The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.]120

The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.]

A.D. 1441.}{ William Combis, [or Combes.]
20 Hen' VI. } Sheriffs,{ Richard Rich.
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MAIOR, Robert Clopton, Draper,
Son of Thomas Clopton of Clopton in Cambridgeshire.

A.D. 1442.}{ Thomas Beaumont.
21 Hen' VI. } Sheriffs, { Richard Nordon.
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MAIOR, John Aderley †, Ironmonger,
Son of John Aderley, or Hatherley, of the City of Bristol.

*Hatherley, First Edit.

In the Maioralty of John Hatherley, the Citizens took in hand many chargeable, but useful and ornamental matters for the City; namely, to erect and build divers Conduits of fresh Water, with Standards, and with other Devices, and Leaden Pipes, that ran above three Miles both above and under the Earth; and also to make a common Granary, and to set up a comely Cross in Cheapside. And King Henry the VIth granted a License to the Maior and Citizens (to set forward these Works) to buy 200 Fodder of Lead any where in the Realm, and to bring it to London without any Arrest, and to hire with their Money, Workmen, Masons, Plummers, as many as they would from time to time.]

Works done this Year in the City.

J. S.

A.D. 1443.}{ Nicolas Wyfold. *
22 Hen' VI. } Sheriffs,{ John Norman.
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MAIOR, Thomas Catworth, Grocer,
Son of John Catworth of Rushton in Northumberland.

*Wilford, First Edit. and Sum.

A.D. 1444.}{ Stephen Foster.
23 Hen' VI. } Sheriffs,{ Hugh Wich.
MAIOR, Sir Henry Frowicke, Mercer,
Son to Henry Frowicke of Totenham in Middlesex.

This Year Paul's Steeple was fired with Lightning, and hardly quenched.

A.D. 1445.}{ John Darby.
24 Hen' VI. } Sheriffs,{ Godfrey Fielding.
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MAIOR, Sir Symon Eyre, Draper,
Son to John Eyre of Brandon in Suffolk.

This Symon Eyre builded the Leaden Hall in London, to be a Common Garner for the City.

A.D. 1446.}{ Robert Horne.
25 Hen' VI. } Sheriffs,{ Godfrey Bolaine.
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MAIOR, John Olney, Mercer,
Son of John Olney of the City of Coventry.

A.D. 1447.}{ William Abraham.
26 Hen' VI. } Sheriffs,{ Thomas Scot.
MAIOR again, Sir John Gedney *, Draper.

*Sidney, First Edit.

A.D. 1448.}{ William Catlow.
27 Hen' VI. } Sheriffs,{ William Marrow. *
MAIOR again, Sir Stephen Browne, Grocer.

*Marcow, First Edit.

A.D. 1449.}{ William Hulin.
28 Hen' VI. } Sheriffs,{ Thomas Canninges.
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MAIOR, Sir Thomas Chalton, Mercer,
Son to Thomas Chalton of Dunstable in Bedfordshire.

This Year Jack Cade, a Rebel of Kent, came to London, entred the City, &c.

A.D. 1430.}{ John Middleton.
29 Hen' VI. } Sheriffs, { William Deere.
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MAIOR, Nicolas Wilford [but more truly Wyfold,] Grocer, Son to Thomas VVyfold of Hertley in Barkshire.