The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Under-Officers.]172

The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Under-Officers.]

of Stone, for defence of Fire. And if ye know any such ye shall shew it to the Alderman; that he may make due Redress therefore. And this ye shal not lene. So help you God, &c.

The Oath of the Sheriffs Serjeants follows.


YE shal Swear, That ye shal wel and truly serve the Sheriffs of London in your Office of Sergeauntship; and the Franchess of London ye shal swear to maintain to your Power. And all manner Persons that ye shall arrest by Plaint, Writ, or by Fray, or by any other lawful Cause, ye shall bring them unto the Counter, if ye be of Power.

The Sheriffs Serjeants Oath.

Also, Ye shall warn no Person to agree with the Creditor of their Debts, but that a Plaint of such Debts be lawfully made. Also, Ye shall warn no Person, on whom a Plaint or a Writ is in the Counter. And ye shal wel and truly enter such Plaints as ye shall have of your Clients, or of any other Person. Also, Al maner Merciaments and Fines that ye shal receive, ye shal wel and truly bring them to the Counter, and there to deliver them to the Sheriffs, or to his Deputy. Also, Ye shall not tarry nor delay none occasion, nor make none untrue Pro-cess, that ye shal have by vertue of your Office, for Fraud, or Hate, or Promise, or for your singulat Avayle. Also, Ye shal be no Loveday-maker, nor maintainer of none occasion. Also, In al maner of Plaints ye shal retorne good and honest Persons, and true, and not suspicious, nor procured by you, nor by your Assent.

Also, You shal counsil nothing, whereby the Sheriffs, or any of their Curtys * or Officers may be hurt in their Avayles. Also, The Common of the City peaceably and gently ye shal entre. And also, To al other Persons, that have their Patents of Exemption of any Office, or other Charges within the City, of the King's Graunt, ye shal do, so men them like, as ye do other Freemens Enquests.


Also, Ye shal take no Yeoman into your Governance whiles ye be Officer with the said Sheriffs, unto the time that ye shew the said Yeoman unto the said Sheriffs, and by him so to be accept. And also, Ye shal not do away the said Yeoman being without a lawful Cause certified, and known to the said Sheriffs. And if that Yeoman be from you so voided, ye shal take away the Livery of the Sheriffs. And in al other things, your Office ye shal wel and truly keep and bear you. So help you God, and by this Book.]