The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.]124

The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.]

This Robert Drope increased the Water Conduit upon Cornhill, &c.

A.D. 1475.}{ Hugh Brice.
15 Edw' IV. } Sheriffs,{ Robert Colwich.
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MAIOR Sir Robert Basset, Salter,
Son to Robert Basset of Billerykey in Essex.

This Robert Basset corrected the Bakers and other Victuallers of this City.

A.D. 1476.}{ Richard Rawson.
16 Edw' IV. } Sheriffs, { William Horne.
MAIOR again, Sir Raphe Joceline, Draper,
Knight of the Bath.

By the diligence of this Maior the Walls of the City were repaired.

A.D. 1477.}{ Henry Collet.
17 Edw' IV. } Sheriffs,{ John Stoker.
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MAIOR, Sir Humfrey Heyford, Goldsmith,
Son to Roger Heyford of Stratford-Bow near London.

A.D. 1478.}{ Robert Harding.
18 Edw' IV. } Sheriffs, { Robert Bifield.
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MAIOR, Richard Gardener, Mercer,
Son of John Gardener of Exning in Suffolk.

Robert Bifield, Sheriff, was fined by the Maior, and paid 50l. towards the Water Conduits.

A.D. 1479.}{ Thomas Ilam.
19 Edw' IV. } Sheriffs,{ John Ward.
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MAIOR, Sir Bartlemew James, Draper,
Son to Edward James of London, Upholder.
Made Knight in the Field by Edward IV.

Thomas Ilam newly builded the great Conduit in Cheapside.

A.D. 1480.}{ Thomas * Daniel.
20 Edw' IV. } Sheriffs,{ William Bacon.
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MAIOR, Sir John Browne, [otherwise called John de Werks] Mercer,
Son to John Browne of Okeham in Rutlandshire.

*William, Sum.

A.D. 1481.}{ Robert Tate.
 } Sheriffs, { [Richard Chawrey.]
21 Edw' IV.}{ William Wiking.
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MAIOR, Sir William Heriot, or Harriot, Draper,
Son to John Heriot, late of Segrave in the County of Leicester.

New building of Cripplegate.

A.D. 1482.}{ William White.
22 Edw' IV. } Sheriffs,{ John Mathew.
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MAIOR, Sir Edmund Shaa, or Shaw, Goldsmith,
Son to John Shaa, late of Donkenfield, in the County of Chester.

This Sir Edmond Shaa caused the Postern called Cripplegate to be newly builded.

This Sir Edmund Shaw, King Richard III. called his Merchant. And December the 1st, in the first Year of his Reign, sold to him some of his Plate: viz. 4 Pots of Silver, parcel gilt, weighing 28 Pounds 6 Ounces; 3 Pots and 5 Bowls, with a Cover, weighing 35 Pounds; 12 Dishes, 11 Sawcers, Silver, with gilt Borders, weighing 36 Pounds. 12 Plates Silver, with gilt Borders, weighing 44 Pounds, 11 Ounces. More, 2 Chargers, Silver, with gilt Borders; 2 Charchers; 10 Sawcers; an Ewer, parcel gilt; 4 Chargers, 2 with gilt Borders, 2 white. The Weight of the said Plate was 275 Pounds, 4 Ounces of Troy Weight, after 3s. 4d. the Ounce, came to 550l. 13s. 4d. Which the King acknowledged to have received by the hand of this trusty Chaplain Mr. Edmund Chatterton, Decemb. 23. This Chatterton was Treasurer of the King's Chamber, and also Clerk of the Hamper.

Buys the King's Plate.

Ledger Book of K. Rich. III.

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