday after every Quarter Day. They have a Treasurer and six Trustees, always chosen on the Wednesday in Easter Week; who, with the Minister, have the immediate Care and Government of the Schools. And they report the State and Condition of the Schools at their Quarterly Meetings.

The Subscribers Time of meeting.

The ordinary Charge of a School for 50 Boys Cloathed, is computed to come to about 75l. per Annum. For which a School-Room, Books and Firing are provided, a Master paid; and to each Boy is given yearly three Bands, one Cap, one Coat, one Pair of Stockings, and one Pair of Shoes. The ordinary Charge of a School for 50 Girls Cloathed, comes to about 60l. taking in the Rent of the School-Room, the Mistress's Salary, Books and Firing, and Cloaths bought for them.

The ordinary Charge.

The Gentlemen concerned in promoting and upholding these Schools, have Anniversary Sermons the Thursday in Whitsun Week, preached by Divines of the eminentest Quality (at which all the Scholars are present) in order to the keeping up, and exciting to, this good Work. The first whereof was preached by Richard Willis, D.D. at St. Andrew's Holborn, as was said before. The next Year, viz. 1705, on the Thursday in Whitsun Week, this Anniversary Sermon was preached at St. Sepulchre's Church (where it is ever since preached.) The Preacher then was George Stanhope, D.D. Dean of Canterbury. At the third Meeting Dr. Kennet, Archdeacon of Huntington, when near 3000 Children were present. These Sermons are usually printed for the more common Benefit. And at the End of them is given, An Account of the Methods, whereby the Charity Schools in the Parts of Great Britain and Ireland, have been erected and managed; and of the Encouragements given to them. And likewise a particular Account of the Schools in London and Westminster, and a List of those erected elsewhere; with an Appendix of divers other things relating thereto.

Anniversary Sermons for the Schools.

But behold a particular Scheme of the Charity Schools, as they stood in the Year 1704, and much augmented since in the Number of them, as will appear by what follows.