The Monastery of St. PETER.19

The Monastery of St. PETER.

Esme Stuart, Duke of Richmond and Levenox, Son of James Stuart, Duke of Richmond; and the Lady Mary his Wife, Daughter of George Duke of Buckingham. Esme dyed at Paris, 1661, aged 11 Years.

Lady Frances, Daughter of Thomas, Lord Howard Bindon. These are all above Ground in this Chapel.

Under Ground, and in Vaults, are these:

James the First, and Queen Anne his Wife.

Charles, Earl of Doncaster, eldest Son of James, Duke of Monmouth, Natural Son to King Charles the Second, by his Lady Anne, Daughter and sole Heir to Francis Earl of Bucklugh in Scotland. He dyed 1673.

Dutchess of Southampton, Daughter of Sir Henry Wood, Kt. Wife of Charles Fitz Roy, Natural Son to King Charles the Second, Earl of Chichester, and Duke of Southampton.

Charles Fitz-Charles, Natural Son toKing Charles the Second, Earl of Plimouth, Vicount Totnes. He dyed of a Fever at Tangier 1680, in an Expedition against the Moors,

Earl of Ossory, eldest Son of James Duke of Ormond.

Lady Arablla, only Daughter and Heir to Charles Earl of Levenox, Cousin-German to King James. In the same Vault is the Leaden Coffin of

Mary, Queen of Scots, that was beheaded; and her Corps afterwards brought from Peterborough hither.

Henry, Duke of Glocester, Son to King Charles the First, who dy'd of the Small Pox 1660.

Henry Frederick, who was eldest Son of King James the First, and Prince of Wales. His Body lyeth upon the Coffin of the Duke of Glocester before mentioned. He dyed 1612.

Anne, first Wife to James, Duke of York, who was afterwards King James the Second; she was Daughter to Edward Earl of Clarendon, and dyed 1671.

Mary, Princess of Orange, eldest Sister to King Charles the Second, and called The Princess Royal, Mother to William Henry, Prince of Orange and Nassau, late William the Third, King of England. She dyed 1660.

Princess Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, only Daughter of King James the First, Wife to Frederick, King of Bohemia, and Prince Elector Palatine of the Empire, Sister to King Charles the First, and Mother to Prince Rupert, Count Palatine, and Duke of Cumberland. She being aged 66, dyed Anno 1661.

Charles, Duke of Cambridge, eldest Son to James Duke of York, by Anne his first Wife: Who dyed 1661, aged 7 Months.

James Duke of Cambridge, second Son to James Duke of York, dyed at Richmond 1667, being 4 Years old.

Charles, Duke of Kendal, third Son to James Duke of York, by Anne his Wife, dyed at St. James's, 1667, aged scarce a Year.

Edgar, Duke of Cambridge, fourth Son of James Duke of York, by his Lady Anne; dyed at Richmond 1671, aged 35 Days.

Charles, Duke of Cambridge, fifth Son of James Duke of York, by the Lady Mary D'Este his second Wife. He dyed at St. James's, Anno 1677, aged 35 Days.

Lady Henrietta, third Daughter of James Duke of York, by Anne his former Wife. She dyed at St. James, 1669, aged about 10 Months.

Lady Katharine, fourth Daughter of James Duke of York, and of Anne his Dutchess, dyed at St. James's, 1671.

Katharina Laura, eldest Daughter of James Duk of York, by his second Wife the Lady Mary D'Este, scarce nine Months old, dyed, 1675.

Isabella, second Daughter of James Duke of York, by his second Wife, dyed at St. James's 1680. All these in one Vault. In another Vault,

Charles, Earl of Lenox, youngest Son to Matthew Earl of Lenox.

Lady Margaret Douglas, the said Matthew his Countess, Grand-daughter to King Henry the Seventh, Grand-mother to King James the First, dyed 1578.

In the Chapel of St. Paul.

Chapel of St. Paul.

Lodowic Robsert, Lord Bourchier, mentioned before.

Anne, Lady Cottington, Wife of Francis Lord Cottington, Baron of Hanworth, Daughter of Sir William Meredith of Denbigh, Kt. dyed 1633.

Francis, Lord Cottington, Baron of Hanworth, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Constable of the Tower, and Lord Treasurer of England to King Charles the First, twice Ambassador in Spain; and there he dyed in Exile. His Body was in the Year 1679 translated from Valadolid hither by Charles Cottington, Esq; his Newphew and Heir.

Frances, Countess of Sussex, mentioned before.

Sir Dudley Carleton, Kt. Baron of Imbercourt, and Vicount Dorchester; who after frequent Embassies, dyed at Westminster, and was buried here 1631.

Sir James Fullerton, Kt. Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King Charles the First, and his Lady.

Sir Giles Dawbeny, Kt. Lord Lieutenant of Calais, and Chamberlain to King Henry the Seventh, Knight of the Garter, and Elizabeth his Wife: Which Elizabeth was descended from the ancient Family of the Arundels in Cornwal: He dyed 1507, and she 1500.

Sir John Puckering, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, mentioned before.

Charles de Granada, a noble Spaniard.

Elizabeth, Countess of Ormund, Daughter of Thomas Lord Barkley.

John, Vicount Thurles, a Child of Thomas Earl of Ormund, by the Daughter of John Lord Sheffield.

Michael, Bishop of St. Asaph.

Douglas Howard, Wife of Sir Arthur Gorge, Daughter and Heir of Henry Howard, Vicount Bindon.

Katharine, Countess of Northumberland, one of the Daughters and Coheirs or John Nevyl, Lord Latymer, and Wife of Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland. These six last have no Monuments, nor Grave Stones.

In the Chapel of St. John Baptist.

St. John Baptist's Chapel.

George Flaccet, Abbot of this Monastery, mentioned before. Upon the Monument of this Abbot is placed a Stone Coffin, with a Stone Lid, and a Crucifix carved thereon. The Officers of the Church receive it by Tradition, to contain the Body of Humfrey de Bohun, Earl of Essex, Hereford, and Northampton. But by the Monasticon Anglicanum, and Dugdale's Book of the Baronage of England, that Earl was buried in the Abbey Church of Walden in Essex. The late Describer of these Monuments of Westminster, supposeth that Coffin to belong to

H. K.

Mon. Westmon. p. 121.

Thomas Milling, Abbot of Westminster, and Bishop of Hereford. Who was buried in this Chapel about 1493, as was said before.

Hugh de Bohun, and Mary his Sister, Son and Daughter of Humfrey de Bohun, Earl of Essex, by Elizabeth his Wife, Daughter of King Edward the First.

Tho. Ruthal, Bishop of Durham, 1524, Secretary to King Henry the Seventh.

Will. de Colchester, Abbot of Westminster, mentioned before.