GIFTS and CHARITIES entrusted with the Worshipful Company of CLOTHWORKERS of London.


Free Schools, Almeshouses, Anniversary Sermons,
Lectures and Exhibitions.
By whom founded, endowed,
augmented, or given.
A Free School at Sutton Vallence in KentWilliam Lamb, Esq; Anno 1578.
Another in the Isle of ManPhilip Christian, An. 1655.
An Almeshouse in White FriarsLady Margaret, Countess of Kent, Ann. 1538.
An Almeshouse at Sutton Vallence in KentWilliam Lamb, Esq; Anno 1578.
An Almeshouse at Islington in the County of Middlesex John Heath, Anno 1640.
Anniversary SERMONS and LECTURES.
Three Sermons every Week in Term-time, at Whittington College on College HillJames Finch, Anno 1508.
A Lecture at Hitchin in the County of Hertford Oliver Clommond, Anno 1540.
Two Anniversary Sermons: One at St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet, on the 15th of February: The other in St. Botulph's without Aldersgate, on the 25th of AugustLady Anne Packington, Anno 1560.
A Sermon at Lamb's Chapel every QuarterWilliam Lamb, Esq; Anno 1578
A Sermon at St. Michael's Church in CornhillJohn Lute, Anno 1581.
A Lecture at Shitlington in the County of BedfordEdward Pilsworth, Anno 1603.
A Sermon at Farnham in the County of Surrey. Also a Sermon in St. Gabriel Fanchurch, London. Both on All Saints DayJohn Bayworth, Ann. 1622.
A Sermon the first of May in St. Mary le Bow Church, London Samuel Lese, Anno 1634.
A Sermon in St. Christopher's Church, London John Heath, Anno 1640.
A Sermon in St. Clement's Church in Eastcheap, every 11th of OctoberSamuel Middlemore, Anno 1640.
A Lecture at Burton upon Trent in the County of StaffordThomas Boylston, Anno 1648.
A Sermon at Lamb's Chapel on St. Stephen's DayRobert Hitchins, Anno 1680.
A Sermon in St. Mary Atthill Church in LondonJohn Webb, Anno 1697.
Two Exhibitions: One to the Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge: For the use of the poor Scholars there. The other to the Bursar of University College in Oxford, for the like.William Heron, Ann. 1580.
One Exhibition to CambridgeWilliam Hewet, Ann. 1599.
Two Exhibitions: The one to Oxford, the other to CambridgeEdward Pilsworth, Anno 1603.
Two more Exhibitions: The one to Oxford, the other to CambridgeJohn Heath, Anno 1640.
One Exhibition to OxfordThomas Burnell, An. 1655.



Oliver Clomond
John Watson
William Gardiner
Roger Gardiner
William Lamb
John Lute
Thomazen Evans
Margaret Holligrave
Stephen Lound
John Bayworth
Robert Pyle
Peter Blundel
Robert Ormeston
James Trussel, Esq;
John Hobby, Esq;
William Frankland
Will. Lamb, Esq; Who, besides the Free School, Almeshouse, &c. already mentioned, founded also a Chapel near Cripplegate, called Lamb's Chapel, alias St. James in the Wall
John Rogers
Thomas Hussey
Richard Staper
Sir Thomas Travor
John Heath
Thomas Burnel
William Herron
Lady Anne Packington
John Sheild
Samuel Middlemore
Thomas Boylston
Thomas Hilson
Alderman Heydon
William Penoyer, Esq;
Sir William Peake
Robert Hitchins
Sir John Robinson
John Webb
William Edwards, Esq;
William Hewes, Esq; Gave by Will Sep. 9. 1715, 100l. for the Use of the Poor.

The Disbursements of this Company in Charities amounts to about 1400l. per Annum.
Drawn up by Mr. Chase, Clerk of this Company.