[Night Watch.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Acts]394

[Night Watch.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Acts]

 GORE Maoir.
London ff.Ad General' Quarterial' Session' Pacis Dominæ Reginæ tent' pro Civit' London apud Guihald' ejusdem Civit' die Lunæ scil' duodecimo die Octobris, Anno Regni Reginæ ANNÆ, nunc Angliæ, &c. primo.

WHEREAS many Felonies, Robberies and Burglaries are frequently committed within this City of London, and the Liberties thereof, in the Winter Season, after the breaking up of the Watches kept within the same, (being commonly at Five of the Clock in the Morning, or before,) to the Loss and Damage of many of the Inhabitants within the said City, and the Liberties thereof: For Prevention of which said Evils and Mischiefs, it is Ordered by her Majesties Justices of the Peace in this General Quarter Sessions assembled, That the several and resepctive Constables within this City, and the Liberties thereof, do from henceforth, between the First Day of November, and the First Day of February yearly, keep good Watch in their several Wards and Precincts within this City, and the Liberties thereof, in a due manner, from Ten of the Clock at Night, until Six of the Clock in the Morning of every Day within the Time limited as aforesaid: And that none of the Constables within this City, and the Liberties, do presume to break up their Watch before Six of the Clock in every Morning, as they will answer the contrary at their Perils. And it is further Ordered, That this Order be printed and published, and delivered to the several Aldermen, their Deputies, and the several Common Council Men and Constables of the several Wards, for the better Observation thereof.

Act of the Quarter Sessions for the Watch.

The Watch is a very good means for the Security of the City by Night, if it were performed, as it is appointed by Law; but there be great Neglects in the Attendances of the Watchmen. Some of them frequently leave their Stands, and go to Alehouses, or light People home. So that many times there are not above five or six Watchmen in some Places, (as in the Watch at Bishopsgate,) instead of sixteen. So that if any Fire, or other Accident should happen in the Night, little or no Help can be expected from them.

The Watches Neglects.

There is a late Settlement made of the Watch, (yet not founded upon any Law) wherein the Watchmen have little or no Dependance upon the Constables; but the Beadle provides them. And he makes a Roll of a yearly Rate upon the Inhabitants, in effect at his own Discretion. By which Settlement, there attends thirty at Bishopsgate; and their Pay said to be Sixpence a Night: whereas by the foresaid Act, there were appointed eighty. Which being put in strict Execution in the Maioralty of Sir Patience Ward, and every Housekeeper being then obliged to watch in their respective Turns, or so send an able and fit Person to do it, the said Duty came round the said Ward but once in one and twenty Nights, at eighty Men per Night. But the number of Watchmen is since reduced from eighty to thirty. So that were the Inhabitants now obliged to watch in their Turns, or send fit Persons so to do, the whole Charge would be but Sixpence once in about Fifty six Nights, for any one Housekeeper in the said Ward, according to the present number of Watchmen, and the Pay they receive. Which is not one half of what is now paid. And those who found themselves aggrieved at this small Charge, would then be at their Liberty to watch on their own Persons, or to send their Servants: As a Common Council Man in that Ward complained a few Years ago, to the Government of the City.

Present Settlement of the Watch.

Ri. Bromley.

But it is further to be known, that the forementioned Act for the Night Watches, Robinson Maior, was lately repealed, under the Maioralty of Sir Owen Buckingham, when this following Act of Common Council was made and printed.

Commune Concilium tent' in Camera Guihald' Civit' London, Die Sabbati. decimo sexto die Junij, Anno Regni Dominæ nostræ ANNÆ, nunc Reginæ Angliæ, &c. quarto, Annoq; Dom' 1705. coram Owen Buckingham Mil' Major' dictæ Civitat', Thoma Stamp Mil', Johanne Parsons Mil', Thoma Rawlinson Mil', & Josepho Woolfe Mil', ac ejusdem Civit' Aldermannis; necnon majore parte Communiar' in eodem Communi Concilio tunc & ibidem assemblat'.

An ACT for Regulating the Night Watches within the City of London, and Liberties thereof.


WHereas by the ancient Charters, Customs and Liberties of the City of London, ratified and confirmed by several Acts of Parliament, the Mayor, Commonalty and Citizens of London, in Common Council assembled, may, and are to make By-Laws and Orders for the better and more quiet and safe Government of the said City and Liberties, and the Inhabitants of the same, and for the preventing of all things which may from time to time happen or arise within the same City, tending to the Prejudice of the Citizens and Inhabitants thereof, or of the People resorting thereunto: And whereas by the ancient good and laudable Custom of this City, all and every Person and Persons which do dwell, inhabit, or occupy any House, Shop or Warehouse within the said City and Liberties thereof, as well such as are not Frée of the said City, as others the Fréemen of the same City, being Persons able and fit to watch, or to find an able and fit Person to watch for him, her or them, or in his, her and their stead, ought, by reason of their Habitation, Occupation or Dwelling aforesaid, to kéep Watch within the Ward or Place wherein he, she or they do dwell, inhabit, or occupy as aforesaid, for the Preservation of the Quéen's Peace, the Safety of the Quéen's Subjects, and of all other the People resorting to the said City, as also for the arresting and apprehending of all Night-walkers, Malefactors and suspected Persons, which shall be found wandring or misbehaving him, her or themselves: And whereas every Constable in every Ward within the same City, is a Constable not only in the Ward where he dwelleth, but in all and every other Ward and Place within the said City and Liberties thereof: And whereas for the Preservation of the Peace and Safety of the same City, there is a great Necessity of a strong and sufficient Watch to be kept every Night within all and every the Wards of the said City, and Liberties thereof, with Men of strong and able Bodies, provided with Candles and Lanthorns, and well and sufficiently armed with Halberts:

BE it therefore Enacted by the Right Honourable the Lord Maior, Aldermen, and Commons of this City in Common Council assembled, and by Authority of the same, That from henceforth the Number of Men of strong and able Bodies to watch every Night in every Ward and Place throughout the said City and Liberties thereof, shall be as hereafter followeth; (That is to say.)

Aldgate Ward25
Dukes Place6
Aldersgate Ward25
St. Martins le Grand4