The Preface. ij

The Preface.

Much Improvement also this Work hath received in Matters relating to the Parish Churches: partly for Antiquities, in respect of the several Guilds or Fraternities, founded in them of old Time: and Discovery of the divers Saints, chosen for their Patrons, and Patronesses; and the Processions made by them to the Churches, and the Ceremonious and Superstitious Honours paid them there. Likewise the Devotion of Obits for Persons interred, appointed by their last Wills and Testaments, for Chantries to be built, and Salaries allotted for the Chauntry Priest, or Priests, to sing Masses on sundry Times, and at particular Altars, for their Souls. But chiefly, for the Monuments and Grave Stones, and the Inscriptions thereon. Stow contented himself briefly to shew the Names of such Persons of Eminence as were buried in the several Churches, from ancient Times, and the Dates of their Deaths. But the Editor of his Book after him, took the Pains to collect, and set down at length the many Epitaphs, whether in Prose or Verse, engraven upon Stones or Plates of Brass, of those Memorials of the Dead; and added many more of Persons that deceased, and were interred afterwards. To which I have now added (besides many ancient ones not before inserted) a great Number more in their due Places, from thence, and so down to this Time. For which Purpose, I did my self (and sometimes in company with another worthy Person Mr. I. W. using his Assistance) go from Church to Church, in London and the Suburbs, to view all the Sepulchral Monuments: and took Notice with my Pen or Pencil of all that were more modern, as well as of those that were more ancient. Whereby I was enabled to correct some Errors in the Inscriptions appearing in the former Book, and to publish the many new ones. And these will be found considerably multiplied in most of the Churches; but especially in that of St. Paul's, and St. Peter's Westminster: And many Memorials of antique Matters in divers Churches are added there.

Another thing relating to the Parish Churches (wherein I have used my best Diligence, following the Method of the former Book) respecteth the Gifts and Benefactions of well disposed Persons, for the Relief of the Poor, in Money Bread, Fewel, Harbour, Education of Youth, &c. in the several Parishes. And no Pains was spared herein; partly, that they might, recorded in this Book, remain to Posterity, and not be lost in Oblivion; and also, that such Lands, Houses, Rents or Money given and bequeathed for such and such good Uses, might not be embezzelled or misapplied, or swallowed up by any unjust Means, and the Poor defrauded for ever. I was in part helped herein by Tables of Donors and Gifts hung up in some of the Churches. And where they failed me, I applied to the respective Incumbents and Ministers to favour me with Accounts thereof out of their Parish Books, or otherwise. But this did not succeed so well as I had hoped. Another Method did better, which was by having recourse unto a Parochial Visitation Book Anno 1693. in the Bishop of London's Registry; a Sight whereof by the Bishop's leave was communicated to me, very friendly and readily, by Mr. Edward Alexander, the Register: Wherein all such charitable Gifts, given in by the respective Church Wardens, were entred.

But the Benefactions after the said Year were still wanting. For the supply of this, as well as for the Knowledge of other Things worthy of Note in the Churches of London, I applied my self unto the most worthy and highly deserving Bishop Compton, then Bishop of this Diocese, acquainting him with my Design, and praying his Favour to recommend this useful and commendable Business to the several Ministers, as their Diocesan. Which he readily granted. The Sum whereof was drawn up together with his Lordship's own Recommendation under his own Hand; and accordingly a Copy thereof being printed, was sent to every one of them: Which, ob perpetuam rei memoriam, I will here insert.

To the Reverend the CLERGY of the City of London, and the Suburbs.


A new Edition of Stow's SURVEY of LONDON being now preparing, and in a good fowardness for the Press, may receive a considerable Improvement from your helping Hands. "

" It was that Author's Method, when he came to describe the Parishes in each Ward, to set down. "

"       belonging to each Parish.
The Antiquities,
The Charitable Donations, and
The Sepulchral Monuments in the Churches

" Now because this Edition is designed to bring down the Survey and History from the Times where the former ended, (which was at the Year 1633;) and in the Interval from that Time to the present, many Gifts to the Poor, and other good Benefactions have happened to most Parishes; and some Monuments have been erected for the Dead, both in the new built Churches, and in those that escaped the great Fire; "

" It is humbly desired, that the respective Incumbents would favour this Work so much, as to send in Accounts of the said Charities, or other ample Liberalities towards the building or adorning of their Churches, for Lectures, &c. And likewise Copies of the Monumental Inscriptions, with what convenient speed they can, to certain Booksellers there mentioned, Proprietors of the Copy; who would see them delivered to Mr. Strype, the Supervisor of the Work. "

" And if they have discovered any Mistakes in any of the Parochial Antiquities; or can furnish the Work with other Antiquities, or more modern Notices, worthy of Remark; the communicating thereof would be very "