[Hand in Hand] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Fire Office.]407

[Hand in Hand] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Fire Office.]

said, are to be present and concurring. Art. 9.

The Directors shall not lend above three Fourths of the Value of any House, as Insured by the Contributionship. Art. 12.

And in case any House mortgaged to the Contributionship happen to be burned, the Directors may detain the Money Insured thereon, until the Mortgage Money be paid, or otherwise secured. Art. 11.

The Directors may make such Choice as they think fit, of one or more standing Council and Attorneys, for the Affairs of the Contributionship. Art. 14.

Watermen (their present number being Thirty) are to be employed in quenching Fires, at the charge of the Contributionship; and Badges, &c. given them, at the discretion of the Directors. Art. 32.

The Directors not to add any Clerk, or Superior Officer, nor give any Stipend or Gratuity to any of the Directors, without the Consent of a General Meeting. Art. 1.

All By-Laws made by the Directors, read three several successive Tuesdays, to be esteemed good, so as the absent Directors have Notice thereof after the first Motion, and they do not contradict the Deed of Settlement. Art. 1.

Any Director may have Liberty to enter his Dissent at the Board, upon any Resolution there made, which he conceives to be irregular or prejudicial to the Contributionship, entring Reasons at the same time for so doing. Art. 2.

All the lawful Orders and Acts of the Directors and Trustees shall bind every Member of the Contributionship. Art. 25.

The Directors and Trustees to be indemnified in the due Execution of their Trust by the Contributionship, and not be chargeable with the defaults one of another: Such Indemnity of the Trustees to be first made good out of the Effects of the Office; but not to oblige the Contributionship to indemnify the Directors and Trustees from any current Charge of the Board of Directors. Art. 8.

The Directors of this Office, not being Directors of the Union Fire Office for Goods, to determine all Appeals about Losses, brought before them by the Directors, or any Sufferer in that Office. Art. 35.

The Limits for Insuring, to be to the Extent of the Bills of Mortality; as also to Chelsey, Kensington, Kensington Gravel-Pits, Paddington, Marybone, Pancras, Hampsted, Highgate, Stoke-Newington, and Camberwel. Each Policy to contain but one House, unless where two or three small Houses stand together, which exceed not One Hundred Pounds; and each House to be distinctly valued. Art. 17.

Houses having Party-Walls of Brick or Stone, to be esteemed Brick Houses. The Directors, upon the Surveyor's Report, to determine concerning Brick and Timber Houses. Persons Insuring to pay for each Policy Four Pence for all within, and Twelve Pence for all without the Bills of Mortality. Art. 19.

Every Person Insuring, to deposite a Pledge for performance of his Covenants, (Timber Houses to be double to Brick) to be improved at Interest, and returned at the Expiration of the Policy, Contributions to incident Charges and Losses first deducted. To pay for Insuring for Seven Years, or any Lesser Term, Ten Shillings per Cent. Deposit, and Two Shillings Premium for Brick, and double for Timber, to be accounted as aforesaid: Which Deposit Money on Policies expired, or in being in the Year 1713, and not demanded within six Years after the Expiration of each Policy; and likewise all Deposit-Money on Policies then after made out, and not demanded in two Years after due, shall be sunk to the Contributionship. Art. 22.

No House, &c. to be Insured till the same be fully furnished, except new Houses, which may be Insured when Tiled in, but not at more than two thirds of the Value, at the Time of Insurance. No one House or Building to be Insured at more than Fifteen Hundred Pounds, without the special Order of a General Meeting: And every House, &c. is deemed to be Insured, when the Premium and Deposit is paid, and the Covenant signed. Art. 30.

But if any House, &c. Insured in this Contributionship, shall be in Insured in any other Office, during any part of the Time of its Insurance in this, such Insurance in this Contributionship shall be void. Art. 23.

That House is to be deemed a demolished one, which from the first Floor upwards happens to be burned or fallen in; and the whole Money thereon Insured, to be paid within sixty Days after any Loss shall happen. Art. 17, 29.

The Directors to rebuild, if they see fit, so they expend not more than was Insured. Art. 29.

Every Member, upon any Loss, shall forthwith certify the same to the Directors, that Persons skilful may view and report the same, and a Rate of Contributions be made thereon. Art. 26.

All Claims for Losses to be made within three Months, or not to be allowed without a General Meeting. Art. 17.

Every Workman empoyed to estimate any Loss or Damage, shall be obliged (if required) to rebuild or repair the Damage, according to his Estimate, if the same be not approved by the Party concerned. Art. 27.

The Estimatre of such Damage, and the Rates of Contribution thereon, shall be published, by affixing the same at the City-Gates, &c. or in the Gazette. Art. 28.

All the Members shall contribute to the making good of Losses, in proportion to their Interest, provided none be charged to any one Loss above Ten Shillings per Cent. on Brick Houses, and double for Timber. Art. 20.

And if any one Loss requires Ten Shillings per Cent. on Brick, and double for Timber, any Member, after paying his Share, and remitting his Deposit-Money, may surrender his Policy, and be discharged. Art. 31.

Any Member, within eight Days after a Rate is declared, may examine the Books; and in case of Exception upon just Cause or Error, the same shall be rectified by the Directors; and in case of Disagreement, by a General Meeting. Art. 21.

Every Member, neglecting to pay his Rate towards any Loss for twenty five Days, after Publication in the Gazette, forfeits double the said Rate; and neglecting to pay the said Forfeiture for five Days more, forfeits all his Right and Deposit-Money, and by the Directors may be excluded the Contributionship, and the Benefits of his Insurance, whilst his Covenant is nevertheless to abide in force. Art. 24.

The Treasurers and others instrusted with the Money and Effects of the Contribution, shall give Security answerable to the Nature and Value thereof. Art. 13.

There shall be a Table kept at the Office of all Salaries and Fees paid therein, for Information of every Member desiring to see the same. Art. 15.

Accounts shall be stated half yearly, viz. in May and November, and the neat Profits divided among the Members, according to the Value of their Insurances, when the Directors shall appoint, unless a General Meeting direct otherwise: Double Dividends to be allowed Timber Buildings. Art. 33.