[Charity Schools.] The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.49

[Charity Schools.] The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.

Here follows,

A TABLE of the said LECTURES, shewing the Churches where they are preached, and the Times when.


St. Alhallows in LombardstreetThirdSunday in the MonthFive in the Evening
St. AlphageSecond
St. Andrew HolbornThird
St. George's SouthwarkThird
St. Giles without CripplegateThird and last
St. James ClerkenwellLast
St. John's at Wapping Last but one
St. Mary le BowThird
St. Mary Magdalen BermondseySecond
St. Mary RotherhithThird
St. Mary WhitechapelLast
St. Olave SouthwarkFirst
St. Peter Poor in BroadstreetEvery
St. Sepulchre's without NewgateSecond
Tabernacle in Spittal FieldsThird
St. Paul's Shadwel 

There are other Places where Sermons are preached on this Occasion, as St. Giles in the Fields, St. Leonard's Shoreditch, &c. but the Times are not fixed.

St. Anne Westminster.Sunday next before Christmas DayTen in the Morning and Two in the Afternoon.
St. Margaret WestminsterSecond Sunday in January Ten in the Morning, and Two in the Afternoon.
St. Martins in the FieldsThird Sunday in every Month Seven in the Morning.
St. Botulph without AldgateSecond Sunday after Quarter Day Two in the Afternoon.
St. Katharine near the TowerFirst Sunday after every Quarter DayFive in the Evening.
New Chapel in WestminsterAll the four Sundays in Advent Ten in the Morning, and Two in the Afternoon.
Trinity Chapel in WestminsterWednesday before every Quarter DayTen in the Morning.
Oxendon Chapel in WestminsterThe Lord's Day following.Ten in the Morning, and Two in the Afternoon.

Collections are made at the Church Doors after the Sermons are done. Choice is made of eminent Ministers of the City to preach them; exciting the Hearers to contribute liberally to so excellent a Charity. At these Sermons are great Confluxes of pious and well disposed, both Men and Women. And here the Charity Children are brought and placed with their Masters and Mistresses, in convenient Seats, where they may be seen decently habited, sitting or standing, joining with the Publick Prayers, responding, singing the Psalms, and sometimes answering their Catechisms; to the great Delight and Satisfaction of the better sort that see and hear them.

Collections at these Sermons.

The Parishes where these Charity Schools are erected, and Children examined; Times of Examination of the Children there; and the Places where, are denoted by the Table following.

Examination of the Charity Children.

PARISHES.Times of Examination. Places Where.
St. Andrews HolbornThe Second Sunday in April, July,
October and January
At Mr. William Rolfe's in Box Court,
in Brookstreet.
St. Botulph AldgateThe Sunday next before every
Quarter Day
At Mr. Simm's in Still-Alley in
St. Clements Danes The last Sunday in the Month At Mr. - in the Churchyard near
the Playhouse in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields.
St. James Clerkenwel The First Sunday in April, July,
October and January
At Mr. John Honycot's in the Passage
leading to the Fields, near Bridewel.
St. Leonard ShoreditchThe Second Sunday in March, June,
September and December
At. Mr. Will. Barry's, over against
Holloway Lane.
St. Martins in the FieldsThe Sunday next before every
Quarter Day
At Mr. Richard Somershal's in
Hungerford Market.
St. Margarets WestminsterEvery SundayAt the Workhouse in Totehil-Fields
St. Sepulchres{ For Girls, the Sunday before every Quarter Day
{ For Boys, the Sunday next after every Quarter Day
At Mrs. Anne Bell's in Nags-Head-Alley on Snowhill.
At Mr. Francis Robinson's in Fox's Court in Cow Lane.
Note, All these Examinations begin at Five in the Evening.