The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [TheRecorder.]160


faced, and as often as the Maior and Aldermen take every Year. And his Clerk, such as the Serjeants of the Chamber. The Recorder and his Clerk are wont to sit at the Maior'sTable.

What the Recorder's Office was long ago determined to be, to wit, in the Year 1304, may be worthy to be read out of a Record; viz. Die Lunæ, &c. "On Monday after the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, in the 32 of King Edward, before the Lords, John le Blund, Maior, John de Burresorch, Sheriff, William de Beton, Walter de Fynchingfeld, William de Leyre, Thomas Romeyn, Adam de Fulham, John of Canterbury, Simon de Paris, John de Dunstaple, Richard de Gloucestre, Henry de Loucestre, Adam de Rokesle, &c. Aldermen, meeting together, John de Wengrave, Alderman and Recorder, was sworn, well and faithfully to render all the Judgments of the Hustengs, after the Maior and Aldermen should meet concerning their Pleas, and agreed together; and also all other Judgments touching the City of London, &c. And that he shall do Justice as well to Poor as Rich. And that all the Pleas of the Hunstengs presently after the Hustenge is finished, he shall oversee, order, and cause to be enrolled, according to the things pleaded, &c. And that he shall come prepared to dispatch the Business of the City, &c. when he shall be lawfully warned by the Maior and Bailiffs. For which Labour the aforesaid Maior and Aldermen have yielded to give the aforesaid John, Xl. Sterling by Year out of their Chamber, and 20d. of each Charter written, and each Testament enrolled in the said Hustengs, &c."

A Recorder sworn 32 Ed. I. Lib. Horn.

The present Recorder is Sir William Thomson, Knight.

Here follows a List of the Recorders, as they could be collected by the Industry of Mr. Wagstaff and Mr. Gibson, Town-Clerks; the latter whereof friendly communicated this to me.

A List of the Recorders.

Mr. Gibson.

A Catalogue of the RECORDERS of London, as far back as could be retrieved.


26 Edw' I.
A.D. 1298.
Jeffery de Norton,}
32 Edw' I.
A.D. 1304.
John de Wangrave,}
13 Edw' II.
A.D. 1320.
Jeffrey de Hertpol,}
14 Edw' II.
A.D. 1321.
Robert de Swalchyne,}
3 Edw' III.
A.D. 1329.
Gregory de Norton,} Aldermen.
13 Edw' III.
A.D. 1339.
Roger de Depham,}
37 Edw' III.
A.D. 1363.
Thomas Lodelow,}
39 Edw' III.
A.D. 1365.
William de Halden, }
51 Edw' III.
A.D. 1377.
William Cheyne.}
 One of this Name was made a Justice of the King's Bench, in the Year 1416. And Ann. 1424. Lord Chief Justice there.]
13 Rich' II.
A.D. 1389.
John Tremayne,Common Serjeant.
16 Rich' II.
A.D. 1392.
William Makenade. 
18 Rich' II.
A.D. 1394.
John Cokain. 
22 Rich' II.
A.D. 1398.
Matthew de Suthworth. 
5 Hen' IV.
A.D. 1403.
Thomas Thornburgh. 
7 Hen' IV.
A.D. 1405.
John Preston. 
3 Hen' V.
A.D. 1415.
John Barton, Senior. Afterwards made a Serjeant 1456.
1 Hen' VI.
A.D. 1422.
John Fray.Afterwards Lord Chief Baron, 1436.
5 Hen' VI.
A.D. 1426.
John Simonds. 
14 Hen' VI.
A.D. 1435.
Alexander Anne. 
18 Hen' VI.
A.D. 1440.
Thomas Cokayn. 
18 Hen' VI.
A.D. 1440.
William (alias John) Bowis. 
20 Hen' VI.
A.D. 1442.
Robert Danvers,Common Serjeant.
29 Hen' VI.
A.D. 1451.
Thomas Billing. Afterwards 1453. made a Serjeant.
In 1458 made the King's Serjeant.
In 1465 made a Justice of King's Bench.
In 1469 made Chief Justice.
33 Hen' VI.
A.D. 1455.
Thomas Urswyck, Common Serjeant, in the room of Billing.
In 1472 made Chief Baron.
11 Edw' IV.
A.D. 1471.
Humphrey Starkey, in the room of Urswyck.In 1484 made Chief Baron.
1 Edw' V.
A.D. 1483.
Thomas Fitz-William.In 1489 made Speaker of the House of Commons.

J. S.

☞ This List hitherto is imperfect, as they could be found in the Records.

Hereafter follow the Names of the Recorders successively.

23 Hen' VII.
A.D. 1508.
Sir Robert Sheffeild, Knight.
23 Hen' VII.
A.D. 1508.
John Chalyner, in the room of Sheffeild.
2 Hen' VIII.
A.D. 1511.
Richard Brook, in the room of Chalyner.
In 1521 made a Justice of Common Pleas.
In 1526 made Chief Baron.
11 Hen' VIII.
A.D. 1520.
William Shelley (one of the Judges in the room of Brook.
In 1522 made a Serjeant.
In 1527 made a Justice of Common Pleas.
18 Hen' VIII.
A.D. 1527.
John Baker (one of the Judges of the Sheriffs Courts) in the room of Shelley.
27 Hen' VIII.
A.D. 1536.
Sir Roger Cholmley, Serjeant at Law, in the room of Baker.
In 1545 made King's Serjeant.
In 1546 made Chief Baron.
37 Hen' VIII.
A.D. 1546.
Robert Brook, Common Serjeant, in the room of Cholmley.
In 1552 made a Serjeant.
In 1554 made Chief Justice of Common Pleas.
1 & 2 P. & M.
A.D. 1553.
Ranulph Cholmley, one of the Judges of the Sheriffs Court, in the room of Brooke.
Made Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.

4 Eliz'