The City of WESTMINSTER.82


cellent Majesty the Queen, [MARY] and erected at the Charge of several of the Inhabitants, Anno Dom. 1691. They say, this Organ was made by King James's Order, and designed for his Popish Chapel at Whitehall, but the Revolution prevented.

There is a Table hangs in the Vestry, with the Names of such as had been Benefactors towards the Ornaments and finishing of the Church; and those that subscribed towards the erecting of the Spire upon the Tower of St. James's. There was paid for this

Benefactors towards the Church.

Charge 397 12 021/2

Received by Collectors 331 05 00

The great Clock was given by Mr. Henry Massey.

The painting and gilding of the Vane and Dials, was given by Mr. Highmore. [He was Sergeant Painter to the late Queen.]

This came to 60 00 00

The Clock within the Church was given by Anthony Plewit.

John L. Osulston gave towards building of the Vestry 100 00 00

Sir Robert Geer gave the Altar, and all the Furnitur, and Plate. Which they say came to 3000 00 00

It is wainscotted with Cedar; hath much Marble about it; and the Table is of Cedar.

In the Month of January 1703, there dyed in this Parish 1500 and odd Persons. Commonly there dye every Month 100, or an 100 and upwards.

The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper is administred in this Church every second Sunday in the Month throughout the Year, and every Sunday from Palm-Sunday to Trinity-Sunday. And it is twice administred in Christmas-day, Palm-Sunday, Easter-day, and Whitsunday. Prayers are said four Times a Day, viz. at Six and Eleven in the Morning; and at Three and Six in the Evening: Only on Saturday no Prayers, by Reason, I suppose, of sweeping and cleaning the Church on that Day against the Lord's Day following.



The MONUMENTS in St. James's Church are, these.


In the Chancel:

M.S. Theodoræ King, dilectissimæ suæ conjugi hoc posuit Richardus Vir ejus fidelis excellentissimæ virtutis suæ, felicis ingenii, morum suavitatis nunquam immemor, &c. 1693.

Maria Theophili Smith Civis Londinensis filia, Archibaldi Hutcheson de Medio Templo, Armigeri, Uxor, &c. 1698. She died in Childbed.

There hang up divers Streamers and Guidons belonging to the Lord Rumney, buried here of late.

On a Pillar, South, a Monument for Elizabeth, Wife of Colonel Ben. Fletcher, late Captain General, and Governour in Chief of his Majesties Province of New York in America, and Daughter of Dr. John Hodson, L. Bp. of Elphin in Ireland, 1698.

On a Pillar, North, a Monument for John Hains, Citizen and Carpenter of London; High Constable of this Liberty, and first Churchwarden of this Parish, 1690/1.

Arthur Johnson, 1703.

Flat Stones before the Communion Table, for,

The Honourable Alice Heylyn, Widow, Daughter of Gilbert Lord Gerard of Gerard's Bromley in the County of Stafford. Her second Husband was Henry Heylyn, of Minster Lovel in the County of Oxon, Esq; 1701.

William Shaw, Esq; 1696/7. And John Shaw his Son, 1697/8.

Reliquiæ Annæ Berkely, prænoblis Domini Johannis Vicecomitis Fitz-Harding, &c. filiæ natu tertiæ. Ob. 1697. Ætat. xi.

Johan. Alexander Feurnier Baro de Neufville, Picardo-Gallus, pro religione profugus, Reginæ puer honorarius, &c. Ob. 1692. Vix Ann. 12. He was Page of Honour to the Queen.

M.S. Mary Birch, Wife of Peter Birch, S.T. P. Daughter of Edm. Waller, Esq; 1688.

William, Edward, and Etheldred, Children of William Wake, S.T.P. The last dyed 1691.

Sir James Hayes, Kt. Rachel Vicountess Falkland, his Wife, set this Monument for him, 1692.

Major Arthur Tayler, 1693.

Mrs. Arabella Walsingham, 1683.

Colonel John Courthope, Son of Sir Peter Courthope, Kt. killed by a Musket-shot at the Siege of Namur, in attacking the Castle, 1695.

Harbord Paston, Son to the Honourable Robert Paston, 1694. Aged 4 Years.

Colonel Fitzpatrick, drowned in going to Ireland.

Colonel Hastings, killed at Sea in an Engagement, when the Lord Russel fought the French.

Lady Anglesey, L. Rumsey, Earl of Pembroke, Earl of Kent, have Children here lying in Vaults on the South Side of the Table.

Mary, the Wife of Hutcheson, Esq; 1698. And another Wife since Mary.

Durand Hotham, Esq; Son of Sir John Hotham, Kt. and Bart. 1691, in the 74th Year of his Age.

Anne Cary, Daughter of Edward and Anne Cary, 1686.

South Isle.

Elizabeth Williams, 1689.

Thomas Sydenham, M.D. 1689.

Marie le Coq, 1702, Gentlewoman to a French Dutchess, now living in St. James's, which they called the Nunry. The Queen standeth up when this Lady comes in Presence.

In the Body of the Church, flat Stones over

Simon Eaton, Bar. 1697.

Frances Johnson, Wife of Robert Johnson.

Edmund Wansel, 1698. Who gave 1000l. to Christ's Hospital, and 100l. to this Parish.

Frances Dyve, Relict of John Dyve, Daughter of Sir Robert Wolsesey, of Wolsely in the County of Stafford, Bar. 1702.

John Dyve Esq; Son of Sir Lewis Dyve of Broomham in Bedfordshire, 1692.

Sir Randolph Mackdonnel, 1693.

Michael Bellamy, 1691.

Anne Snare, the Wife of John Snare, dyed in Childbed, 1695. And George their Son.

Rachel Gantlet, youngest Daughter of William Gantlet of Nekerhampton in the County of Wilts, 1686.

North Ile.

John Barcroft, Esq; the Inscription worn out.

Mary Lady Marrow, Daughter of Sir Arthur Caley; first married to Sir Will. Marrow, Bar. after to Francis Fisher, Esq; both of Warwickshire, Octo. 19. 1714.

There is a Chapel belonging to this Parish of St. James's, standing in Oxenden-street.

Oxenden Chapel.

Thus this Part of Westminster was made a Parish, and had a Church erected for the People adjacent to resort to, to be instructed in the true Worship of God; and that in a seasonable Juncture, viz. in the said Year 1685, when, for Want, thereof, the Emissaries of Rome before had dangerously tampered with the numerous Inhabitants hereabouts. Which one of the late Incumbents, in his Farewel Sermon, gave them some Hints of. "When ye first met as a Parish,"

The Benefit of a Parish Church here.

Dr. Trimnel, Bp. of Norwich, Jan. 30. 1708.