[Insurance Office] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [against Fire.]406

[Insurance Office] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [against Fire.]

A TABLE shewing the Rates of Insuring Houses from One Year to Seven, by Mutual Contribution; at the FIRE OFFICE, kept against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill; and at the Rainbow Coffee-house by the Inner Temple Gate in Fletestreet.


ONE Hundred Pounds on a Brick House, is One Shilling Four Pence for a Year; (and double for Timber;) Five Shillings for One Hundred Pounds Brick Deposit Money; (and double for Timber:) And so in Proportion for a greater or lesser Sum.

Money.Insured for 1 Year.Insured for 2 Years.Insured for 3 Years.Insured for 4 Years.Insured for 5 Years.Insured for 6 Years.Insured for 7 Years.
Lib.l.s.d.l. s.d.l.s.d.l. s.d.l.s.d.l. s.d.l.s.d.
10001 3/4003 1/2005 1/4007008 3/40010 1/2010 1/4
20003 1/4006 1/2009 3/4011014 1/4017 1/20110 3/4
40006 1/2011017 1/2022028 1/2033039 1/2
60009 1/2017024 1/2032031 1/2049056 1/2
700011 1/201110210 1/20310049 1/2059068 1/2
90012 1/2025037 1/20410060 1/2073085 1/2

A Fire Insurance Office is now kept, on Snow-Hill, at a House once Sir Thomas Davis's, Alderman of London. In this Office, commonly termed, The Hand in Hand Fire Office, were Insured June 26, 1718, to the number of 3666 Houses.

An ABSTRACT of the Settlement of the Amicable Contribution, or Hand in Hand FIRE OFFICE, for Insuring Houses, &c. from Loss by Fire.


EVERY Person Insuring in this Office, becomes a Member of the Contributionship. Art. 18.

Two General Meetings of the Contributors shall be held in every Year; viz. on the first Thursday in May and November, or within ten Days after; and oftner, if the Directors, or other Contributors, Insuring 10000l. shall just occasion: Whereof fourteen Days Notice shall be given in the Gazette, &c. Which said General Meetings, shall be held at their House, commonly called the Fire Office, in Angel Court on Snow-Hill, to begin at Three in the Afternoon, and continue one Hour at least, after the Choice of the Chairman. Art. 6.

At one of the said General Meetings, viz. that in November, Twenty four Contributors (being such who do not serve the Contributionship in their way of Profession or Trade, or are not indebted thereto) shall be elected by balloting, for Directors; Twelve of whom to be such as live Eastward, and Twelve of such who live Westward of Holborn Bridge and Fleet Bridge: Sixteen of the said Twenty-four Directors, to be such as served the preceding Year, and have not continued in their Office above two Years. Art. 3.

If any Servant of the Contributionship intermeddle in the Choice of Directors, he shall be discharged. Art. 1.

Any General Meeting hath Power to make Alterations to the Deed of Settlement, which are to be confirmed by a second General Meeting; and afterwards to be enrolled in Chancery: And no General Meeting to consist of less than Forty eight. Art. 35.

The Directors shall be faithful in the discharge of their Trust. Art. 5.

And meet weekly on Tuesdays, &c. between Three and Seven in the Afternoon, at the said General Office in Angel Court, for the receiving in and issuing out of Money, placing and displacing Servants, appointing their Fees and Salaries, and for the Direction of all other Matters relating to the Contributionship. At the said Place only, all the common Business relating to the Office is to be transacted; whither every Person concerned may repair, and take Notes gratis of all the publick Transactions of the Contributionship, and of the Losses and Gains thereof. Art. 1, 2, 16.

The Directors shall appoint six Trusteees, or more, Three of whom shall sign all Policies, &c. and take all Mortgages and Securities; and when reduced to Two, shall assign their Interest to some other Trustees. Art. 7.

If any Director refuse or neglect to act for one Calendar Month, then another Contributor may be chosen in his Place, by a Majority of the other Directors. Art. 4.

The Directors, &c. on determination of their Trusts, shall account for, and deliver up all Monies, Securities, &c. to the succeeding Directors, on Forfeiture of all their Deposit Money, &c. Art. 10.

The Directors, being Five in Number, may dispatch all the occurring Business, except the lending out of Money, when a Majority of the Twenty four shall be present. Art. 2.

The Directors may lend, at lawful Interest, any Sum of Money, (not exceeding 1000l. to any one Person) upon Security first approved by Council; and may lend or purchase upon Parliamentary Securities, what they see meet. Upon all Loans or Purchasers, the Resolutions of the Directors shall be made and confirmed at two successive Meetings; and Three at least of the Directors, that live Westward of the Bridges afore-