[Maiors and Sheriffs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.109

[Maiors and Sheriffs.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

A.D. 1319.}{ Simon de Abingdon.
13 Edw' II. } Sheriffs,{ John Preston.
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MAIOR, Hamond Chickwell, Pepperer.

John Gisors, late Maior of London, and many other Citizens fled the City, for things laid to their charge.

A.D. 1320.}{ Renauld at Conduit.
14 Edw' II. } Sheriffs, { William Produn. *
MAIOR, Nicolas Farindon, Goldsmith.

*Prodham, Sum.

A.D. 1321.}{ Richard Constantine.
14 Edw' II. } Sheriffs,{ Richard of Hackney.
MAIOR, Hamond Chickwell, Pepperer.

A.D. 1322.}{ John Grantham.
16 Edw' II. } Sheriffs, { Richard de Ely.
MAIOR, Hamond Chickwell, Pepperer.

Fish and Flesh Market established at the Stocks, in the midst of the City.

A.D. 1323.}{ Adam of Salisbury.
17 Edw' II. } Sheriffs,{ John of Oxford.
MAIOR, Nicolas Farindon *, Goldsmith.

*Appointed Maior by the King, as long as it pleased him; the Maioralty being then, for certain Causes, in the King's hand, saith the Record.

J. S.

Of this Nicolas Farindon, and of William Farindon his Father, read more in Farindon Ward.

A.D. 1324.}{ Benet of Fulham.
18 Edw' II. } Sheriffs, { John Cawson. †
MAIOR, Hamond Chickwell, Pepperer.

†Cawston, Sum.

A.D. 1325.}{ Gilbert Mordon.
19 Edw' II. } Sheriffs, { John [Causton, or] Cotton.
MAIOR, Hamond Chickwell, Pepperer. *

*Richard Betaine, Goldsmith, Sum.

The City of London took the Bishop of Excester, and cut off his Head at the Standard in Cheap.

A.D. 1326.}{ Richard Rothing.
20 Edw' II. } Sheriffs,{ Roger Chanteclere.
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MAIOR, Richard Betaine, Goldsmith.

J. S.

The Vintners claim him of their Company.

This Richard Rothing is said to new build the Parish Church of St. James at Garlick Hith.

EDWARD III. began his Reign the 25th of January, Anno Christi 1326.

This King Edward granted, that the Maior should be Justice for the Goal-delivery at Newgate: That the Citizens of London should not be constrained to go out of the City of London to any War. More, he granted, that the Liberties and Franchises of the City should not, after this time (for any Cause) be taken into the King's hands, &c. [More, he granted by his Letters Patents, dated the sixth of March, that no Escheator should be in the City, but the Maior for his time only.

A.D. 1327.}{ Henry Darcy.
1 Edw' III. } Sheriffs,{ John Hawton, or Haughton. *
MAIOR, Hamond Chickwell, Pepperer.

*Hauten, 1st Ed. and Sum.

This Year the Walls of London were repaired.

A.D. 1328.}{ Simon Francis.
2 Edw' III. } Sheriffs,{ Henry Combmartin.
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MAIOR, John Grantham, Grocer.

A.D. 1329.}{ Richard Lazar.
3 Edw' III. } Sheriffs,{ William Gisors.
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MAIOR, Richard Swandland. *

*John Swanlond, Sum.

This Year the King kept a great Justing in Cheap, betwixt Sopars Lane and the great Cross.

A.D. 1330.}{ Robert of Elie.
4 Edw' III } Sheriffs,{ Thomas Whorwode.
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MAIOR, Sir John Pountney, or Pultney, Draper.

A.D. 1331.}{ John Mocking.
5 Edw' III. } Sheriffs,{ Andrew Aubery.
MAIOR, Sir John Pultney, Draper.

A.D. 1332.}{ Nicolas Pike.
6 Edw' III. } Sheriffs, { John Husband.
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MAIOR, John Preston, Draper.