The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.]106

The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.]

A Variance fell in London between the Goldsmiths and the Taylors, wherethrough many Men were slain.

A.D. 1269.}{ Thomas Basing.
54 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { Robert Cornehill.
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Hugh Fitz-Ottonis *, Custos of London, and Constable of the Tower.

*Fitz-Thomas, 1st Ed. and Sum.

A.D. 1270.}{ Walter Potter.
55 Hen' III. } Sheriffs,{ Philip Tailor.
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MAIOR, John Adrian, Vintener.

A.D. 1271.}{ Gregory Rokesly.
56 Hen' III. } Sheriffs,{ Henry Waleys.
MAIOR, John Adrian, Vintener.

The Steeple of Bow Church in Cheapside fell downe, and slew many People.

A.D. 1272.}{ Richard Paris.
57 Hen' III. } Sheriffs, { John de Wodeley.
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MAIOR, Sir Walter Harvy; CUSTOS, Henry Frowike, Pepperer, for part that Year.

King EDWARD I. began his Reign the sixteenth of November, 1272.

A.D. 1273.}{ John Horne.
1 Edw' I. } Sheriffs, { Walter Potter.
MAIOR, Sir Walter Harvy, Knight.

This Man was made Maior at a Folkmote, kept at Paul's Cross; afterwards deprived of his Office of Alderman for his ill Deeds.

J. S.

A.D. 1274.}{ Nicolas Winchester.
2 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Henry Coventry.
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MAIOR, Henry Walleis.

This Year the Maior was sent beyond Sea; and the King commanded the Sheriffs and Citizens to appoint two other discreet Freemen to take the Office in his Absence.]

J. S.

A.D. 1275.}{ Lucas Batencourte.
3 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Henry Frowicke.
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MAIOR, Gregory Rokesly;

Chief Saymaster of all the King's Mints throughout all England, and Keeper of the King's Exchange at London.

This Year was an extraordinary Inquisition made of Defaults and Complaints in the City; and Jury-Men appointed in every Ward to present them. Which Presentments are still extant in the Quo Warranto Bag at the Tally Court in the Exchequer.]

J. S.

A.D. 1276.}{ John Horne.
4 Edw' I. } Sheriffs, { Raphe Blunt.
MAIOR, Gregory Rokesley.

A.D. 1277.}{ Robert de Arar. *
5 Edw' I. } Sheriffs, { Ralph L. Fewre. †
MAIOR, Gregory Rokesley.

*Aras, Sum.

†Fenour, ibid.

A.D. 1278.}{ John Adrian.
6 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Walter Langley.
MAIOR, Gregory Rokesley.

A.D. 1279.}{ Robert Basing.
7 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ William le Meyre. *
MAIOR, Gregory Rokesley.

*Will Maraliver, 1st Ed. Maserer, Sum.

A.D. 1280.}{ Thomas Fox. *
8 Edw' I. } Sheriffs, { Ralph Delamere. †
MAIOR, Gregory Rokesley.

*Box, Summ.

†Rafe at More, Summ.

A.D. 1281.}{ William Farindon.
9 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Nicolas Winchester.
MAIOR, Gregory Rokesley.

This William Farindon, Goldsmith, one of the Sheriffs, was Father to Nicolas Farindon: Of these two, Farindon Ward took that Name.

A.D. 1282.}{ W. le Meyre. *
10 Edw' I. } Sheriffs, { Richard Chigwel. †
MAIOR, Henry Walleis. ††

*Maraliver, 1st Edit. Mazerer, Summ.

†Chikewel, Summ.

††Henry Mazerer, Summ.

This Henry Walleis builded the Tun upon Cornhill to be a Prison, and the Stocks to be a Market-House.

A.D. 1283.}{ Raphe Blunt. *
11 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Ankerin de Betavil. †
MAIOR, Henry Walleis. *

*Blund, First Edit.

†Anketrin de Bekanil, 1st Ed. Haukin Betwel, Summ.

*Henry Mazerer, Summ.

A.D. 1284.}{ Jordan Goodcheap.
12 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Martin Box.
MAIOR, Henry Walleis. *

†Henry Mazerer, Summ.

Lawrence Ducket, Goldsmith, murthered in Bow Church, and the Murtherers hanged.