Some Account of the Charitable DONATIONS to the Worshipful Company of VINTNERS of London.


Principal BENEFACTORS.An Almeshouse.By whom founded.
Sir John Studdey, or StodyAn Almeshouse near Mile End for twelve Widows, and 2s. paid them Weekly. With a Chapel, wherein are said Prayers twice a WeekFounded lately by the Vintners Company, upon some former Gift.
John Wakel
William Horbye
Thomas Walsingham
Nicholas Kent
Thomas Rogers
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Bagon
Christopher Barker
Sir James Spenser
King Edward VI.
Stephen Mason
Thomas Hollingshed
Richard Jacobs
Stephen Skidmore. Who by his Last Will and Testament in Writing, and Enrolled in the Hustings in London, in the 28th Year of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, gave certain Tenements in the Black Friers in London, after the Decease of his Wife, to this Company, and their Successors: To the Intent that the said Company should pay yearly for ever to the Poor of nineteen Parishes in London, and to the Poor of the said Company: 20s. to each Parish: And to the Maior of the City of Cork in Ireland yearly for ever, 20l. to be bestowed yearly on ten poor People, aged 50. And the rest towards building an Almeshouse.
Richard Wooley
Edward Williams
Winifred Young
All these gave Lands and Tenements.

The Sum of the Charitable Donations yearly paid by this Company amounteth to
From Mr. Ange, Clerk of this Company.