what Money they have to distribute that Year, to be audited; and when they know the Sum, Publick Notice shall be given in the Gazette, or such other Way as shall be judged proper, that they have such a Sum to distribute in so many Shares; and that they will be ready to apply those Shares to such Cures as want the same, and are by the Rules of the Corporation qualified to receive them, where any Persons will add the like or greater Sum to it, or the Value in Lands or Tithes, for any such particular Cure.

6. That if several Benefactors offer themselves, the Governours shall first comply with those that offer most.

7. Where the Sums offered by other Benefactors are equal, the Governours shall always prefer the poorer Living.

8. Where the Cures to be augmented are of equal Value, and the Benefactions offered by others are equal, there They shall be preferred that first offer.

9. Provided nevertheless, that the Preference shall be so far given to Cures not exceeding 10l. per Annum, that the Governours shall not apply above One third Part of Money they have to distribute that Year, to Cures exceeding that Value.

10. Where the Governours have expected till Michaelmas, what Benefactors will offer themselves, then no more Proposals shall be received for that Year: But if any Money remain to be disposed of; in the first place, two or more of the Cures in the Gift of the Crown, not exceeding 10l. per Annum, shall be chosen by Lot, to be augmented preferably to all others: The precise number of these to be settled by a General Court, when an exact List of them shall be brought in to the Governours.

11. As for what shall remain of the Money to be disposed of after that, a List shall be taken of all the Cures in the Church of England, not exceeding 10l. per Annum; and so many of them to be chosen by Lot, as there shall remain Sums of 200l. for their Augmentation.

12. When all the Cures not exceeding 10l. per Annum shall be so augmented, the Governours shall then proceed to augment those of greater Value, according to such Rules as shall at any time hereafter be proposed by them, and approved by Us, our Successors, under our or their Great Seal.

13. That all Charitable Gifts, in real or personal Estates, made to the Corporation, shall be strictly applied, according to the particular Direction of the Donor or Donors thereof, where the Donor shall give particular Directions for the Disposition thereof: And where the Gift shall be generally to the Corporation, without any such particular Direction, the same shall be applied as the rest of the Fund or Stock of the Corporation is to be applied.

14. That a Book shall be kept, wherein shall be entered all the Subscriptions, Contributions, Gifts, Devises or Appointments, made or given, of any Moneys, or of any Real or Personal Estate whatsoever, to the Charity mentioned in the Charter, and the Names of the Donors thereof, with the Particulars of the Matters so given; the same Book to be kept by the Secretary of the Corporation.

15. That a Memorial of the Benefactions and Augmentations made to each Cure, shall, at the Charge of the Corporation, be set up in Writing on a Stone, to be fixed in the Church of the Cure so to be encreased, there to remain in perpetual Memory thereof.

16. When the Treasurer shall have received any Sum of Money for the Use of the Corporation, he shall, at the next General Court to be holden after such Receipt, lay an Account thereof before the Governours, who may order and direct the same to be placed out for the Improvement thereof, upon some Publick Fund or other Security, till they have an Opportunity of laying it out in proper Purchases, for the Augmentation of Cures.

17. That the Treasurer do account annually before such a Committee of the Governours as shall be appointed by a General Court of the said Corporation, who shall audit and state the same; and the said Account shall be entered in a Book to be kept for that Purpose, and shall be laid before the next General Court after such Stating; the same to be there re-examined and determined.

18. The Persons whose Cures shall be augmented, shall pay no manner of Fee or Gratification to any of the Officers or Servants of this Corporation.

THE Commissioners for this Bounty may be found in the Present State of Great Britain, Part II. Book III. Numb. XLVII.

To all which we must add the late pious Act of Parliament in the Reign of Queen Anne (a Princess so forward to further and countenance every good Motion) for the Building of Fifty new Churches within the City and Suburbs; so necessary for the keeping up of a Sense of God, and his Publick Worship, among the People, too numerous to be received in the Churches and Chapels already built. For the more effectual finishing whereof, Commissioners are appointed. And who they are, may be read in the Present State of Great Britain.

Fifty New Churches to be built.

Page 640.

Their Office is in Old Palace Yard. And their Custom is, to publish in the Gazette, that they are ready to receive Proposals from Carpenters, Joiners, and other Workmen, at their said Office, for the building and finishing such and such of the New Churches, ready to be gone in hand with.

Commissioners for the same.

The Charge for the Building of these Churches is to be raised from a Duty laid upon Seacoal, at so much for every Chaldron, according to a Statute made Anno 1711, 9 Reg. Annæ, Ca. 22. Wherein it was Enacted, That from the 14th of May, 1716, to the 29th of Sept. 1724, there shall be paid for all Coals brought into the River of Thames, over and above all Imposition upon Coals, the Duties following, viz. From the 14th of March to the 29th of September, Coals and Culm sold by the Chalder, containing 36 Bushels, 2s. per Chaldron. The same, sold by the Tun. And after the 29th of September 1716, to the 28th of September 1724, 3s. per Chaldron. And the like per Tun. Which Duties shall be raised, and paid to the Crown.

A Duty upon Coals for the building them.

The Money arising by this Duty to be paid into the Exchequer, and appropriated for building Fifty new Churches of Stone, with Towers and Steeples to each; and for purchasing Sites of Churches and Churchyards, and Burying Places, in or near London and Westminster, or the Suburbs; and for making such Chapels as are capable thereof, and already built, Parish Churches; and for applying the Sum of 4000l. per Annum, out of the said Duties, towards the repairing of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter's Westminster, and the Chapels of the same; and 6000l. towards the finishing of Greenwich Hospital, and the Chapel thereunto belonging, and to no other Use.

One of these Fifty new Churches to be in the Parish of Greenwich.


Chapels already built, if fit, may be converted into Parish Churches.


The Queen by Letters Patents may nominate Commissioners, who shall meet as often as there is Occasion, and inform themselves in what Parishes the New Churches are most necessary to be built, and of proper Places where to build them,