The Preface. v

The Preface.

" Clerk, or any two of them, do peruse the same. And if it be their Opinion, that nothing be contained therein prejudicial to this City, that Mr. Town Clerk do deliver them to the said Mr. Strype, any Order to the contrary notwithstanding.
Ashhurst. "

But Sir Salathiel Lovel Kt. then Mr. Recorder, and Mr. Common Serjeant, as it seems, not caring to take this Trouble, after the Delay of a Year and upwards, by the Favour of Sir John Parsons Kt. Lord Maior, a Second Order of the Court was made, dated June the 20. 1704. to some others of their own Members in these Words.

"This Court doth desire Sir Thomas Abney, Sir Thomas Rawlinson, Sir William Withers, and Sir Robert Beddingfield, Kts, and Aldermen, or any two of them, to examine the Papers and Notes which Mr. Strype, Clerk, (who by Order of this Court had Liberty to peruse some of the Cities Books) hath collected from them: And report their Opinions touching the same unto this Court.
Ashhurst. "

So on a Day appointed I waited upon them in the Gallery in Guild-Hall: and my Collections were sent by the Town Clerk, and laid before Three of them, Sir Tho. Rawlinson being absent. Who, after some Perusal of the same, and some Consultation among themselves afterwards, (the Transcriptions being too large for them to read over and examine and compare with the Originals) drew up their Report warily to the Court of Aldermen: Which being read and considered by the said Court, the Town Clerk was ordered at length to deliver me all my Papers. As appears by this that follows.
Parsons Maior.
Martis, vto. die Septembr.
1704. Annoque R. Rnæ.
Annæ, Angl. &c. tertio.

"This Day the Committee appointed the Twentieth of June last, to consider the Notes which Mr. Strype hath collected out of the Cities Books, brought in a Report in Writing touching the same. The Tenor whereof is as followeth, viz."

To the Right Honourable, the Lord Maior and Court of Aldermen.


"Pursuant to an Order of this Court, dated the Twentieth of June, 1704. We have considered the Notes and Papers, which Mr. Strype, Clerk, (who by Order of this Court had Liberty to peruse some of the Cities Books) hath collected from them: And are humbly of Opinion, that whatsoever Mr. Strype hath so collected, can by no means alter or prejudice the Custom of this Honou- rable City. And in case any of his Quotations are false, the same will tend to his own Prejudice, by diminishing the Reputation of his intended Book; and be no Ways prejudicial to this City: And therefore We humbly conceive, he may have his said Collections, and do therewith as he shall think fit. Which nevertheless, We humbly submit to the grave Wisdom of this Honourable Court. This Thirty First Day of August, 1704.
Tho. Abney.
Rob. Bedingfeld.
Will. Withers. "

"Which being now read, the same was well liked and approved of; and ordered to be entred into the Repertory: And that Mr. Town Clerk do deliver to the said Mr. Strype his said Notes or Collections, to do therewith as he shall think convenient, any prior Order of this Court to be contrary notwithstanding.

And thus having them in my Possession, I carefully and diligently entred those new Collections into many and sundry Places of this Book, according to the Subject Matter. All which additional Notes were very considerable (as I judged) for the further illustrating the State of the City, and more especially contributing to the larger Knowledge of it, and of the Honour and Reputation it had with its Kings; and the Figure it made in antient Times, and the Manner of Electing its Magistrates, Maintenance of its Liberties, Powers and Favours granted by Charters, &c.

Nor were these Books only all the Store that I have had for my Purpose. For to these I must add divers curious antient MSS. as one intitled, Abbreviations of Records, lying in the Tally Court, or Court of Receipt, belonging to that Office; a Sight and Perusal of many Collections thence was imparted to me by Peter Le Neve Esq. Norroy, King at Arms. Whose ability in these Antiquities is singular. And his Readiness to encourage and assist me, I must freely and thankfully own. In this Book, among other Things, is a Tract, intitled Inquisitiones fact. in Civitat. Lond. An. Reg. Ed. 1. 3io. Wherein are Inquisitions taken of all the Wards. The same Gentleman, as he met with any Antiquities of Remark in his Readings, relating to London, communicated such to me, from time to time, by Word or Writing.

Many Records likewise out of that choice Repository of them in the Tower, are inserted also. To which I have had free Access granted, and Liberty to transcribe; first from Will. Petyt, Esq. sometime the worthy Keeper of those Records; and after, from Mr. George Holmes, the present very deserving Deputy Keeper. Who likewise supplyed me with many more of those Records, useful to my Purpose, concerning the City or Citizens. Which Gratitude obligeth me here to acknowledge.