[Charity Schools.] The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.47

[Charity Schools.] The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.

THESE Charity-Children are constantly brought to the Publick Assemblies; in which they learn (to use the Words of the Sermon preached at their Anniversary Meeting, An. 1706) "to behave themselves with Awe and Reverence, under the Eyes of their Governours, and as in the Sight of God; praying, reading, singing, responding in so good an Order, that in many of our Churches these Charity-Children are a considerable Part of our Congregation; and are an Example to many of Grey Hairs. Adding, That the goodly Appearance of them here, often raiseth up Benefactors to them. And the Auditors are so delighted with their good Performance, that they have gone home with Admiration, reflecting upon it with a fresh Comfort. And so God hath stirred up their Hearts to bestow some considerable Gift or Legacy upon them."

In some of these Schools they have Quarterly, on Sunday Evening, Exercises of Letters and Religion, in a most edifying manner. Some spelling the hardest Words: Some reading with an Emphasis and clear Pronunciation: Others making Speeches, or holding Dialogues, or by turns rehearsing some chosen Parts of Scripture, or reciting some particular Clauses in the Acts of Parliament, restraining Vice and Immorality.

This kind of Charity employed for the Education of Poor Youth doth greatly take both in the City and Suburbs, and neighbouring Towns, and through the whole Nation: As appears from the yearly Encrease of these Schools, and the Numbers of Children taught there. For which Purpose let this Abstract of the three following Years be observed.

 Anno 1704. Anno 1705.Anno 1706.
Schools in this City, Suburbs, and neighbouring Towns, were,545664
Boys taught,139814621573
Girls taught,745775915
Voluntary Subscriptions for these Schools amounted in the whole to2164l.2242l.2792l. 8s. 3d.
Collections at Sermons amounted in the whole to1042l.1071l.1343l. 4s. 3d.
Gifts to these Schools from the beginning amounted to3199l. 10s.4147l. 8s. 11d.5330l. 5s. 6d.
Boys and Girls in all put forth Apprentices from these Schools,381 537 885
The Number of Charity-Schools throughout England and Wales,3161113

Account of the Charity Schools brought in the Year 1707, stood thus:

Account of these Schools, Anno 1707.

The Number of these Schools, reckoning those erected in the Towns bordering upon London, viz. Brentford, Ealing, Greenwich, Knightsbridge, Twicknam, Wandesworth, Wimbledon, 69.
The Number of Boys taught, amounts to 1802. Whereof Cloathed also 1457, and taught to Write 135.
The Number of Girls in these Schools taught, 1011. Whereof Cloathed 811, and taught to Write 87.
Voluntary Subscriptions towards maintaining these Schools in all hitherto, amounted to 2931l. 8s. 4d.
Collections at Sermons from the Beginning hitherto, 1414l. 4s. 3d.
Gifts bestowed on the Schools, in all 5889l.
Put out Apprentices, Boys 762; Girls 245.

Dr. Gastrel's Serm.

The Anniversary Sermon for this Occasion, Anno 1708, was preached at St. Sepulchre's, May the 23d, by Dr. Moss, before the Gentlemen and Trustees concerned in these Schools. At which were present 3500 Children, as are at present in the said Schools, and of such as have been put out Apprentices from thence.

Ann. 1708.

Further, this is the Account of the Charity Schools for the Year 1709.

Charity-Schools, Anno 1709.

In London, and within ten Miles thereof, there are now 87 of these Schools. In which are taught above 2100 Boys, and more than 1200 Girls; and most of the Children Cloathed. To- wards the Maintenance of these Schools there is now above 3600l. a Year subscribed. Besides which, have been collected at Sermons upon this Occasion preached, above 1900l. the last Year. From these Schools there have been about 956 Boys, and upwards of 390 Girls put out Apprentices: Besides many of both Sexes taken, as Servants, into sober, honest Families: And several Boys admitted into her Majesty's Service at Sea.

The Account of the two last Years stood thus: Anno 1715, the number of Charity Schools in London and Westminster, or near, were,

Ann. 1715.

Charity Schools,120
Children (Boys and Girls) taught,4906
Boys and Girls put forth Apprentices3075
Anno 1716.
Charity Schools,124
Children taught,4896
Children put out Apprentices,3567
Voluntary Subscriptions, 5491l. and upwards.
Collections at Sermons and Sacraments, and Gifts, 4213l. and upwards.

Ann. 1716.

And to shew the Sucesses of these Schools yearly, I add the State of them the two former Years: viz.

Anno 1713, were,
Charity Schools, 114
Boys and Girls taught there,4752
Anno 1714.
Charity Schools,117
Children taught,4818

Ann. 1713.

Ann. 1714.