The Preface. vij

The Preface.

There is one Thing more that I must not, in point of Gratitude omit: And that is, in Acknowledging of divers worthy Persons, Lovers and Studious of the Antiquities of this Honorable City; who have been Assistant to me in this laborious Work, by communicating to me many curious and useful Things, found in old Records, Church Registers, Archives, &c. of Westminster, of the Tower, of the Heralds Office, the Chamber of London, of the Registry of Wills and Testaments, as well as other more private MSS. Whose Names, where any Notices occur, taken from them, I have set down in the Margin, and begging their Pardon, I will take leave to mention here, viz. Sir Henry S. George, Kt. late Garter King at Arms, deceased. John Anstis Esq; Garter King at Arms. William Petyt Esq; late Keeper of the Records of the Tower, deceased. Mr. George Holmes, Deputy Keeper of those Records. Peter Le Neve, Esq; Norroy King at Arms. Peers Mauduit, Windsor Herald; John Hare, Somerset. John Williams D. D. late Lord Bishop of Chichester, deceased. Dr. Sam. Bradford, now Lord Bishop of Carlile. Dr. White Kennet, now Lord Bishop of Peterborough. The Reverend Mr. Jos: Woodward, late Minister of Poplar, deceased. The Reverend Matthew Hutton D. D. deceased. The Reverend Sam. Barton, D. D. Minister sometime of St. Mary Overie, deceased. The Reverend Dr. Tanner Chancellor of Norwich. The Reverend Mr Stringfellow, Rector of St. Dunstan's in the East. The Reverend Dr. Tho. Bennet, Incumbent of St. Giles Cripplegate. The Reverend Dr. Bray, Minister of St. Botolph Algate, and J. Carpenter Reader there. To these I must add, John Conyers of the Middle Temple Esq; Samuel Brewster Esq; deceased. Rich. Smith, sometime Secondary of the Compter, deceased. John Woodward M. D. Physick Reader of Gresham College. Dr. Tyson M. D. deceased. Dr. Harwood of Doctors Commons. Edward Alexander, Esq; Register to the Bishop of London. Mr. Edwards, sometime Keeper of the REGALIA of the Tower. Captain Blake of the Tower. Mr. Sergeant Gentleman Porter there. Sir George Ludlam Kt. Chamberlain of the City. Mr. Ashhurst, and Mr. Gibson late Town Clerks, deceased. Mr. Stracy late Comptroller, now Town Clerk. Mr. Bellamy, late City Remembrancer. Mr. J. Smart one of the Clerks. Mr. John Worthington. Mr. Richard Bromley Common Councilman in Bishopsgate Ward. Mr. Thomas, Operator of the Royal Society. Mr. John Bagford, deceased; and others whose Names do not presently occur: Beseeching their Excuse, if in haste I have not set them down in that Order and Precedency that their respective Qualities require.

Nor must I omit the Mention of one more, who very lately hath sent me an authentick List of the Names of all the Representatives of Parliament for London and Westminster and the Borough of Southwark, as far backward as could be retrieved out of Records even to the Reign of Henry III. viz. Brown Willis of Whaddon Hall in Bucks Esq; and all accompanied most obligingly with the hearty Wish of good Success in my most Laborious (as he is pleased to stile it) Undertaking. This Gentleman, studious in the Antiquities, (especially the Church Antiquities) of England, hath made himself known, as well by his Historical Descriptions of some of the Welch Cathedral Churches, (most obscure of all) as by two Volumes published of Parliaments. He hath also given an Account of 11 or 12 Counties, beginning Alphabetically: shewing, who had been Lords of each Burgh from the Conquest, Number of Electors, Dedication of Churches and Chapels, Description of Buildings, &c. in each respective Burgh: and came as far as the Letter G. and there stopt, the Book not selling, which was pity. And so, as he wrote me, was very glad to communicate all he had of Members, namely, as he had done to Mr. Harris in his Antiquities of Kent, wherein he printed what the said Mr. Willis imparted.

I have left the SURVEY entirely as Stow the first Author published it, corrected and augmented in the Second Edition by himself: As this was a Thing with good Reason required by divers intelligent Persons; that so it might be known and distinguished, what Alterations have been made in Places and Things, since Stow's time: As the Compter in Southwark is said to be part of the Marshal Sea: So it was, when he wrote so; Whereas now it is the Prison for the Borough under the City of London; and was lately kept at St. Margarets Hill, next to the Sessions House; and is lately removed by Order of the City to a Place in St. Olaves Parish near Battle-Bridge; as a worthy, knowing Citizen hath observed to me. The SURVEY is left entire also for this Reason, that it may appear what Enlargements were made by the next Editor of it after Stow; having added there the two first Letters of his Name, viz. A. M. In which Edition Humphrey Dyson's Name is often set in the Margin, who was very assistant to the said A. M. And the like I have done in this present Edition; That wheresoever any Thing was done, or Pains taken, by Mr. Leyborne and Mr. Rich. Blome, might be known, their Names, or the two first Letters thereof, are placed in the Margin. After whom, the Copy coming into my Hands, to what else is inserted every where by me throughout the Six Parts of the Book, is set J. S. at the Margin. And where and when I have been favoured by the supply of others, it will be known by their Names at length, or abbreviated by two Capital Letters, standing against those Paragraphs, that I have entred from their Papers, or Informations.

Such as are minded to know the Architecture (whether of the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian Order) the Dimensions and Ornaments of the new built Churches, with that of the Altars, Pulpits, Steeples and Vestreys; and likewise of the Officers thereof; or the present Bounds of the Parishes, the Coats of Arms of many Persons deceased, &c. I refer the Reader