The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT. [Charity Schools.]48

The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT. [Charity Schools.]

Lastly take,

An ABSTRACT of the Account of Charity Schools, published more at large in the Quarto Edition, June 1717.


 Number of Schools.Number of Children taught.
AT London, Westminster, and Parts adjacent124 4923
In other Parts of Great Britain and Ireland, from whence the Number of Children taught are certified89022129
In such Parts of Great Britain and Ireland where Schools are erected, but the Number of Children taught therein not certified, any otherwise than that all the poor Children are taught in them. 267 
And supposing there be ten Children in each of these last mentioned Schools, the Number will be2670 
Total, 128129722

Ann. 1717.

To have an Idea of the Extent of this useful Design, it may be proper to consider,

That, according to the above Estimate, the Number of Schools in London, and the Places adjacent, are in proportion to those in the Country, as 1 to 9; but the Children taught in London are to those taught in the Country, nearest as 1 to 5. The Reason of which Difference is, because there are generally 40 or more Children in the London Schools; but not above half that Number in the Country Schools, one with another.

 Number of Children.
By the Account of Charity Schools in and about London, there have been put out from them to Apprenticeships and Services, at least3915
And with regard to the abovementioned Proportions, it is not unreasonable to suppose, that there have been sent out from the Schools in the Country, about19585
Which, with the Number now taught as above, being about29722
Gives a View of the Total of Children that have and do derive Benefit from these Schools53222

A View of the Increase of the Charity Schools for 11 Years, viz. from 1708 to 1718 inclusive.


Years.Number of
Schools at Lond.
Number of
Number of
Num. of Schools
in the Country.
Boys in the
Country Schools.
Girls in the
Country Schools.
Total of Charity
Childr. in Lond.
and the Country.

Note, In the Year 1712, the London Account of Schools being much swelled, several of the more distant Schools that could not attend the Anniversary Meeting of the Children at London, were inserted in the Account of Schools in their respective Counties: So that what was abated in the London Account that Year, was added to the Account of Schools in the Country.

To all that hath been told concerning these Charity Schools, it shall not be amiss to add the several Lectures that belong to them, and the Examination of the Children therein taught. There be many Churches wherein suitable Sermons are preached, and Collections then made for the Schools: And there are special Times appointed, wherein the Scholars are publickly examined, for the Satisfaction of all such as please to take notice of their Proficiency.

Charity School Lectures, and Examinations.