The City of WESTMINSTER.18


Sir Francis Holles, Son to the Earl of Clare.

The Lady Katharine Knowles, Chief Lady of the Bed-chamber, and Cousin-German to Queen Elizabeth, and Wife to Sir Francis Knowles, Kt. Treaurer of the Houshold to the said Queen; she dyed 1568.

Lady Jane Seimour, Cousin German to King Edward the Sixth, and Daughter of Edward Duke of Somerset; dyed a Virgin 1560.

Lady Frances, Dutchess of Suffolk, dyed 1563. She was Daughter of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and Mary, the French Queen. Who was Daughter of Henry the Seventh, King of England. This Lady Frances was married to Henry Gray, Marquess of Dorset, created Duke of Suffolk.

Two little Children, a Boy and a Girl on a Monument, without Inscription: But supposed to be two Children of Edward the Third, viz. Will. of Winsor, and Blanch of the Tower.

Robert Walby, Archbishop of Dublin, then Bishop of Chichester, then Archbishop of York; dyed 1399.

Here also lay Eleonor, Dutchess of Gloucester, Wife of Thomas de Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester, Son of King Edward the Third; she dyed 1399.

John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwal, Son of King Edward the Second, dyed in Scotland without Child or Marriage.

Henry Fern, D. D. eighth Son of Sir John Fern, Master of Trinity College in Cambridge, and Bishop of Chester, 1662. All these in St. Edmund's Chapel. To which add these buried here without Monuments,

Margaret, Daughter of Sir Henry Clifford, Earl of Cumberland, Wife of Henry Earl of Darby; she dyed 1596.

George Brideman, Custos of the Queen's Palace at Westminster, 1580, and his Wife, 1590.

John Leak, said to be an Archbishop: But none such to be found in the Catalogues of our Archbishops, either of Canterbury, or York: Probably therefore he was some Titular Archbishop, which was common in former Times.

Brian Duppa, Bishop of Winchester.

A raised Monument of white Marble, with this Inscription:

E Regia Stirpe Thomæ de Woodstock & Elenoræ de Bohun Ducum Glocestriæ oriunda, Baronum & Comitum Staffordiæ, & Ducum Buckinghamiæ, filia & hæres, Guielmi Vicecomitis Staffordiæ Uxor, MARIA Comitissa Staffordiæ juxta cineres Aviæ suæ sub hoc Marmore jacet. Ob. Idib. Januar. anno ætatis LXXIV. Sal. 1693.

Mary, Countess of Stafford.

In the Chapel of St. NICOLAS are these Monuments.

In St. Nicholas's Chapel.

Of the Lady Elizabeth Cecil, sole Daughter and Heir of Edward Mannors, Earl of Rutland, Wife of Sir William Cecil, Kt. Son and Heir apparent of Thomas Earl of Exeter; she dyed 1591.

Lady Winifrid, Marchioness of Winchester, first married to Sir Richard Sackvile, Chancellor of the Exchequer; by whom she had the Lord Buckhurst: After that, to John Paulet, Marquis of Winchester; she dyed 1586.

Mildred, Lady Burghley, and Anne, Countess of Oxford, her Daughter. A most magnificent Monument was set up by the Command and Charge of Will. Cecil Lord Burghley, Lord Treasurer, to the Remembrance of the said Ladies, his Wife, and Daughter. In this Monument, under a small Arch, is the Figure of an ancient Man on his Knees praying, to represent the said Lord Burghley, who, dying some Years after these, lay in State in this Church for six Days; and afterwards was translated to Stamford in St. Martin's Church there.

Lady Elizabeth Fane, Daughter to Robert, Baron Spencer, Wife of Sir George Fane of Burton, Kt. she dyed 1618.

Jane Clifford, Wife of Charles Lord Clifford and Dungarven, Daughter of William, Duke of Somerset, dyed 1679.

Elizabeth, Wife of Sir Robert Cecil. Kt. Son of William Lord Burghley, Daughter of William Brook, Lord Cobham; she dyed 1591.

Sir George Villiers, Kt. and Lady Mary Beaumont, Countess of Buckingham, his Wife. The Monument set up by George Villiers their Son, first Duke of Buckingham.

The Heart of Anna Sophia, an Infant, Daughter to Charles Harlee, Count Bellomont, Prefect of Paris, Ambassador here in England; posited in a Chalice, 1605.

Sir Humphrey Stanley, Kt. one of the Gentlemen of the Bed chamber to King Henry the Sixth, 1505.

In the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin MARY, now called Henry the Seventh's Chapel, here are the Monuments of

St. Mary's Chapel, called Henry the 7th's Chapel.

Henry the Seventh, and his Queen, Daughter of Edward the Fourth.

Margaret, Countess of Richmond and Darby, married to Owen Tudor, by whom she was Mother of King Henry the Seveth, afterwards married to the Earl of Darby. She dyed 1509.

Margaret, Countess of Lenox or Levenox, Grandmother to King James the First, Wife to Matthew Stuart, Earl of Lenox; by whom she had Henry, Lord Darly, Father of King James the First. She dyed 1578.

Mary, Queen of Scots, Mother of the said King James, Daughter and Heir to King James the Fifth of Scotland, and Margaret, his Queen, eldest Daughter of King Henry the Seventh. She ended her Life fatally 1587.

King Edward the Sixth, Q. Mary, and Q. Elizabeth.

In the same Apartment, where Queen Elizabeth's stately Monument is, here also is the Lord Hallifax's Monument without Inscription: His Figure of white Marble in an Oval.

L. Hallifax.

Sophia, an Infant, Daughter of King James the First, 1606.

Mary, another Infant, Daughter of the said King, 1607.

Edward the Fifth., King of England, and Richard his Brother, Duke of York; their Bodies being late found by undoubted Circumstances on the 17th Day of July 1674, after 190 Years Obscurity. By digging occasionally under the Steps that go up to the Chapel belonging to the White Tower, called Cesar's Chapel, these Bodies were found underneath deposited in a Chest. King Charles the Second (in whose Reign this came to Light) commanded their Bodies to be translated with due Decency and Reverence, and to be reinterred here in this Chapel, among Royal Ashes. In a Wall here, is a Neich cut on Purpose, and an Altar of black and white Marble, with two Crowns, and as many golden Branches of Palms, with an Epitaph engraven on the Pedestal, importing, That his present Majesty [that then was, namely King Charles the Second] commanded this to be erected, to revive and perpetuate the Remembrance of Kinsmen, those Princely Youths, who were most barbarously smothered in the Tower of London, by the Cruelty of their unnatural Uncle, Richard the Third.

Edward 5. and Richard his Brother.

George Monk, Duke of Albemarle, the great Instrument in the Restitution of the Royal Family, and the Re-establishment of the Church and State, upon their old Foundations, by the coming in of King Charles the Second.

George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, stabb'd by one of his Soldiers at Portsmouth, Anno 1628: And his Wife, Lady Katharine, Daughter and Heir of the Earl of Rutland.

Lodowick Steward, Duke of Richmond and Levenox, and his Dutchess, Cousin German to King James the First.