The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.}108

The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.}

A.D. 1303.}{ W. Combmartin.
31 Edw' I. } Sheriffs, { John de Burford. *
 CUSTOS, Sir John Blunt.

*Joh. Bucford, First Ed.

A.D. 1304.}{ Roger Paris.
32 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ John de Lincolne.
 CUSTOS, Sir John Blunt.

Geffery de Hertilepole, Alderman, was elected to be Recorder of London, and took his Oath, and was appointed to wear his Apparel as an Alderman.

A.D. 1305.}{ William Cawson. *
33 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Reginald de Thunderley.
 CUSTOS, Sir John Blunt.

*Casine, First Edit.

A.D. 1306.}{ Geffrey at the Conduit. *
34 Edw' I. } Sheriffs,{ Simon Billet.
 CUSTOS, Sir John Blunt.

*Geff. Cundute, 1st Ed.

There were four Custoses chosen by the City upon the King's Command, in the Absence of Blunt, who this Year went with the King's Son to the Wars.]

J. S.

Seacoal was forbidden to be burned in London, Southwarke, &c.

EDWARD II. began his Reign the seventh of July, A.C. 1307.

A.D. 1307.}{ Nicolas Pigot,
1 Edw' II. } Sheriffs, { Nigellus Drury.
 CUSTOS, Sir John Blunt.

A.D. 1308.}{ William Basing.
2 Edw' II. } Sheriffs, { James Botteler. *
  [ Click here to view Image of coat of arms, Nicholas Farindon   ]
MAIOR, Nicolas Farindon, Goldsmith.

*Botenar, 1st Edit.

A.D. 1309.}{ Roger le Palmer. *
3 Edw' II. } Sheriffs, { James of St. Edmund.
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MAIOR, Thomas Romeyne.

*Le Paumer, First Edit.

A.D. 1310.}{ Simon Cooper. *
4 Edw' II. } Sheriffs,{ Peter Blakney.
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MAIOR, Richard Refham.

*Sim de Corpe, First Edit. Sim. Crop, Sum.

The King commanded the Maior and Commonalty to make the Wall of London, from Ludgate to Fleet Bridge, and from thence to the Thames.

A.D. 1311.}{ Simon Metwood. *
5 Edw' II. } Sheriffs, { Richard Wilford.
MAIOR, Sir John Gisors, Pepperer.

*Merwood, 1st Ed. and Sum.

Order was taken that Merchant Strangers should sell their Wares within forty Days after their Arrival, or else the same to be forfeited.

A.D. 1312.}{ John Lambin.
6 Edw' II. } Sheriffs,{ Adam Lutken.
MAIOR, Sir John Gisors, Pepperer.

A.D. 1313.}{ Robert Gurden. *
7 Edw' II. } Sheriffs,{ Hugh Garton.
MAIOR, Nicolas Farindon, Goldsmith.

* Burdeint, Sum.

Prices set on Victuals: A fat stalled Ox, 24s. a fat Mutton, 20d. A fat Goose, 21/2d. A fat Capon, 2d. A fat Hen, 1d. Two Chickens, 1d. Three Pigeons, 1d. Twenty four Eggs, 1d. &c.

A.D. 1314.}{ Stephen Abingdon.
8 Edw' II. } Sheriffs,{ Hamond Chickwel, or Chigwell.
MAIOR, Sir John Gisors, Pepperer

Famine and Mortality of People, so that the Quick might unneath bury the Dead. Horse Flesh and Dogs Flesh was good Meat,

A.D. 1315.}{ Hamond Goodchepe.
9 Edw' II. } Sheriffs,{ William Bodleigh. *
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MAIOR, Stephen de Abingdon. *

*Bodelay, First Ed.

*Steph. Abendon, 1st Ed.

A.D. 1316.}{ William Caston †
10 Edw' II. } Sheriffs, { Raphe Balancer.
  [ Click here to view Image of blank coat of arms, John Wingrave   ]
MAIOR, John Wingrave. *

†Causton, 1st Edit.

*Wengrave, Sum.

An early Harvest: A Bushel of Wheat that had been sold for 10s. was now sold for 10d. &c.

A.D. 1317.}{ John Prior.
11 Edw' II. } Sheriffs, { W. Furneis. *
MAIOR, John Wingrave.

*Furner, Sum.

Such a Murrain of Kine, that Dogs and Ravens that fed on them were poisoned.

A.D. 1318.}{ John Pointell. *
12 Edw' II. } Sheriffs, { John Dalling.
MAIOR, John Wingrave.

*Pentell, 1st Edit.