[Maiors and Sheriffs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.101

[Maiors and Sheriffs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

Buildings in the City. And there still remains in the Books of the Chamber the Order how to proceed in the Assize concerning Buildings between Neighbours. "Ann. 1189, Henry Fitz-Elwyn being then Maior, it was provided and ordained by the discreeter Men of the City, to appease Contentions which might arise among Neighbours in the City, upon Inclosure between Land and Land; That twelve Men, Aldermen of the City, should be chosen in full Hustenge, and there sworn that they would faithfully perform it, and come at the Maior's Summons, unless hindred by some reasonable Cause, and to be present with the Maior for executing the foresaid Business. And this was decided and confirmed in a full Hustenge." By these sworn Men, Orders were taken about Party Walls, and about building them sixteen Foot at least in Height, and three Foot in Breadth, and to build them of Stone, for Security against Fire; and concerning Gutters to receive and convey the Water from their Houses: All to be at common Cost. Also concerning digging Pits for Water; concerning making Windows upon the Neighbours; concerning putting Corbells, i.e. Girders or Beams, into the Neighbour's Wall, &c.]

Orders for Buildings in this Maior's Time. Lib. Horn. fo. 227.

J. S.

A.D. 1190.}{ John Herlion.
2 Richard' I.} Sheriffs,{ Roger Duke.
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MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1191.}{ William Haverell.
3 Richard' I.} Sheriffs,{ John Bucknote.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1192.}{ Nicolas Duke.
4 Richard' I.} Sheriffs,{ Peter Newlay.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1193.}{ Roger Duke.
5 Richard' I.} Sheriffs,{ Richard Fitz-Alwin.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1194.}{ William Fitz-Isabel.
6 Richard' I.} Sheriffs.{ William Fitz-Arnold.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1195.}{ Robert Besaunt.
7 Richard' I.} Sheriffs,{ Joke de Josue.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1196.}{ Gerard de Antiloche.
8 Richard' I.} Sheriffs,{ Robert Durant.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1197.}{ Roger Blunt.
9 Richard' I.} Sheriffs,{ Nicholas Ducket.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1198.}{ Constantine Fitz-Arnold.
10 Rich' I.} Sheriffs,{ Robert le Beaw. *
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

*Richard de Beaco, 1st Ed.

King JOHN began his Reign the 6th of April, 1199.

A.D. 1199.}{ Arnold Fitz-Arnold.
1 Joan'} Sheriffs,{ Richard Fitz-Bartilmew.
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MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

King John granted the Sheriffwick of London and Middlesex to the Citizens thereof, as King Henry I. before had done, for the Sum of 300l. yearly. Also he gave them Authority to choose and deprive their Sheriffs at their Pleasure.

King John's Grant concerning the Sheriffs.

A.D. 1200.}{ Roger Dorset.
2 Joan'} Sheriffs,{ James Bartilmew.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1201.}{ Walter Fitz-Alis.
3 Joan'} Sheriffs,{ Simon de Aldermanbury.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1202.}{ Norman Blondel.
3 Joan' } Sheriffs,{ John de Ely.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1203.}{ Walter Brown.
5 Joan'} Sheriffs,{ William Chamberlain.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

Walter Brune, and Rosia his Wife, founded the Hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate, commonly called St. Mary Spittle.

A.D. 1204.}{ Thomas Haverel.
6 Joan'} Sheriffs,{ Hamond Brond.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1205.}{ John Walgrave.
7 Joan'} Sheriffs,{ Richard de Winchester.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1206.}{ John Holyland.
8 Joan'} Sheriffs,{ Edmund Fitz-Gerard.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1207.}{ Roger Winchester.
9 Joan'} Sheriffs,{ Edmund Hardle. *
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

*Hardel, Sum. of Chron.

A.D. 1208.}{ Peter Duke. †
10 Joan'} Sheriffs,{ Thomas Neale. ††
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

†Buke, Sum. of Chron. Dycke, Old Cust.

††Fitznele, Old Cust.

The King, by his Letters Patents, granted to the Citizens of London Liberty and Authority, yearly to choose themselves a Maior.

A.D. 1209.}{ Peter le Josue.
11 Joan'} Sheriffs,{ William Blund.
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

A.D. 1210.}{ Adam Whetley.
12 Joan'} Sheriffs,{ Stephen le Grasse. *
MAIOR, Henry Fitz-Alwin.

*Grace, First Edit.