[Contents of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Charters.]358

[Contents of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Charters.]

men who have been Maior, to be Justices of Peace there Page 109
Southwark to have three Markets every Week 109
Southwark, the City of London to have Stallage there 107
Southwark, the King's Bench and Marshalsea excepted, so long as they are Prisons 110
Southwark, how Summons is to be made there 67
Southwark, Treasure found granted to the City 65
Salt, and the measuring thereof 116, 129
Sheriffwick of Middlesex, granted to the City of London 2
Sheriffwick of Middlesex and London, granted to the Citizens of London 12, 13, 18
Sheriffs to be removed at the pleasure of the Citizens 13, 19
Sheriffs accountable in the Exchequer 13, 20
Sheriffs, if they be non solvent, the City of London must answer the King's Dues in the Exchequer 13, 19
Sheriffs, not to be amerced above 20l. and to be without damage to the other Citizens, if they be non solvent 13, 19
Sheriffs, for Criminal Offences, to be punished according to the Law of the City 13, 19
Sheriffs, what shall be taken from them by the King, shall be answered them upon their Accounts in the Exchequer 14, 19, 20
Sheriffs, they are to be presented in the Exchequer before the Barons 19
Sheriffs, upon their Account, they are allowed 7l. per Ann. for the Liberty of Paul's 30
Sheriffs, to be presented at the Tower 37
Sheriffs, to be amerced as other Sheriffs 38, 41, 42
Sheriff, not to be charged with those that fly to Churches 42
Sheriff, to take no Oath in the Exchequer, but to Account 44
Sheriffs, to have the Benefit of the Forfeiture of Victuals, and other Things 45
Staynes, the Forest of Staynes disafforested 27
Subsidies, how Citizens are to be taxed 45
Strangers, not to sell by Retail 53, 54, 55
Soil of the City 170, 172
Strayes in London 185
Signs in London 191
Sanctuary 42
Summons to be made by City Officers 45
Soldiers, sending of Men armed to aid the King, not to be prejudicial to the Liberties of the City 39
Steward of the King's Houshold, not to sit in London 42
Strangers not to keep Houses, or be Brokers 55
Sessions of Peace 57, 58, 162, 163, 164, 165
Scavage, or Shewage, and Package 74, 75



Taxes and Tallages, all, as well Strangers as others, (except the Merchants of Almain) who are Inhabitants within the City, to be liable to Taxes and Tallages 61, 62
Tenures Page 5, 7, 25, 34, 35
Thames, the Maior Conservator thereof 115, to 122
Thames, the Keddals, or Weares, to be amoved 8, 15, 23, 42
Toll, Citizens to be Toll free 5, 7, 10, 24, 31
Tower, Customs taken by the Keeper of the Tower acquitted 9
Tower, the Maior and Sheriffs to be presented there 37
Tower, the Constable of the Tower not to make any Price of Victuals, nor arrest Ships coming with Victuals to or from London 43
Tolls of London to be collected, and by whom 55
Toll in Southwark 107
Tobacco 137
Tronage 55, 79, 86, 88
Treasure Trove in London 193
Treasure Trove in Black Fryers, White Fryers, Duke's Place, Coleharborough, Great and Little St. Bartholomew's 139
Treasure Trove in Southwark 65, 99
Thieves taken in Southwark, to be carried to Newgate 67, 102
Traitor's Goods in Southwark 99
Tryal in London of Matters done in Southwark, and how 103, 104, 105, 106



Victuals, no Price to be set by the Constable of the Tower for Victuals brought to London 43
Victuals, the Sheriff to have the Forfeiture of Victuals and other Things 45
View of Frank Pledge in Southwark 67, 102
Victuals forestalled, forfeited 35



Wears and Kiddels, Acquittal of that the Constable of the Tower used to take for Wears and Kiddels 9, 15, 23
Wears and Kiddels to be removed out of the Thames 9, 15
War, Citizens not compelled to go to War
Waifs in London 185
In Southwark 65, 99, 139
White Fryers 130
Waved Goods in White Fryers, Black Fryers, Duke's Place, Coldharbour, Great and Little St. Bartholomew's 139
Weavers, the Guild of Weavers 18
Westminster, their Liberties saved 36
Weighing of Wools, at Leaden-hall 69
of Coals 142, 143, 144
Weights, and weighing at the King's Beam 35, 82, 179, 181
West Smithfield 171, 172
The House of the Poor there 193, 194
Widows of Freemen, of Handicraft Trades 183
Wine-Drawers, the Office in London 75
Writs, and the Return thereof in Southwark 101, 66
Withermen to be taken, and where 5, 7, 11, 25, 34
Warren, Stanes Warren unwarrened 27
Wares forestalled, to be forfeited 35